Intelligent Design?

It seems as though we may not be as distant from Apes as some would like us to think.  This article indicates that certain species have been observed creating tools and using them to hunt.  Even better yet, only the females hunt.  Intelligent design anyone?  Maybe the divine being decided that his pervious experiment simply failed?  Anyone with any thoughts?

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Creationist theories (and, yes, there are a lot of them, and most of them conflict with each other) are very good stories for someone who has no background in science. With a minimal background in science, they all fall apart (example: if the universe is only 3,000 or so years old, how can we see light that's around 10,000,000,000 years old?)

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Mysterious Synchronicity

Chemistry. for example, is a natural system that has all the earmarks of a science. It consistently exhibits comprehensive closure in that there apparently are no aspects of it that conflict with other aspects. It explains many,many things, in addition to enabling many technologies.

A typical theory of so-called intelligent design lacks such features. Sure, there is a lot of mysterious synchronicity regarding the coincidences that were the prerequisites of a universe that could engender sentient beings. But all that synchronicity does not comprise a natural system in itself. It is  more of a topic that is suitable for philosophical treatment. It's about philosophy, not science.

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