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    That's great!  I actually interned with Louise in Rochester.

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    Yes.  When the petitions come out this weekend in force Mark Bowers will be the Democratic candidate against Dan Quatro in Monroe LD 15.

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    As opposed to Randy "The Listener" Kuhl who holds townhall meetings where he doesn't respond to any of his constituents.  Hmmm....  Kind of reminds me of his governing style, stand, listen, and then do nothing to help them out.

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    Earlier this week on NPR there was a quick take on Hillary CLinton.  The person on there was noting that if you put her name into Amazon Books that you will get her book, Bill's book and then tons and tons of why/how to hate Hillary books.  He then went on to lambast her as paranoid in that she thought some pople were out to get her.  Hello?  Didn't he just prove that by tlaking about all those books?

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Clinton is not currently the candidate I support for president, she is the only candidate I have met and when I met her (as passing as it was) I was quite impressed with her charm and IQ.

  • I'm not sure the issue isjust whether or not CEO's have skills that are equivilent to that much more than the average worker and indeed if we approach the argument that way (even if it is the issue) then I don't think that we are going to get anywhere.  If asked, I suspect that most CEO's might beleiev that they are worth the money that they make and perhaps even beleive that they need to make more and quite honestly this is not different from teh average American since, I suspect, most believe they are underpaid.  

    Instead, I believe that it would be more prudent to approach the issue as a matter of competitive value.  How do we expect to continue to compete if we don't sink more moeny into R&D rather than into CEO compensation.  Consider this, both R&D and CEO value are largely an abstract value in that it is difficult to decipher how much value either sectors bring.  However, if the company does well won't the employees continue to enjoy inclining wages, benefits, and job security?  

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    I was recently part of an interesting debate aboput pricing in one of my last MBA courses and we got into this issue.  Regardless of the reasons or even for that matter the moriality of the issue, it became apparent that our overlal cost structure in American Business is so out of whack in terms of executive compensation that it is going to be high near impossible to compete in pricing is China and other countries continue to rise as we all expect they might.  

  • I agree totally Howard.  The MAJOR point that I was trying to make is that regardless of what happens we need to remain true to values that have gotten us this far.  Althuogh I cannot count Mr. Massa as one of my friends, I have met him and he did inspire me to volunteer for his campaign.  I do conisder myself active in these matters and I do hope that I can continue to be of assistance.

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    Except, get this Massa was a Republican before as well.  Massa tried to challenge Barend in '04, but wait, he couldn't because he wasn't registered!  

    Again, there still has been official word from Louise that she is indeed supportting EITHER candidate!

    Also, I was recently present at a local Dem committee meeting that REFUSED to extend an invitation to meet with either candidate because it was perceived that there was no time.  Democracy?  What democracy?

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    Your thinking of it the wrong way.  When we run more democrats in races, even if they are losing races, it forces the GOP to spend in that district, which were funds that they could have shifted over to other races.  Also, when the demos run in these districts it opens up the possibility of gaining funds from the dems in that district.  As such, we grow more funds that we would not have had otherwise.  Our pie is getting bigger while their pie is getting stretched.  All in all it is a great opportunity, among other things.

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    Check out this from back when Chris and I went out there:

    http://www.mydd.com/story/2006/10/17/151 136/00

    It was an exciting and cool time and with Eric running again I expect much of the same.

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    It'd be great for people such as myself, a May 2007 MS/MBA graduate.

  • I agree.  I have found myself reading DKOS less since it is much more trafficed.  So much happens so quickly there that you can find the tide rushing over you faster than you can swim if you don't keep up.

  • It's a beat down, that's for sure.  Too often throughout the course of history we are litered with examples of states or organizations within states making progress, but being polarized from within for "not doing enough".  Let's realize that we are on that right track and that we are further along than we have ever been on this issue.  There is no magic wand to be waved.

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    I would think that it is more than conceiveable that Edwards could hold off on campaiging for a bit and come back in the game six months from now and still have a significant impact.  The fact of the matter is that he has started something, he has done well, and while there are reasons to believe that he would not fair as well if he were to take a break from the trail there are also reasons to beleive that he woudl do well upon his return.  

    If he drops out now I see Edwards supporters holding out hope that he comes back.


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