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    Bob Novak just said on CNN that George W. Bush may lose Ohio but still win the presidency. I am here in Ohio and I know that the high unemployment rate, poor economic climate, and our worthless and corrupt Republican state officials, have really turned people away from Bush.  The added touch in Columbus has been the arrival of Air America Radio.  It has really encouraged Democrats and Progressives to become active this election cycle.
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    While visiting Italy this summer, people always said, "We love the American people!  The American people are welcomed here."  There were signs in various cities that stated "Stop the War"  and "Peace."  Because of Bush, we are no longer respected in the world.  Apparently, some of Bush's strongest supporters don't get it because they only listen to Rush or Fox News.
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    From The Columbus Dispatch (10/22/04):
    Voters report fake calls
    Instructions to change polling place don't come from board of elections

    Friday, October 22, 2004
    Suzanne Hoholik
    The caller interrupting a North Side couple's dinner earlier this week said he was from the Franklin County Board of Elections.

    He told the elderly woman that her voting site had changed and that on Nov. 2 she and her husband should cast their ballots at a South Side precinct. The caller even left the phone number of the board.

    Her husband, who didn't want their names published out of fear of retribution, called the board, sat through a long menu of automated options and finally spoke with an employee.

    "They said there was no way in the world they would make such a call," he said. "I think it's hankypanky and somebody in the election is trying to kill some votes."

    At no time, Elections Director Matthew Damschroder said, does the board call voters.

    "The only communication from the board of elections is printed on official board of elections paper with the logo," he said.

    "If they're saying they're the board of elections, that's a violation of the law. My recommendation to them would be to cease and desist."

    His office has received about a dozen calls since last week from voters checking on similar calls.

    Damschroder said there are two scams: The caller tells voters their precincts have changed or the caller offers to pick up an absentee-ballot application, deliver the ballot to the voter and return the completed ballot to the elections office.

    By law, the elections board mails absentee ballots and the only deliveries are made to voters in nursing homes by both a Republican and Democratic elections worker. The only person who can return an absentee ballot, besides the voter, is an immediate family member.

    "People are calling saying, `I got a call last night when I was watching Oprah from this group,' " Damschroder said. "By law, the board of elections does not give anybody a ballot to deliver."

    Carlo LoParo, spokesman for Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, said he hadn't heard about the scams. But he said he was glad to hear that voters who had received calls reported them to the elections board.

    "Election fraud, voter intimidation or providing voters with wrong information is unacceptable," he said. "Anyone engaging in this activity will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    "Anyone contemplating this type of malicious activity should think twice."

    All county boards of elections already had planned to send cards informing voters of their voting precinct, Damschroder said, a move that could combat some of these calls.

    "The cards will be dropped (in the mail) next Monday for delivery Wednesday," he said.

  • Channel 6 in Columbus, Ohio, has reduced the number of  sponsors listed on their site.  HOWEVER,  3 major sponsors remain:  Nationwide Insurance (1-800-882-2822), Geico Auto (1-800-947-AUTO), and Atlas Butler Heating and Cooling (1-800-FURNACE).  I have called and registered my complaints and I know you'd like to share your views since they have toll free telephone numbers.  Yesterday, the UA for Kerry (Upper Arlington for Kerry) was to demonstrate outside the station.  Also, they have listed another anti-Sinclair site
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    The Times will endorse John Kerry tomorrow.  This time they did something smart!
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    One of the listed sponsors at wsyx6 in Columbus, Ohio, is Nationwide Insurance.  I called Nationwide  
    (1-800-882-2822), identified myself as an annuity customer, and told them that I was upset and disappointed that Nationwide would support Channel 6 and their political agenda.  I told her that the planned broadcast by 6 was wrong and unfair.  The person at Nationwide told me they have been getting hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, and letters from people who also felt as I did.  It appears that these advertisers are getting the message.
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    Investors are paying attention to Sinclair Broadcasting's attack on Senator Kerry.

    The decision annoyed investors. Sinclair's shares, which have lost about half their value in 2004, closed Monday at $7.38, down 12 cents. That's about as low as they've been since 1995.

    "I don't want my media companies that cover the news to be making news," says Barry Lucas of Gabelli & Co., which owns about 4% of Sinclair.

    Keep up the pressure!  To quote Bruce Springsteen, "...no retreat..no surrender."

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    Sinclair Broadcasting is ordering stations it owns to broadcast a film that attacks Senator John Kerry.
    The story is from the LA Times but was posted in the Columbus Dispatch.  Can you guys come up with some ways to counter this horrible broadcast?
    http://www.dispatch.com/election/election-president.php?story=dispatch/2004/10/09/20041009-A5-03.htm l

    Stations told to air anti-Kerry film
    Saturday, October 09, 2004
    Elizabeth Jensen

    NEW YORK -- The conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, whose television outlets reach nearly a quarter of the nation's homes with TV, is ordering its stations to pre-empt regular programming days before the Nov. 2 election to air a film that attacks Sen. John F. Kerry's activism against the Vietnam War, network and station executives familiar with the plan said yesterday.

    Sinclair owns WSYX (Channel 6) in Columbus.

    Sinclair's programming plan is highly unusual even in a political season that has been marked by media controversies.

    Sinclair has told its stations -- many of them in political swing states such as Ohio and Florida -- to air Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, sources said. The film, funded by Pennsylvania veterans and produced by a veteran and former Washington Times reporter, features former POWs accusing Kerry -- a decorated Navy veteran turned war protester -- of worsening their ordeal by prolonging the war.

    Sinclair will pre-empt regular prime-time programming from the networks to show the documentary, which may be classified as news programming, according to TV executives familiar who are with the plan. "

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    Check this website for information about unemployment in the state of Ohio.  The press releases will give you an idea of the counties that have the highest unemployment.  http://jfs.ohio.gov/releases/index.stm
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    I googled campaing solutions staff directory and found stuff which I will not show here.

    Apparently, Michael Fitzpatrick and the incumbent, Greenwood, were on bad terms for a long time.  The story about the "hacking" was in one of the Philly papers but campaign solutions denies having a connection.


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