• comment on a post Good News for Edwards + Ben Smith is a Jackass over 6 years ago

    If I had spent every day since 2004 and millions and millions of dollars in Iowa I'd be a little worried about my second-place polling. That's where John Edwards is. He's attacking Hillary because he has to. If he loses Iowa it's over. Obama will lurk in the weeds and will drop the gloves at the slightest provocation by Hillary. Hillary has been given a pass for months now and that's not going to happen for much longer. For someone who supposedly was all over the healthcare issue as if she owned it since 1993 she sure was absent in the senate with any bills. And she was the last of the frontrunners to post her plan. Don't you think it's curious that she waited this long? With almost 15 years to refine it, troubleshoot it, I'd think she would have announced it shortly after she declared. Instead she waited until her campaign could cherry pick from Edwards and Obama's plans and look for the one or two points that would "distance" her from their plans. Crass politicking that exposes her for the follower she is. She is not a leader!!

    Now about this Harkin Steak Fry thing. I watched the entire C-Span coverage and come on people...Obama was by and far the best. Edwards had one of his best stump speeches in months and Richardson seemed to be alive. Hillary? She just yelled a bunch. I agree, Fineman's article was all opinion and now it's gaining traction as a newstory. Unbelievable.


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