On Elections and Democracy in NY-29

Recently I have become disturbed by some of the goings on in the democratic process here in upstate NY.  For those of you who are unaware, last week David Nachbar, an executive with Bausch Lomb in Rochester, NY declared his candidacy for Congress in New York's 29th district.  As many of you already know NY-29 is currently held by Republican Randy Kuhl who last year beat out upstart challenger Eric Massa.

In the matter of full disclosure it should be noted that several months ago I started the Draft Eric Massa for NY-29 Website in an attempt to help keep his name out in the open while he was deciding whether or not to run again.  Of course, although the website is still up, its purpose was short-lived since shortly after (read less than two weeks)its inception Eric declared that he would once again run for Congress in NY-29.  As a citizen I myself have been struck with the power Eric uses in his speeches. My brother Chris and I had a chance to hear him speak during an after-debate rally hosted by Eric closing our help paint my backyard blue series. In short, the point I am trying to make here is that I have been a supporter of Eric Massa and that I intend to continue my support of Mass into the future.

However, the vehement reaction against David Nachbar's announcement found on many blogs written by many people whom I respect and consider to be my friends herehere and here along with the backlash created against Louise Slaughter's by her "supposed" involvement in this decision leaves me greatly troubled.

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First Democrat Elected in 100 Years in Pittsford, NY

New York State is generally known as being a liberal place to live and it is with the general congressional representation being largely skewed in the Democrats favor, both Federal Senators being Democrats, and a Democratic Governor.  However, in Rochester, NY, in large part thanks to gerrymandering, they are four congressional districts represented and three of them are Republican (James Walsh NY-25, Randy Kuhl NY-29, and Tom Reynolds NY-26), with the lone Democrat being House Rules Committee Chairperson, Louise Slaughter, NY-28.


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Intelligent Design?

It seems as though we may not be as distant from Apes as some would like us to think.  This article indicates that certain species have been observed creating tools and using them to hunt.  Even better yet, only the females hunt.  Intelligent design anyone?  Maybe the divine being decided that his pervious experiment simply failed?  Anyone with any thoughts?

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Draft Eric Massa 2/21/07

Just wanted to pop back in to let others who missed it last week know that there is a new Draft Eric Massa for NY-29 website up here.  For thos who don't know Eric Massa was a great candidate for NY-29 this past cycle, but feel a sliver short against the Randy "shotgun" Kuhl.  Eric has strong experience in International Security issues and clearly thinks significantly different than Mr. Kuhl on a wide range of issues.  Please visit the website and show Eric your support.

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What Is Your Representative Going to Do?

I know what my representative is going to do this week, tell the president that she is against the escalation.  Do you feel as confident in your representative?  Has your representative, or a member of his/her staff told you the same thing?  How comfortable to do you feel about this?

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Dick Cheney Does Not Get It

This morning Dick Cheney said that we cannot run the war by committee, but my question is "have we been able to run the war as a dictator?" This seems to be a continuation of the same core philosophy that this administration has demonstrated from day one in that they are going to do what they want, whether or not anyone else is going to help, whether or not anyone else wants them to, and whether or not it works.

This recent retort by Bush and his cronies to say that if you do not like his plan then to tell him yours shows just how clueless this administration continues to be.  We all know that the population does not want the troops in Iraq any more.  We all know that the elections in November were in large part a referendum on that.  Mr Bush, Mr Cheney, it is not a matter of running the war by committee nor is it a matter of us telling you what our plan is.  We already have.  We want a full pull out now.

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Eric Massa, NY-29, new to Red to Blue

Within the next 48 hours Eric Massa will officially be uploaded to the Red to Blue Website on the DCCC.org.  In case you are unaware, Massa is a dynamic candidate running against Shotgun Senator Randy "Rubberstamp" Kuhl, whose nicknames out number his accomplishments in Washington.

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McCain Cancels Visit for Reynolds

In one of the least unexpected moves of recent days, John McCain canceled a visit to Rochester on behalf of Tom Reynolds.  Couple this with the recent polls that show Reynolds down by double digits to challenger Jack Davis, the RNC pulling funds from underneath Reynolds, and with the recent pulling of Reynolds signs from mostly Republican yards, and one has to believe that Tom "I Didn't Do It" Reynolds is in dire straits.  

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Is Randy Kuhl Conceding?

After watching Kuhl's recent gaffe at the end of his debate against Eric Massa, I was struck by a few things. First of all, here is a man that is trying to look tough on defense against a man who has over 20 years worth of service experience including time as NATAO Supreme Commander 4 Star General Wesley Clark's assistant. This is lame because the comparisons between the two of them are not close.

Second of all, I was left with the odd impression that Kuhl knows his time is up and his campaign is letting out a death rattle. If you haven't seen the clip watch it and count how many times Kuhl thanks the voters for this time in Washington. He knows he's done and every speech from here until election day is his chance to polish his conciliation speech.

We Must Challenge Everything

Howard Dean is right.  While we celebrate wins in New Jersey and Virginia and while this has clearly been a good overall week for the Democrats, we still have a lot of work to do and we must challenge everything everywhere.

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