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    I like Bill Richardson a lot and to have a Latino in the position would also be wonderful re out relations with other countries. I also strongly supported Barack over Hillary and have had questions about the way she has let ambition supersede integrity.

    But some good Democratic people I know in New Mexico see Richardson as a relatively mediocre governor and that concerns me.
    Hillary has the brains and toughness and will command immediate respect. Her biggest limitation is her husband and his ego.

    Barack will make his choice based on his two primary criteria, competency and ability to work as part of a team.

    I think it will be Hillary but, if she doesn't clear the vetting process because of Bill's worldwide business and philanthropy ties I think Barack will go back to the drawing board before picking anyone else. Richardson will probably be at the top of the list but others will also be considered.


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    Class act but too bland and the points re his stand on Iraq are valid.

    It should be one of these:

    Kaine - great presence-super bright -tough
    Sebelius - the classiest woman in the field and totally sympatico with Obama
    Clark- foreign affairs plus presence
    Clinton - totally qualified plus heals the wounds
    Biden - a risk because he shoots from the hip, but also great presence, experience and toughness.

    Not Bayh - also too bland.

    Hey, what about Madeline Albright?! She's younger than McCain
    and twice as smart :-)


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    Important book, whatever the uninformed takes on this blog, and whatever the ultimate judgement of the book.

    Does anyone know if it's available as yet?

    Amazon won't have it for another ten days.


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    If she can be as she was in her speech today.
    If Bill can accept someone else being in charge.
    She should be the pick.

    She is the best candidate for veep out there.
    She needs to subvert all the anti-Hillary feelings by being "real' and "accessible" and not come across as a power hungry militant feminist. She met all those criteria today.
    It was, ironically, her best moment.

    And Obama needs not to be pressured. If he picks her it has to be with the clear indication that he wasn't coerced but rather made the best decision for him and the party.
    Keep Bill in the background and working places like West Virginia. Hillary and Barack can personally work well together.


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    Lots of interesting and good solid responses ( though Coyote Creek is going to be very disappointed come November).

    I agree that he can't pick another woman if Hillary really wants it. Her "buy in" will be critical.

    I could easily accept Hillary as the Veep if she can keep Bill on the road and out of Obama's hair. If the best of Hillary re-remerges and she can live with being second fiddle she'd be a smart choice. If not, he'd be crazy to select her.

    I like Mark Warner but I think Edwards would generate 10x more enthusiasm.

    And still, if Hillary liked the idea of Sebelius and doesn't want it for herself, I still think it would be a good strong ticket.I think some of you are underestimating her in much the same way Obama was totally underestimated. A Democratic carrying an election in Kansas by more than 15 percentage points suggests she is deceptively strong.

    Finally, the dilemma of Hillary. By far the strongest possible running mate. But her negative numbers might kill the possibility of crossover and independent votes and her personal ambition might make it difficult for her not to try to upstage Barack,  That would be a gift to the Republicans.

    Last thought. Picking a running mate based on his/her delivering a particular state or balancing the ticket geographically isn't that great a strategy. Picking one who is strong and who you like to work with is a better idea. Clinton-Gore is the best example.


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    ARG tends to be off in Hillary's favor so we can assume that Obama is still likely to carry Montana and maybe by as much as 10%.

    But unless they've totally lost it the SD poll suggests Hillary will win by double figures.

    What does it mean?  Beyond the initial Clinton and media spin, nothing.

    Limping to the finish line?  Well the reality is that he has again made a strategic choice to put more time into places he thinks are more important while the Clintons have spent mucho time in South Dakota. Should he have spent more time there and perhaps won?
    Maybe. But his strategic decisions have paid off so far. He figures South Dakota results will be forgotten in a few weeks while Minnesota and Michigan will be critical in the general election.

    The fact is that he has it sewed up.

    Analogy. Football team that leads the league loses it's last game
    but still finishes first and is the one that plays in the Super
    Bowl. It would have been nice to finish on a big up note, but attention shifts immediately to the big games ahead.


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    She intended no harm.  I am sure.

    It was a dumb and reckless comment.
    That is what she is being fried for.

    Her apology was terrible.

    She will have to say more.

    She is tired.
    Her brain is tired.

    She knows how dumb it was.

    As for the over-hype....Of course...what else is new?

    Bad form.
    Bad timing.

    She'll continue, but it sealed the nail in the political coffin.


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    Absolutely the strongest Democratic ticket and one to strike terror into the hearts of Republicans.

    But it will only work if Barack and Hillary take a long walk in the woods (metaphorically!), without Bill,  to talk about how they'd work together as a team.

    Can she give up major control to him? Can Bill?
    Can he be comfortable with a strong presence in the Veep position?
    Can they really be equal partners in major decision making?
    She needs that and should have it. Can she accept only being equal? Can Bill?

    As a strong Barack supporter who has been dismayed by her
    total lack of integrity I have concerns. But (a) I remember the Hillary I once liked and (b)she is probably far more acceptable to
    Barack than LBJ was to JFK and, especially, Bobby.

    I actually think it would be a relatively easy leap for the two of them if Bill weren't part of the package. But maybe he can accept
    the third wheel role.


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    Ah c'mon....Brutus?

    This is now much more a dark comedy than a tragedy.

    Should loyalty trump truth?

    For the 100th time...they ALL agreed to not compete for Michigan.
    She broke the agreement. Michigan broke the party rules.

    They are going to seat Michigan and count some votes because they have to politically.

    But morally? Ethically? Or doesn't that matter anymore?

    It won't happen and Paterson is just telling it as it is.

    As for the polls....c'mon again. How was Obama doing in Iowa five months before the primary? In Virginia?

    How about answering me Jerome....or better yet...shifting your focus to the real battle to come.


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    I totally agree with you Jerome re bloggers here, or anywhere, using their personal bias to bring in racial or classist accusations.
    She's winning in West Virginia because she's very popular there for many reasons. Although he will do better there than the polls show because of the still effective ground operation.

    But please read Bob Herbert's column in the NY  Times today. He's usually very fair despite his pro Barack bias. He nails Hillary for her truly stupid and racially laden comment. Please take a look and try to get through some of your own illusions about the Clintons.

    Also remember that every time right now that she paints Obama this way she adds fuel to the Republican fire, and does this with no chance of winning the nomination. How incredibly self-serving.

    I really did like and respect her until this year.


  • Important stuff...Thanks!

    Also check out Millennial Makeover, an important new book
    with great implications for this year's election and those to come.


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    She is a pragmatist.
    Right now she is exploring the options if, as she realizes is likely if not yet certain, she won't win.

    What does she want from Barack?

    Does she want a position in his administration?

    Does she want a major say in picking the Veep?
    Would she want to be Veep? (Look if Kennedy and Johnson could get together with Bobby truly hating LBJ and vice versa anything can happen! Hillary and Barack would personally get along better than those guys!)

    Does she (and does he) genuinely want a healing between them?

    Would she prefer to be Governor and opt out of Washington?

    She'll go through Oregon, but all of this is being discussed.


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    She signed an agreement not support the Michigan doesn't count and we won't run party position.

    She broke the agreement.

    Michigan violated party rules.

    He wasn't on the ballot.

    Define integrity.   Remember that one?

    And as for expediency...if it were to count:
    forget 70% of the youth vote and Afrian american vote and that of millions of others like me who willjust have had enough.

    McCain will be the winner in that scenario.

    For Hillary it's lose-lose.


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    You continually distort the truth....

    Gas tax....pandering...maybe effective pandering but wouldn't that be sad.

    Obliterate Iran....You have to be nuts to buy into that

    Obliterate OPEC....I have a spear and windmill to send them for the campaign

    You show no integrity in using your blog as a vehicle to promote a campaign that is itself morally bankrupt.

    And how will you spin tomorrow's results?

    He will win NC by about 7 or 8 percent.
    She'll take Indiana by about the same.
    He'll add to his delegate lead.

    You'll spin it as a Hillary night of triumph.

    Reminder. If he wins the elected delegate count but is the selected by the party, she will lose the election. Over 70% of the new young voters won't vote Democratic. Over 60% of the African American vote will go missing.

    He'll be the nominee in four years.

    It really is a win-win for him.

    I'm out of here.
    Keep spinning.


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    First, those polls were then and the game keeps changing.
    So Todd, if he doesn't win by the unexpected by most 20% margin it just shows how much his campaign is collapsing, right?

    He will win by about 9%. It will be painted by some, you included, as a victory for her...single digits...BTW, that's what she won by in Pennsylvania :-)

    She'll win Indiana by 5-6%. He'll come out of the two contests with 5-6 more delegates than she gets.

    It will go on.

    And the only way she'll win it all will be by getting the credentials committee to seat Michigan and Florida. They'll do that only if the party really has a kamikaze streak. It would truly split the party for November

    So it goes...

    Keep spinning.



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