• I'm not planning to go either, but we've got to let them know that people from their state, Rep. Joe Wilson, make it unlikely that we'll ever visit South Carolina for a convention, vacation, or golf (I don't golf.).  Hatred, and racism coming out of So. Carolina make it an unlikely destination.

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    I watched Delay on MSNBC and I just wanted to puke. Delay continues to confirm my belief that he is an idiot. This guy was a Republican leader?  Incredible.

  • I don't listen to right wing radio, but I read that Limpbaugh has his brainless listeners are jamming the phones to stop the stimulus package from getting passed.  It is time for the rest of us to organize our own calling party.  Every U.S. Senator has local offices through his/her state.  Call them, especially the Republicans, and tell them you want them to support the President's original economic stimulus package.  Remember the quote---  ".....the only way for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing...."   In this case, the only way for the Republicans to triumph is if we do nothing.  Don't sit there, call.

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    Wouldn't you like to have him as the pilot of your next plane ride?  He is a very modest man, and a real hero.

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    President Obama should let Petraeus and the rest of the Bush-holdovers know that either they do their jobs and obey orders or they'll be out on their asses.  I agree many of the posters above that any military officer working against President Obama should be charged with insubordination.

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    The Ohio GOP made up all the stories about voter fraud last fall, but I wonder how many Ohio papers and television stations will carry news about the findings of special prosecutor.

    The Ohio Republican Party is still operating like we were living in the 1950's.  They are primarily white, and are clueless about the needs of working families, the elderly, teachers, and students.  No matter what they are talking about they feel the need to include the words "tax cuts."  Several years ago, the state legislature was ordered by the Ohio Supreme Court to fix our school financing method.  The Republicans have refused to move on it. The Ohio GOP would rather talk about non-issues like DOMA, voter fraud, and flags.

  • Voinovich should have gone a long time ago.  I live in central Ohio and there are plenty of hungry Republicans who'd love to take that seat in the Senate.  However, the dirty taint still remains on the Ohio GOP and it would not take much to remind voters of the lousy GOP record in the state.  Tim Ryan would be wonderful because he is not afraid to speak his mind.  Go Ryan!!!!!

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    I'm soooooo glad that Kilroy won.  She works hard and really cares about people.  She also won without getting any money from oil PACs, like her opponent.  Kilroy worked very closely with student volunteers from The Ohio State University. She appeared on stage before the free Bruce Springsteen concert on the OSU Oval and made a strong effort to encourage volunteers at all the Campaign for Change offices.    

    I was part of a team that worked for Obama on the outside of the polls on election day.  It seemed as though a large number of provisional ballots were given to voters in the precinct I worked because of a lack of training for poll workers. Also, the same precinct had several poll workers who were no-shows.

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    I've never been mayor of a small town in Alaska or even a governor. I know more foreign policy than she does.  She appears to have certain words and phrases memorized. Obviously she has been heavily coached.

  • on a comment on Obama's Choice over 5 years ago

    Over the past week, I kept thinking---'If Biden were the VP candidate, how would he swat down McCain?'  Biden often cuts through the baloney and gets to the meat of the discussion.  There is no one McCain could pick that could rival Biden's experience and tenacity.

  • 10tv.com has the news---
    ..Pryce had 110,711 votes to Kilroy's 109,657, giving Pryce a 50.2 percent to Kilroy's 49.8 percent. That margin is tight enough to require a recount....

    Re-count the votes.  Since they 'lost' some voting machines  on election night, who knows what else they've lost?  Matt Damschroder, the head of Franklin Co. Board of Elections, was a little tooooooo cozy with Diebold a few years ago. Black Box Voting Story: http://www.bbvforums.org/forums/messages /8/7705.html?1121954249    I don't trust him as far as I could throw him.  If you see him, you'll see that I couldn't throw him at all.

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    I am here in Columbus, Ohio, and currently we are represented by Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15). You can visit my daily collection of rants at http://ohio15th.blogspot.com as I chronicle the misdeeds of Ohio's Republican culture of corruption.

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    Mike Ferguson is the Republican guy who was trying to pick up a coed in Georgetown.  It seems that Ferguson is only interested in sexually harassing young college girls instead of talking to his constituents.  Ferguson is another "family values" GOPer.  Ferguson, Foley, Sherwood, etc., are all "family values" Republicans.  Obviously, the term "family values" has no value.

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    Isn't it funny that we haven't read about this Walmart walkout?   Walmart is not family friendly.  If they were family friendly they'd offer benefits, health insurance, better working conditions, etc.
    http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnfl ash/content/oct2006/db20061017_601244.ht m?chan=top+news_top+news+index_top+story

    ...Now, as Wal-Mart rolls out a new round of workplace restrictions, employees at a Wal-Mart Super Center in Hialeah Gardens, Fla., are taking matters into their own hands. On Oct. 16, workers on the morning shift walked out in protest against the new policies and rallied outside the store, shouting "We want justice" and criticizing the company's recent policies as "inhuman." Workers said the number of participants was about 200, or nearly all of the people on the shift.

    It's the first time that Wal-Mart has faced a worker-led revolt of such scale, according to both employees and the company. Just as surprising, the company quickly said it would change at least one of the practices that had sparked the protest. Late in the day on Oct. 16, there was some disagreement over which of the new policies would be put on hold....

    Hats off to Hialeah Gardens, Florida!!!

  • Ohio's 15th congressional district is currently held by Republican Deborah Pryce, the 4th ranking GOPer in the House.  However,  Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy is a great candidate and a superb campaigner.  Some pollsters now see OH-15 as a toss up which was unimaginable one year ago.  Democratic money and progressive volunteers are helping Kilroy win voters.  With Ohioans sick of the culture of Republican corruption, Kilroy has a real chance this year.  Keep your fingers crossed for Kilroy.



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