• 1990 he's acting as AG

    2003 he's a judge.

    Proves nothing.

    Roe isn't going to be overruled.  It's too good an issue for the right and overruling it will only shift momentum to the left.

    The REAL danger is that Roberts is the ONE VOTE NEEDED to approve Chimpy's detentions without due process, even of American citizens; PLUS the military tribunals, which invests 100% authority in the EXECUTIVE branch to jail, try AND CONVICT anyone in this country of ANYTHING.

    The FBI has assigned the task of spying on PROTESTORS to the COUNTERTERRORISM unit.

    Roberts was on the appellate panel that approved the military tribunals.  That effectively CUTS the judiciary OUT of any role when it comes to determining YOUR FREEDOM.

    With a SCOTUS like that, you will continue to retain what shreds of liberty remain in the wake of the Patriot Act and all its abuses, solely at the whim of der Shrubenfueher.


    We are all in very deep shit.

    Scared Citizen of New Weimar

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    Just like everyone else in the GOP ... for sale to the highest bidder.
  • Amazingly, I managed to make my comments without castigating, impuning or otherwise attacking anyone here.  

    Mr. Phillips' book may well be interesting, but I assure you it is not the only information available on the topic of the distribution of wealth.

    If in fact you favor centralized government, currency and economy, then you favor the concentration of world power into precious few hands.  If in fact you believe that would be a good thing for humanity, then you IMHO are mistaken.

    Please note, once again, my comment neither attacks anyone personally nor sneeringly disregards your thoughts.

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    The New World Order.

    One world government
    One world bank
    One world currency
    Earth divided into four trade areas:  NAFTA CAFTA EU AU (African Union)

    Landed gentry well in possession of all earthly resources, land, wealth and riches.

    90% servant-slave class in low or no wage service class, construction class, agri-class or military class.

    read all about it: http://www.newamericancentury.org


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    a caricature of himself.   He should start practicing his new dialogue now:  "I won't be back."  Other actors aren't polling well because they are fucking ACTORS not leaders.  For Chrissake.  Too bad Warren Beatty didn't enter politics years before.  He might have been positioned like Ronnie to do something big.  As it is, too little, too late and now Californians are fed up with the fakery.  Chimpy's House of Fake Governance (all all of its propagandistic trimmings) hasn't helped, but has again reaffirmed Lincoln's old saw about fooling the people.
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    The tax cuts for billionaires
    The indentured servitude act (bk)
    the no class action for you act
    The Real Intrusive Fascistic I.D. act
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    That's why we have to stand behind Dean when he tells the truth.  I for one am sick and tired of hearing all the pissing and moaning from the other side about how unfair it all is.  About how I'm being unfair when I call a bigot a "bigot."  About how I'm being unfair because I call these fascists "dominionists" instead of "christians" because to call them "christians" would be an offense to Christianity.  About how I'm being unfair because I point out that if we have a public display of the 10 Cs and school prayer then we also must allow shrines to Buhdda and Vishnu;  how Muslim children must also be accommodated at school and have a place where they can spread their prayer rugs at least three times a day (the other two are early morning and evening when they're not in school).  I am sick to death of hearing how unfair it all is to point out that these fringe extremists speak for an overenfranchised minority who flagrantly cheated their way into power and now want to subvert our constitution and replace it with a fascist theocracy.  These lying hypocrites covet what Jesus was offered, but refused, and they dare call themselves "people of faith?"

    Here's something for you "people of faith":  I have no objection if you want to serve in public office.  However, keep your "faith" out of the public office or you can't serve. Period.  If everybody is allowed to tailor make policy and their own job responsibilities to suit their personal predelictions, then chaos will ensue.  That's why we are a government of laws, not men.  So, be a pharmacist, doctor, lawyer, butcher, baker or candlestick maker, but park your personal beliefs at home.

    More than EVER now, as the GOP and their extremist cronys continue to co-opt everything that is good and turn it into shit, a truth teller like Howard Dean is needed.  These people DO hide behind their phony piety to grandstand and set themselves apart.  They ARE mostly white.  It doesn't require a degree in demographics to know that -- just look at the RNC from last summer -- even with the token minority grip and grin shots, it's still a white dominionist party that is comprising rich fuckers who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.  Most of them live in fear of everyone else, which is why they seek to separate, divide and exclude.  They're assholes who have ruined this country.  It's about friggin time SOMEONE started telling the truth.

    Oh, and I don't personally care who is offended by the truth.  It's true whether you belive it or not and whether it offends you or not.

  • Boy do you ever have that right.  The crackdown is coming.  There probably will be another staged "terrorist" attack followed by martial law.  Then the economic collapse will follow, displacing literally tens of millions of Americans who will be unable to escape their crushing debt because of the bankruptcy act and whose homes will be gentrified out from under them because they will be white elephants once the housing bubble bursts.  Folks who won't or can't "volunteer" for the military will be swept into any one of 59 prison camps that have been not so secretly built here in the U.S.  Prison planet is coming.

    One world government, run by
    One world bank.

    This is the "New World Order" planned centuries ago.

    The human race's biggest nightmare.  


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    dominionist theocracy and dispose of birth control and abortion.  They know the white pseudo christians are a dwindling population.
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    The news is not informative, merely propaganda.
    The entertainment is not entertaining.
    The sporting events are all fixed (uhm..."tuck rule, anyone?"

    Television is a 24 hour commercial interrupted by 9 minute programming segments, which themselves are nothing but more advertising.

    TV has nothing to offer anyone but a vast wasteland of toxicity, misinformation and pitches for products no one needs.

    My television is used solely for video game playing and viewing tapes and DVDs.  The TV tuner has sat idle for years.

    Funnily, though I am not up on the very earth shatteringly important Michael Jackson trial, I have managed to stay reasonably informed enough because of blogs, friends and WOM, to know that the United States of America is in her darkest hour.  Will she emerge as the Republic she has been for over 200 years?  Or will she go the way of Weimar?

    Heaven help us.  At least the Germans did not have TV operating against them like Americans do now.  Of course, they had radio, but TV is a much more powerful, dominating medium.  

    I am pleased to find many of the sheeple seemingly awakening from their long slumbers, if not to total realization, at least, to the vague feeling that "something is wrong."

    Here is a guideline for you.  If you are feeling stressed, tense, on edge, fearful or depressed and you either are on Paxil or some other such pharmeceutical poison, or you are thinking about going on it...YOU ARE BEGINNING TO AWAKEN.

    Do not panic.  Turn off your television, log on to the internet and surf every blog you can find.  You will quickly learn there are people in the world who have insights you may find useful in guiding you through these dark times.  

    One thing is for sure.  TV agitates, foments and perpetuates this creeping paranoia -- it is intended to.  Media, including the entertainment media, have been pimping for the powers that be forevah.  Ever wonder why it was so easy to sell the mythical "Arab terrorist" to us?  He was invented by Hollywood, given a three dimensional existence by the CIA and then "unleashed" on 9/11.

    If you are still operating on information brought to you by Proctor and Gamble, you have no clue what is going on.

    They have already destroyed NPR, which now is a shell of its former self.  PBS is fast becoming just another propaganda arm.

    I predict more and more will begin looking to blogs as it becomes more obscenely obvious every day how the mass television advertising media (by which I include EVERYTHING THAT IS ON TV) has LIED LIED LIED to them.  Many will simply tire of hearing the screamfests;  others will realize they are slowly starving to death in an information wasteland;  still others will actually realize how they have been brainwashed, manipulated and lied to, to the detriment of their own economic, political and spiritual interests.

    Pray that these fuckers don't take steps to destroy the world forum -- otherwise known as the internet.  

  • China will ultimately claim her piece of the U.S.  Chimpy has been working hard toward positioning America for delivery to her creditors.

    With or without the EU constitution, the Euro is positioned to take up the slack when the U.S. Depression hits.  How much of a chain reaction the dollar's crash will actually have is in some doubt.

    My own belief is that we are not yet in the throes of economic collapse because dollar holders are busy quietly offloading them.  Once the "elite" are safely out of dollars, they'll pull the plug.  

    Bear in mind, economic crashes are all purposefully engineered to divest people from what meager wealth they have accumulated.

    The vote by the French and DUctch to the EU constitution is principally a "no" to the dissolution of national soverignty.  Frankly, given the state of the U.S. at this point, I can't say I haven't thought back with regret that the states are subject to federal supremacy, since our present administration is clearly the worst in the history of life.

    I can't blame the French or Dutch for saying "no", but I don't think this is as significant in light of the fact that there is still a common currency in Europe.  After all bankers make the world go round and $$ is all that matters, right?

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    It's not about morals, it's about MONEY.  Big Pharm sees no future in curing disease.  It's just that simple.
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    None of this matters if we don't clean up the election process.  They'll continue to push the Taliban on us and keep stealing elections.  Then they don't have to care about polls or public opinion.
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    STOP all this nonesense about the Culture 'O LahfTM.  Chmpy's opposed to stem cell research because big pharma is opposed to stem cell research.  Big pharma makes trillions treating diseases that could be cured.  


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