• Hackett is a stronger candidate.  With so many of my neighbors having their children or spouses being sent on multiple tours to Iraq, the anti-war sentiment is high here.  Many people believe that we need someone like Hackett to go to the senate and fight for us.  Hackett seems to be highly motivated and has the ability to energize the electorate.  We need that in Ohio.  Brown, on the other hand, seems to be running under the radar.
    (I am not associated with either campaign.)
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    Thanks, Mark, for the courage to enter the race.  I am sure that you will have a lot to contribute to the Democratic Party in the future.  Best wishes to you, your family, and staff.
  • How low can he go?  I think many people are just plain disgusted with this administration.  Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart said there were 1,050 days until the 2008 presidential election.  I don't know if his numbers were accurate, but it does seem very far in the future.
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    Here is a link for results:  http://www.sos.state.oh.us/Results/RaceSummary.aspx

    It is still early and only a few counties have results.

  • First, please don't count your chickens....
    Secondly, there are still a few people today who say it doesn't matter who gets elected to office. When people say that, we need only to point to George W. Bush.  If Gore had been elected:
    Would Gore have invaded Iraq?
    Would 2037 http://icasualties.org/oif/ Americans who have died in Iraq still be alive?
    Would have an undercover CIA agent's name been printed in a column by Novak?
    Would there have been a slow response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma?
    Would the Kyoto Treaty still be honored by this country?
    Would the Geneva Convention still be an honored agreement?
    Would we have had a deficit of this magnitude?
    Would a totally worthless and unfunded federal mandate, No Child Left Behind, be used to manipulate school boards, teachers, states, and curriculums?
    Would White House staff members be under investigation for perjury?
    Would oil companies be making obscene profits?
    Would Pat Robertson and Dr. Dobson's opinions matter  in choosing a SCOTUS nominee?
    I could go on and on.  My point is, get out there and vote for Kaine, Corzine, and other Democrats because it is the only way to take back this country.  Vote.


  • While the pentagon takes the money for Iraq and uses it to fund secret jails around the world, our poor and elderly will go hungry.  While billions and billions of dollars are unaccounted for, young men and women will drop out of college because they cannot get student loans, the local and state health agencies will suffer because their federal funding will be cut, children will lose medical care, our veterans will be wait-listed for medical/psychological care, schools will lose federal funding, etc. etc. etc.  The GOP would rather hurt the poor, the elderly, and disadvantaged children than adjust their freakin' tax cuts. While they pontificate about how they care for everyone, the Republicans are making cuts to programs that are already barely surviving. Shame.
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    These numbers are horrible.  I think people are just pissed off about the scandals, the lies, and the war.  What are the possible problems that could arise because of those low ratings?
  • I called Sen. Harry Reid's Reno office to offer my thanks.  I also called Sen. "insider trading" Frist, Sen. "righteous" Rick Santorum, and my Ohio GOP Senators Dewine and Voinovich, and told them I supported Sen. Reid because it is time we knew about the intelligence that led to the war.

    Frist said this was all a slap in the face.  What about all those families that have lost and continue to lose loved ones in Iraq?  How do they feel?  Who cares about Frist's pride?  

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    Kilgore is a big Bush supporter.
    http://www.commonwealthtimes.com/media/paper634/news/2004/11/04/Election2004/bush-Country-794099.sht ml
    Jerry Kilgore contributed to Oliver North.
    http://www.opensecrets.org/indivs/search.asp?NumOfThou=0&txtName=Kilgore&txtState=%28all+sta tes%29&txtZip=&txtEmploy=&txtCand=&txt1994=Y&txt1996=Y&Order=N
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    The Reform Ohio people have to stress that if they don't like corruption, or corrupt Tom Noe, or corrupt Taft, or the unemployment, or pay to play contracts, or the lack of work on school funding, or corrupt Bob Ney, then they MUST vote for issues 2,3,4,5.
  • McCain is anti-choice. Although I respect him, the choice thing is everything.
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    From what I understand about prop. 74, if a teacher has 2 unsatisfactory evaluations, the teacher would be fired.  As a former teacher, I know that there are politics even in the principal's office.  Sometimes, principals hold certain things above a teacher's head in order to get something he or she wants.  Although I never had an unsatisfactory evaluation, I know of teachers who did and many of them improved with mentoring.  All Arnold wants to do is punish the teachers and the nurses.  Both professions are made up by a majority of women.  Is Arnold afraid of educated, out-spoken women?  What is his problem?
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    I think it is an ad that will make many people look favorably at Corzine.  Many of us know of someone like Carl or have someone in our family who has similar obstacles.   Research in the area of stem cells could help the Carls, the Arlen Specters, and people with different ailments.  As a woman, and a mother, I approve of the ad.
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    Another reason not to shop at Walmart:
    Perhaps Walmart can re-write the poem on the Statue of Liberty and use it as their motto for new employees-  Give us your young, your healthy, your physically fit, parttimers....Those not seeking healthcare or life insurance......

    Walmart forces their employees to work overtime, through lunch, and fires them if they complain or ask a question about improving working conditions.  Shame.

  • I live in central Ohio and I too am supporting Hackett for Senate. Hackett has the ability to cross party lines and get the Democrats out to vote.  We need Hackett to go out there and take on the corruption of the GOP.  Ohio needs Hackett!


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