• I'm in central Ohio.
  • don't know Hackett is running.  I think that Hackett is going to run a great campaign for the primary.
    A word of caution: I think that Brown's campaign people keep posting favorable stuff here and attacking Hackett.  I do not want to see it.  As an Ohioan, I want Brown and Hackett to tell me what they are going to do to get our state out of the toilet. We have no jobs, businesses are  closing, a legislature that can't work on equitable school funding, a pay-to-play method of awarding state contracts, corruption in the state government, etc.  Don't attack each other---attack the dirty Republicans.
  • I did find a David Leroy Fulwiler married in Clark Co. Nevada http://sandgate.co.clark.nv.us/recMarriage/marrName.htm   in 1961, but this was probably his father.  If you know where he has lived, you can check county records on line.  Perhaps Fulwiler/Berg knows a lot about marriage because he has a lot of experience getting married.
  • Rep. Joe Barton (Texas-R) is planning to hold congressional hearings on how the BCS selection process is flawed.  Here are my reasons Barton is doing this:  (1) Barton, a graduate of Texas A&M, must have his panties in a "Frist" because his alma mater hasn't been chosen to go to a BCS bowl.  (2) Barton wants to get his name out in the press eleven months before the 2006 election. (3) Barton wants his name Googled with BCS:  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Barton+BCS&btnG=Google+Search


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    and I say NO to Fingerhut!!!!!  Please stop the madness!  Even though it would be for a primary, I think the Democrats here in Ohio need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.  If there is someone who knows Fingerhut tell him ---STOP!!!!!  We need the Ohio Republicans to spend their money on their primary fight (Petro has already started running his ads for his campaign!).
    Don't say Finger! Don't say Hut! No to Fingerhut!
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    Is this the same Sherwood who tried to choke his mistress or was it a backrub?  Is this the same Sherwood who vowed to bring "family values" to Washington, DC?  Is choking a mistress a family value? Is having a mistress a family value?  I'm so confused.


  • on a comment on Bush's Speech over 8 years ago
    I am just so sad about the families who continue to worry  about their loved ones.  I mourn our young men and women who have died. There was no new strategy in this speech and people will resent the fact that they were hoodwinked into hoping for a solution to this war.
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    Today's speech was nothing new. This is the same message: as long as it takes.  Who the hell writes these speeches? I'd bet that people will see this speech as just the same old message.  I know I didn't hear anything new.
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    Republican Rep. Bob Ney (OH-18) has big legal problems because of his associations with Abramoff and DeLay.  Bob Ney would probably not retire unless his legal problems became really, really sticky.

    I have a question:  Does a congress member need to actually reside in their district?  I thought they did.  However, Republican Rep. Paul E. Gillmor (OH-5) claims to live in Old Fort, Ohio but actually lives in Dublin, Ohio.  His son Paul M. Gillmor lives in the house in Old Fort which Rep. Gillmor claims as his main residence.  How do we go after this bastard?

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    Republicans Ney, Pryce, and others have been hanging around Tom DeLay and friends. Ohioans are sick of the lies, the dirt, the bribes, voting irregularities, and the pay-to-play for state contracts.  We need to clean out Ohio and get rid of these self-serving republicans.
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    I agree Regula is out of touch with the people in his district.  Your experiment will teach you a lot about the most vulnerable of our society.  Stay safe.

    May I also suggest another idea.  It would be helpful to visit some local public schools on a fact finding mission.  Bring in donuts, talk to teachers, and find out about their  daily challenges.  If you have time, volunteer to read to a class and/or help out in the lunchroom or playground.  You'll learn a lot.  Once again, good luck in your campaign.

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    I found some info on Mean Jean:
  • Mean Jean Schmidt should be the model for any Republican election posters/bumper stickers.  Her face should be printed in all its ugly, wrinkled glory with the hair tied back in a scrunchy. The amazing thing is she hates people who are bloggers and I think we should make her hate them even more.
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    I called Rep. Murtha's office yesterday right after I posted.  I found this quote from yesterday's news conference:  
    In a 30-minute news conference, Murtha told stories about wounded troops he visits weekly at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval hospital. He spoke of a soldier who lost both hands to shrapnel from a "bomblet" dropped by U.S. troops. That soldier's mother complained that her son was ineligible for a Purple Heart because the device was "friendly."
    Murtha, choking up, recounted that he met with military officials. "I said, `If you don't give him a Purple Heart, I'll give him one of mine.' And they gave him a Purple Heart."
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    Apparently, I missed the Q &A's.  Thanks for looking for them and posting.  I am sure it was difficult for Murtha to do this but he has my backing.  As I said in another post, call or e-mail his office and thank him.  Now if we can only get some other Dems to stand up and join Murtha.


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