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    On election night he almost always holds his rally in the state with the next primary.

    This might be hard to wrap your head around, but not only doesn't he have to be in PA while they count the votes, he can actually congratulate Hillary via a device called a telephone without being in the same state.

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    A net pickup of 10-15 delegates or less, or less than 10-15% of the popular vote, means she's effectively got less chance of securing the nomination than she did before the PA primary.

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    All I asked is how can someone outspend their opponent into the ground and still lose?

    You really don't understand that someone can start out so far behind in a State they can't catch up, even when they outspend and outcampaign their opponent?  It's not that complicated a concept, so I don't think your question is as honest or as unloaded as you are now making it out to be.
  • Obama outspends her by 300%-500% on media in PA; has mega-weeks to campaign (supposedly "his strong suit") and still loses a bellweather, northern state?
    Obama's got a problem, and it's his problem.

    Two points.  

    First, Obama has done much better in states Hillary is expected to win than she has done in states he's expected to win.  

    Second... For either candidate, you can't use the primary results to forcast GE results.  

    Hillary is a strong candidate who started with huge advantages in PA. Obama will do well to lose by less than 10 pts even with all the money he's spent, but either candidate will beat McCain in the GE.

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    I've heard of countless crummy tactics by Obama's campaign people but haven't heard of any from Hillary's.

    I suggest you get out of the bubble then.  I've heard stories about supporters from both campaigns.
  • I didn't take any shots, cheap or otherwise.  If you think so you are extremely thin skinned.

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    I've been writing about Hillary for nearly a year now.  And during that time people just can't understand why I'm so passionate about Hillary and her herstoric run for the White House.  They question my sincerity.

    Thanks for telling this very personal story.  It does shed light on your very passionate support for Hillary.  

    I'm an Obama supporter but can understand why so many support Hillary, and support her with vigor.  She's a strong candidate and would make a fine President.

    I would leave you with a final thought.  I hesitate to say this here since your diary, this time at least, was 100% positive.  Please try to understand why some are very offended when perceived cheap shots are taken against Obama; try to understand that people are as passionate about his candidacy as you are for Hillary's.

  • Uprated for an honest, reality based comment.

  • I'm willing to accept that Hillary and her supporters believe she is the best candidate and would make the best President.  I disagree, but I can accept that they believe that.  

    But the fact remains that if she's seen to have stolen the nomination at the convention, as unfair as that characterization might be, she won't win 10 states in the GE.

  • Not because they think if she stays in she'll win, but rather that if she stays in and causes a convention battle we all lose.

  • They'll be posting in droves.  Posting about how they are either not voting or voting for McCain and it's all Obama's fault!  And after they are banned from MyDD they can start congregating on NoQuarter, Hillary's Bloggers, and Hillaryis44.

  • I'm really tempted to Troll Rate you again for spreading blatant disinformation about the likely Dem nominee.  

    Please offer some evidence that he's cheated in caucuses.  

    Also, Obama has won in primary states.  Hell, even if you just count votes in primary states Hillary is still behind in total votes cast.

  • Hillary is a much stronger candidate than McCain.  I think either Hillary or Obama would be fine in the GE against McCain.

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    Funny how Obama is somehow a loser for not winning in states that Hillary is incredibly strong in even though he always narrows the gap.  And Hillary, even though she's never won an Obama stronghold or even narrowed the gap, is the comeback kid for turning her 20+ pt lead into a narrow victory.

    I'm predicting a Hillary win by 9 tomorrow.  Too bad she needed to win by 20.

  • There is no franchise right in a party primary.  The best we can do is to follow the rules as agreed upon by the participants.  


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