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    Being a big Ohio State fan, I do not like giving credit to Michigan for anything.  However, the Ohio Democratic Party needs to work a little more to expand within each county.  Since the corrupt Ohio GOP has given us coingate, it is time to get organized and run with it.
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    If Harris continues to talk about her makeup and "altered" photos, no one will take her seriously.  Why isn't she talking about the issues she is concerned about instead of something so trivial as her appearance?  Every woman knows that with a change in hair, less makeup and less mascara, and a little botox, a woman can look different.  However, people are not turned off by her previous pictures, they are disgusted with how she stole the election for Bush in Florida. She will forever be the bitch that screwed the elderly and minority voters in the 2000 election. (I hope I wasn't too easy on her.)
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    I feel bad that Hackett did not win, but I believe it is a beginning.  I live in Ohio and people are shocked at the GOP corruption in the governor's office, the coingate scandal, and everything in between.  With Hackett's candidacy, I think we planted some seeds in that deep Ohio GOP territory.  Now we need to keep hitting the opposition everyday by raising our voices with letters and phone calls.
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    The Clermont County election results have not changed since 9:30.  Why?
  • My 2 white poodles got scared.
  • Normally, I don't watch Hardball, but I made a huge sacrifice to see Mean Jean.  I just looked up the unemployment rates for the counties in OH-2. Mean Jean said that the people of this district like the way things are going under Bush.  There are six counties in OH-2 and here are their unemployment rates: http://jfs.ohio.gov/releases/  Clermont 5.5, Warren 4.7, Brown 6.5, Adams 7.9, Scioto 8.6, Pike 9.6 (these people must really like Bush).  If Jean Schmidt is promising more of the same, then these people can expect that the unemployment rates will remain the same.  
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    Sorry about the comma---it is just the teacher in me.
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    Romney:  Stay away from our uteruses and we'll stay away from your organs! Mind your own f------g business.
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    Correct!  She is an active Democrat and I am sure that her political beliefs may have influence on Lance.  I don't think she'd stay with him if they had opposing political views.
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    Jean Schmidt has problems following traffic laws.  I've compared her biographical http://www.vote-smart.org/bio.php?can_id=MOH46356
    info (date of birth) with traffic tickets at Clermont County Ohio.
    Now compare that information with what I found at the clerk of courts of Clermont County.  http://www.clermontclerk.org/pa/munipa.urd/PAMW6500
    After entering last name SCHMIDT  first name J, I found some interesting results.  She has four traffic tickets (see results for Jeanette H. Schmidt).  Doesn't this woman have any regard for the safety of our children?  
  • In Ohio, we have Bob Taft.  I don't know what he makes but if he lost a dollar for every job that left Ohio during his terms, he'd be bankrupt.  But lucky for Taft, he has rich friends.  Some have provided him with over 50 golf outings, which he did not report.  How many of you have friends (contributors, contractors, lobbyists) who have paid for your golfing?
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    Personally, I think it would be WONDERFUL to have a Democratic senator from Ohio.  However, I don't know if Ryan has the statewide recognition that he would need to run.  Having said that, I know that there are many people here in Ohio who would work their asses off for a strong candidate.
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    All of these soldiers are so younger and now because of Bush's war, their lives are changed forever.  Bush sent them to war without the proper body armor and humvee armor, and he will not see these pictures.  If we had gone after Osama in Afghanistan with everything we had instead of adding a war in Iraq, Osama would be dead by now and these soldiers would not have suffered in this manner.
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    Supposedly, the secret memo was on the plane on the trip to Africa in July 2003.  Who was on the trip to Africa? From what I can tell in the picture, besides George  W. and Laura Bush, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell.
    (Look at the bottom of the steps for Rice and Powell.)
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    There is a little information at the CNN website.  http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/07/19/scotus.main/index.html

    Roberts has argued 33 cases before the high court. He is considered by some a brilliant appellate lawyer who has impressed many in his work so far as a judge. He is a 1979 graduate of Harvard's Law School.

    Two prominent liberal advocacy groups -- NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Alliance for Justice -- opposed Roberts' nomination because of the positions he argued as an advocate for the Reagan and first Bush administrations.

    NARAL alleged that Roberts had actively worked to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that struck down state laws outlawing abortion.

    The Alliance for Justice criticized Roberts for his arguments against the use of racial considerations by the public sector, known by its supporters as affirmative action.

    Even though this is big time stuff, don't let the Rove story go by the wayside.  Keep investigating Rove.  By the way, on MSNBC, Kelly O'Donnel said that Bush wanted to get this nomination over with so he could go to vacation in Texas for the month of August.


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