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    Al Gore is a real leader.
  • I too have a member of congress, Deborah Pryce OH-15-R, who was in her home district instead of showing support for the victims of Katrina.  Apparently, Pryce was able to go in the middle of the night to rush back to DC to support the Schiavo feeding tube legislation, but when it comes to supporting hundreds of thousands of displaced Americans, she doesn't have time.   Pryce, who is a lackey for DeLay, wouldn't know what to do for common people since she only supports DeLay's big oil and business projects.
  • Thank you for compiling this information.  I also found a website called blogging New Orleans.
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    I agree that Dems must stand up and be vocal about preparing for natural disasters.  Bush 41 and Bush 43 seem to have a blind spot about FEMA, disasters, and reacting to a national emergency.  Why did it take 3 days for the president to react?  Why were riding a bike, having a barbecue, getting a guitar, giving a speech on Iraq and WWII, all more important than working on saving lives on our gulf?  Obviously, this president would rather offer his sympathy and empty promises, and go on with his life.  Arianna Huffington had a good post at her site in which she said:  

    The president's 35-minute Air Force One flyover of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama was the perfect metaphor for his entire presidency: detached, disconnected, and disengaged. Preferring to take in America's suffering -- whether caused by the war in Iraq or Hurricane Katrina -- from a distance. In this case, 2,500 feet.


    12,000 National Guard troops may NOT be enough in the rescue, recovery, and rebuilding.  We   need to get our troops out of Iraq and get them home to work helping restore order and services to Americans.  They are of course called NATIONAL Guard.

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    Bush doesn't care!  Remember the hurricane in Florida just before the election?  Bush couldn't get in enough pictures with those voters in Florida. Now he doesn't give a shit.  He probably feels that he is president and he can do what he wants-golf, guitars, and talks about Iraq.  He is not dealing with reality.  What ceo would run away from a tragedy that invoved his/her employees?  This is exactly what he is doing---running away from dealing with tragedy.
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    Chevron may start rationing.  
    Chevron warned its distributors that temporary rationing might be necessary, according to a press release on the company's Web site, and the company's Pascagoula, Miss., refinery remains shut down for now. So far, Foss says that she has seen a 20-cent jump for a gallon of gas at her local gas station, and some observers speculated that prices could reach an average of as much as $3 a gallon, in a short-term spike, possibly this week.

    Here in central Ohio, unleaded was at $2.59/gal. earlier today.

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    September 9, 2004, E.L. Doctorow wrote The Unfeeling President.  http://www.easthamptonstar.com/20040909/col5.htm  Now we have another example of how this president cannot feel compassion.  Last time I looked, Louisiana was  just east of Texas.  It would not take any effort to fly Bush over the areas in his helicopter.  By giving these speeches, and playing golf while people have lost everything is heartless. He could have at least given the impression that he was meeting with staff members, calling agencies, and reviewing the needs of the states hit by Katrina.  However, instead, he goes in the opposite direction (California) to indulge in a sport and receive adulation from a specially picked audience.  Any amateur psychologists out there who can analyze this type of behavior?
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  • With a little googling, I found the following info on Santorum:  http://www.missioncreep.com/mw/santorum.htm
    The author of the above mentioned website wrote a letter to Santorum and got a response that repeated much of what Bush had to say about Iraq.
    "President Bush had to travel all the way to Pennsylvania today to find the one person who actually likes his plan to privatize Social Security and cut Social Security benefits: Rick Santorum. While Bush has had trouble picking up support for his plan, Rick Santorum has been the President's biggest cheerleader on Social Security."
  • Governor Voinovich isn't governor of Ohio.  Bob Taft is governor and was elected in 1998.  Taft and Voinovich are republicans.  Voinovich is now in the U.S. Senate.
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    Unless Tim Ryan made them all pregnant, he is not responsible.  Stark County has an unemployment rate of 5.8% for the month of July 2005.  Those of us who live in Ohio are dealing with corruption of great magnitude.  Our Bureau of Workers' Compensation Dept. invested funds designated for injured workers in rare coins, baseball cards, and beanie babies.  Our governor was convicted of ethics charges.  Roads get built by companies that contribute to the GOP (this is a pay to play state=you give the GOP money, you get a contract).  State funding to public schools have been cut.  State funding for healthcare, the elderly, and after school programs have been cut.  Financial aid to state colleges has been cut.  Our legislature, although directed by our state supreme court, cannot work out an equitable school funding system.  The GOP controls the governor's office, the major offices, and the state legislature and the shit has hit the fan.  This is not Tim Ryan's fault.  This manure in Ohio's government is due to the corruption of the Ohio GOP.  Thank you.  Go bark at someone else.
  • As a 54 year old woman, I remember losing classmates in Viet Nam.  Today, my neighbors are losing their kids.  Sorry you don't like the comparisons but they will go on.  We marched and protested. Until the younger generation creates some new anti-war songs, we'll still be singing the oldies but the goodies.  (I hate it when I agree with Gary Boatwright!)  Besides, there is a possibility that you younger people might be able to organize this anti-war movement thing and really make a difference.
  • Are those military brass still in Iraq or have they been moved somewhere else for opening their mouth.  By the way, Rolling Stone has a great article about Congressman Sensenbrenner (the guy that closed the congressional hearing, took the gavel, and shut off the lights.)
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    I think there is something in the water.  It is hard to believe that so many people would have a higher opinion than the rest of the state.  Is there much water pollution there or a heavier than normal influence of far right religious groups?
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    Nothing delights me more than to see these two wingnuts going at each other, complete with name calling.  The GOP is corrupt (Ohio's coingate, Tom DeLay, Abramoff), and they are becoming more corrupt with the more power they have. Let them attack each other because it only helps destroy them.


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