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    If you have the ability through the web to write about Doug Forrester's dirty politics, do it.  Get on your site, title it Doug Forrester, and describe how he got rich, and get the truth out to New Jersey.  I love Cape May!
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    According to Open Secrets http://www.opensecrets.org Jerry Kilgore contribute $250 to the Oliver North campaign.  Kilgore has lots of plans with no idea of how to pay for anything.  I hope that the good people of Virginia open their eyes and realize that Kaine is the best candidate.
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    If this in-fighting continues between Coleman and Strickland, I will personally take them out into the parking lot and slap them silly.  The very last thing we need is for Dems to attack each other and thereby shooting themselves in the foot.  Stop!!!!  Attack the corruption of the GOP (Taft, Noe, Ney, etc.).  Attack people like Rod Parsley (Would Jesus wear a Rolex and thousand dollar suits?) and his hate-mongering church.  The Democratic Party is an all inclusive party and we need and welcome everyone. Pleeeeeeease!
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    I live in Ohio. I have witnessed the GOP corruption that has been reported everyday in the newspapers, TV, and radio. The scandals still continue.  People are sick of it and want a change. As Democrats we need Paul Hackett. Ohio Dems have shot themselves in the foot too many times, and Brown would be a mistake.  Hackett is the way to bring back a Democratic revolution in Ohio.  He is a straight talker, well-respected, and has the name recognition that Brown doesn't.  Hackett for Senate.
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    The Ohio Democratic Party likes to shoot itself in the foot, over and over again.  Sherrod Brown appears to be an admirable politician and a nice person, but he is NOT what we need at this time in Ohio. Ohio has been brought to its knees by the GOP corruption.  We need a fighter to go on the attack and WE NEED PAUL HACKETT.  I hope that Hackett stays in the race and we'll let the people of Ohio decide in a primary.  I don't think that Brown has the name recognition that Hackett has.


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    The Senate hearings for Miers should be good.  I think the Dems who are lawyers should ask her about some obscure cases and ask her opinion about them.  If it means embarrassing her and the president, it will be worth it.  She might be a nice lady, and even a good lawyer, but she does not have the experience for SCOTUS.  She hasn't even taught law. Handling problems in the Texas lottery commission is small potatoes.
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    Tell everyone you know NOT to shop at MICHAEL'S CRAFTS because the owners/founders are anti-American and evil.  The Wyly brothers who own Michaels contributed big bucks to the swiftboatliars and they need to be hit where it hurts---on their bottom line.
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    We brought up the word 'cronyism' and now the righties are using it.  The thing that worries me is Miers is said to have described Bush as 'the most brilliant man' she has ever met.  That statement should disqualify her!
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    Harriet Miers called Bush the 'most brilliant man she has ever met'??????? Miers: pro-life, helped Bush with air national guard case, former board member of EXODUS Ministries (religious righties try to change sexual orientation of gay men to straight), and of course this smacks of cronyism!


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    There is no doubt, if Paul Hacett runs for anything, the money will come.  The Democrats in Ohio are hungry for a big win and people will definitely line up to contribute both time and money.  Ohio needs some inspiration and leadership and Hackett can provide it.
  • I've updated my site to add my support to Reform Ohio Now:  http://stubbornliberal.blogspot.com
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    Bush needs to deal with reality:
    I found this:
    FEMA Needs a Place to Stay

    Maybe access is part of FEMA's problem.  Here's an email I just received:

        Brian - my wife is doing residential damage assessment for FEMA in Slidell.  Her parents are doing the same in Metairie, and another friend is somewhere else in the area.  Unfortunately the closest hotel they've been able to find is in Lafayette, which I understand is a 2-3 hours away.  I know lodging is in short supply right now, but if there's any way you could help put out the word that they're looking for rooms to rent in the areas they're working in, it would be much appreciated.  Not sure if you can post this on your blog or just forward this to anyone you know in the area, but her email is redleo71@hotmail.com, mine is terry@eslickdesign.com and her cell # is 832/646-7995.  My cell number is 918/271-0734.
    FEMA is not providing housing for these residential damage inspectors.  They're given assignments and have to find their own transportation, lodging, food, etc.
        Thanks for anything you can do,
        Terry Waska

    Sounds like FEMA is still not getting the job done.

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    I heard that FEMA had not set up an office in some cities in Mississippi because the buildings remaining did not meet their requirements for size (you'd think they'd bring in mobile offices).  Here are my questions for people with access hurricane destruction zones:
    Are there FEMA offices set up in Biloxi, New Orleans, and other cities?  Where are these offices located (pictures) and are they staffed?  Is there evidence of the American Red Cross having facilities in areas?  Have you talked to any residents who have not been able to get to FEMA and the Red Cross?  Are there other humanitarian groups in these areas?

    Why do I care?  As a citizen, I want to know if our tax dollars and contributions are being put to use.  I want to know if FEMA is helping people or still giving us B.S.

    If you need us to write about the lack of or arrival of help we will do it.  We just can't let this all be swept under a rug.

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    Would you be surprised if FEMA is hiding something? This administration has successfully restricted pictures of the wounded and caskets returning from overseas.  They will do whatever they can to reduce the flow of information.  Columbus, Ohio was scheduled to get 500 evacuees, but we got only a few.  The same excuse was given---people wanted to go somewhere else.  FEMA is restricting where people go for some reason.  We'll find out sooner or later.
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    I am sure we'll do whatever we can to get another DeLay friend out of the House.  Pryce and DeLay are thick and she has learned some fundraising techniques from DeLay.

    The GOP has a stranglehold on Ohio. We need to turn Ohio into a Democratic state!


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