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    Laura Bush reads and she is articulate.  However, she does not connect with people. Those staged scenes with her and a select group of hurricane victims are sick.  The American people know that her husband doesn't care and was not able/willing to act fast enough to save lives. The administration could send Mother Theresa, but everyone knows all decisions and faults belong to George W. Bush.
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    Is it the national guard, fema, or is it the red cross who made the decision to hold back the aid?  How can we find out?

    Today's red cross does marvelous work.  However, I think there are some politics here that we are not aware of.

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    IF these were white voters in Oklahoma, then the White House would be doing all they could to help them vote.  I don't trust these corrupt GOPers.  I agree with Dr. Johnson because every vote is precious.
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    Go to http://derenegade.blogspot.com/ to see pics of a Move On organized demonstration about the victims of Katrina.
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    Remember when Mr. Guiliani was having an affair while he was mayor of NY?  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/06/21/politics/main512992.shtml
    What is it with these GOP guys (Newt Gingrich) and their affairs and then they say they are concerned about Christian values?  Hypocrites!
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    No. I do not think many Dems can handle Kucinich!  We need Hackett in the Senate.  Obviously, you are in northeastern Ohio.  Here in central Ohio, Kucinich would not be given a fighting chance.
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    We're not begging--we're just putting out the facts and asking for his help.  I think Hackett would like the opportunity to serve, he just has to be sure that he'll have the funding.  Hackett had to work very hard to raise money.  I think he'd like to know that he wouldn't have to worry so much about the fundraising.
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    As a resident of Ohio, I am sick of the corruption, the misuse of power and money, the arrogance, and one-party rule.  Paul Hackett would give us a chance to get out of the cesspool of corruption that the Ohio GOP has created here.  We need to make him an offer he can't refuse.  We should arrange a "sit down" (meeting) with Hackett, Howard Dean, Diane Feinstein, Hillary and Bill Clinton, former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn, and former U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum.  What do we tell him?  We tell him that just like he responded to serve in the military, the people of Ohio need him now.  They also must let him know that the DNC and other Democratic Party committees will bankroll him.
    I'll write about this at my site:
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    First, doesn't the president have basic geography skills?
    Second, he is watching tv.  The national weather service supposedly sent info to the president.
    Third, where are the other people in this briefing: FEMA, Defense, Labor, Transportation, Homeland Security?????
    Fourth, is this the way these briefings go down?  It looks like someone's basement with a tv and a table.
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    As a resident of Ohio, I am for any redistricting that does not involve the corrupt Ohio or National GOP.  The Ohio GOP and their control of all branches of government is killing school funding, job growth, aid to children, and help for the elderly. We've got to get more Dems in office and take away the power of the Tafts, Blackwells, Petro, Noes, and Montgomerys.  These people are horrible.
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    You could create a bumper sticker that says--Vote Democratic in 2006 to Impeach!
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    Read the letter Blanco sent to Bush 8/28/05 to see what she asked for before the hurricane hit Louisiana.
  • There is a time a place for everything.  I agree with Clinton---put our energy into rescue and recovery and then let the oatmeal hit the fan.  FEMA is worthless.  When you have charities, churches, individuals, and kids from Duke rescuing people and providing food and shelter, our government has failed.  Our president is only  interested in photo ops and our vice president is in points unknown.
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    Are these images being broadcast on our U.S. channels?  I wonder how many more similar cases are still in the hurricane's path.  How many children are still in homes left with a deceased parent or grandparent?  I think that in time, our government will step in and try to restrict press coverage of the rescue efforts.
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    I found a German TV news website that has an interesting video about Hurricane Katrina. http://www.heute.de/ZDFmediathek/inhalt/7/0,4070,2370951-5,00.html
    The video's title  Washington erwacht nach dem Hurrikan means  While Washington Slept.


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