Republican Manipulations in OH-15th


This morning's Columbus Dispatch has a letter to the editor from a former Republican candidate for Ohio's 15th district, John Adams, who explains how he was approached to drop out of the primary to clear the way for Steve Stivers, Republican and former bank lobbyist. Adams did not drop out of the primary. Another candidate, David Ryon, a former Republican turned Constitutional candidate, had also been approached to drop out.


...On Oct. 28, 2009, Doug Priesse, chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party, asked to meet with me concerning my candidacy.

During our meeting, he pointed out that Steve Stivers, a Republican candidate for the same office, would prefer “to conserve his money and efforts” for the general election in November 2010 and not be subjected to a primary campaign....

......According to Ryon, Stivers met with him the next day to discuss Ryon’s Constitution Party candidacy. This is particularly disturbing for a candidate of the Republican Party to cross party lines and attempt to “clear the field” of a candidate in the Constitution Party....

Stivers has expressed his plan to repeal/eliminate the 16th & 17th Amendments and the Health Care Reform Law.  Stivers is making his second attempt at capturing the seat for Ohio's 15th congressional district. He failed in 2008 when Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy defeated him.  Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15th-Dem) has been the target of the Tea Party Republicans, Stivers, and the good old boy Republicans and lobbyists.

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South Carolina's Tourism Hasn't Received Enough Emails

According to an article in the Kansas City Star 129.html some vacationers plan to stay away from South Carolina for their future vacations because of Republican Rep. Addison "Joe" Wilson's recent outburst.    Kansas City Star:

....South Carolina's $1 billion-plus tourism industry, centered around its beaches, had already been hit by the recession as Americans postpone vacations or cancel travel altogether. The state's 11.8 percent unemployment rate is among the highest in the country.

Marion Edmonds, a spokesman for the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, said his agency had received 147 emails from people who cited Wilson by name and expressed displeasure with his remark.

"Some of them have been specific and said they won't be coming to the beach this summer for their family vacation," Edmonds said....

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"Blatant Voter Suppression"

In an article in this morning's Columbus Dispatch ( tent/local_news/stories/2008/08/15/copy/ EARLY_VOTE.ART_ART_08-15-08_B1_I4B1IBC.h tml?adsec=politics&sid=101)  a professor at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Daniel Tokaji, has accused the Ohio GOP of "blatant voter suppression."

Here is an excerpt from that Dispatch article:

<In trying to close a brief window that will allow simultaneous voter registration and absentee voting, Ohio Republicans are engaging in "blatant voter suppression," a leading legal expert on voting said yesterday......>

Leading the charge against the bill that allows Ohioans to register and then vote, is Kevin DeWine (cousin to former Republican Sen. Mike DeWine).  The bill was authored and passed by the Republican controlled state legislature and signed into law by former Republican Gov. Bob Taft.

I think it is time for Ohioans to step up, speak out, and vote out these Republican fools.

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178 House Republicans Vote Against Mothers

In something that can only be viewed as amazing, 178 House Republicans voted against what seemed like a nice Mother's Day resolution.  This was just after they had voted for it.  178 Republicans flip-flopped on a Mother's Day resolution during an election year.  Even though they were for it before they were against it, the 178 GOP House members have angered this mother.  We know that the resolution was only symbolic, but symbolic or not, they showed disrespect to all mothers.

If you are interested in the names of the 178 Republicans who voted against the Mother's Day resolution, visit the Washington Post links:  
(1) The first vote on Mother's Day ( ess/110/house/2/votes/274/)

(2)  The second vote on Mother's Day (178 anti-Mother's Day GOPers) ( ess/110/house/2/votes/275/)  and click on Republican.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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Future Census Already A Mess

I've written about this at and I'm sure you'll see the connections.

According to the Miami Herald ( tory/449154.html), the U.S. Census, which is scheduled to be  completed in 2010, is in a mess:

...The handheld mobile computers that are supposed to replace the pens and paper long used by census-takers aren't working properly, and delays could send the cost from $600 million to as much as $2 billion.
The Census Bureau has done little, if any, planning for what to do if the handheld mobile computers can't be made to work...

''I cannot overemphasize the seriousness of this problem,'' Census Bureau Director Steve Murdock told a Senate hearing last week....

In case you were wondering.....

1. Mr. Murdock is another person President Bush brought from Texas.

2. Open Secrets ( reports that over $17,000 was contributed by Harris Corp. to various Republican committees.

3. Open Secrets ( details that Harris Corp. gave over $7,000 to the campaign of George W. Bush.

I'm positive that readers will find even more ties between the Republican Bush administration and Harris Corp.

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Make those conservatives squirm

I was very disgusted by Ann Coulter's remarks at CPAC.  I think it is time to let her sponsors know that we are not happy with their support of a hate-monger like Coulter.  Contact the sponsors of her speech:  
CPAC Phone: (800) 752-4391.  Email:
and National Center for Public Policy Research:  (202) 543-4110/ Fax: (202) 543-5975/e-mail:

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Rolling Stone Mag: Taking Back Congress

Rolling Stone Magazine (10/19/06) has a very good article called Taking Back Congress.  The author, Tim Dickinson, highlights 10 key districts that could help Democrats win the majority. The districts highlighted are-- OH-15th, PA-7th, CT- 5th, NM-1st, CA-4th, IN-8th, NC-11th, AZ-5th, NY-24th, MN-6th.  Since I write about Ohio's 15th district, I was particularly interested in what Dickinson had to say about Republican Deborah Pryce and her challenger, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy. (Dickinson says that Democrats have their best chance at winning the 15th since Pryce has been such a loyal Bush supporter and the 4th ranking Republican leader in the House.)

The article might be online later.  When you go to your local magazine rack, check out page 59 in the October 19th issue of Rolling Stone.

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Ohio Poll: Dems Ahead

There is a new poll from the Columbus Dispatch this morning and it shows that Democratic candidates are ahead of Republicans for the offices of Ohio governor and the U.S. Senate.  With the Republican corruption scandals still being revealed, Ohioans might be looking for change.  
The new poll shows the following for the office of Ohio Governor:  
Ted Strickland (D) 47% and Kenneth Blackwell (R) 27%

For U. S. Senate:
Sherrod Brown (D) 45%
Mike DeWine (R) 37%

For full results, check the Dispatch poll: 2006/07/23/20060723-A1-01.html

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Laura Tries to Save Deborah

On Tuesday, May 2nd, Laura Bush will attend a fundraiser ew/article/fundraiser-for-congresswoman- deborah-pryce-with-first-lady-laura-bush / at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 350 N. High, Columbus, Ohio, 11am.  None of us can afford the luncheon ($250) or the luncheon & photo ($5000), because we busy filling our tanks with the last dime we have to our name.  However, we might be able to find some poster board and magic markers.

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Mehlman Says Hillary Clinton Angry

I found this at, and then at n_go_co/gop_clinton

It appears that Ken Mehlman, chairman of the corrupt Republican Party, and amateur psychologist, has diagnosed Hillary Clinton with anger problems.  Mehlman, who has his own issues, should not be throwing stones because they may come back to hit him like a boomerang.

Besides, do we think she is angry?  I think Americans in general are angry about the following:  the Iraq war, cuts in programs for the poor and elderly, rising gas/heating prices, Exxon-Mobil making billions of dollars in profit, a gulf coast still in disarray despite promises to rebuild, and an administration and Republican party so corrupt it makes you want to puke.  Yeah!  

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