Five months late - Chertoff to overhaul FEMA

While we knew within days of Hurrican Katrina that FEMA's response to this National disaster was totally unacceptable, it has taken DHS chair Michael Chertoff over five months to come to that realization, and this happened only upon the release of a report by the House of Representatives blasting his response, FEMA's response and the WH response. The changes he is proposing, while probably worthwhile on face value, are merely being used by a governing party that isn't interested in governing to cover-up the broader issues at stake and culpability that rises to the highest levels of the White House.

Last September I think we missed a great opportunity to clearly delineate Democrats and Liberals as the party of effective government in the aftermath of Katrina. We talked about it for a few weeks here and there, but were unable to build a consistent drumbeat and narrative that framed this tragedy as a parable for the Republican Party. Of course it is not George Bush's fault that a hurricane hit New Orleans, but it is his fault and his party's fault that the emergency response was so pathetic and disorganized.

Just as George Bush reminds us at every turn that we must not forget the lessons of September 11th, so must we remind everyone that we must not forget the lessons of Hurricane Katrina...

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Re: Five months late - Chertoff to overhaul FEMA

He is coming out with it in time for the next hurricane season.  Where as before, he didn't have to worry because of the non emergency.  He is only doing this to keep his job, any other time, he wouldn't be as concerned.  Michael Chertoff is too conserv for the Fema Director position.  He kept the military from doing their job until something dramatic happened, and that isn't what we should do with the military.  Use them when the bad and the worst is happening.

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