The Indictment of XXXXX XXXXX By Justice and History

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Having discovered that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, (XXXXxxxx and XXXXXX of XXXXXXXXXXXXX) has a long history of participation in and support of the XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX and, moreover, trained or worked or "interviewed"with the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in 200X, now research into the life and history of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has revealed and established the following facts and, therefore, justice and history now bring this thirty-one count indictment of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

1).XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX was active for six months at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX offices in Washington, DC in 200X, with or without pay.  (XXXXX carefully to XXXXXXXX's speech to the XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXX, on June XXXXXXXX, XXXXXX.) Therefore, nothing that he, XXXXXXXXXXXX say can be accepted at face value.

2). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX was born in XXXXXXXX, not in XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Therefore, he is a XXXXXXXXXX is NOT and never was an XXXXXXXXXX, in spite of his habitual assertions to the contrary.

3). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has used at least three aliases, including XXXXXX  XXXXXXXXX, and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. No one seems to know XXXXXXXXX's complete name with certainty, but it certainly is not what he has said it is.

4). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX lied when he said "I don't have money.  I don't come from a famous or powerful family.  I was an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX." XXXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Counter to the rags to riches XXXXXXXXXX story XXXXXXXXXXXX has conveniently adopted recently for public consumption, XXXXXXXX has said that he can and does "always close the door" on XXXXXXXXXXXXXX identity "in detached selfishness."

5). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX was a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, taking credit for supporting XXXXXXXXXXX, campaigning for George. H.W. Bush, and for Republican Representative ZZZZZZZZZZZ, the House prosecutor in the Clinton impeachment hearings.

6). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  XX is not a "liberal" and he is not a "progressive." In an essay submitted to the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX University campus newspaper, the XXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXX strenuously opposed ALL XXXXXXXXX by XXXXXX in the US XXXXXX, a position more extremely Republican and discriminatory than that taken by many other military members and conservatives.  XXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXX

7). Like David Duke and the Klu Klux Klan, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX promotes "states rights," a codeword for opposition to integration and determined acts and policies of segregation.  Is XXXXXXXX a White Supremacist Group?

8). XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX has told the media, without naming her, that his mother "returned to XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX several years ago to run a XXXXXX." XXXXXXXXXXXX Gate

9). In fact, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX family owns a sumptuous and "exclusive" resort hotel and tourism conglomerate in XXXXXXXXXXXXXX called the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX a unit of which is theXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

10). Demonstrating his connection to these, what XXXXXXXXX has called "family business" interests, XXXXXXXXX invited his xxxxxxxx, friends and family to celebrate XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx after he was married in the year XXXXXXXXXX.

11). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"family business" actually received five million dollars in foreign investments between 1997 and 2000, immediately before the period in which XXXXXXXXX states that he sought work at the XXXXXXXX because he was "underemployed, unemployed."Audiotape of 2006 XXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXX .

12). XXXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, the "family" member listed in government records as "manager" of the XXXXXXXXX hotel is also president of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the national tourism board of XXXXXXXXXXXXX.  XXXXXXXXX News. He has aggregated power in ZZZ  XXXXXXX through participation in a series of interlocking tourism-related directorates and has used this power to facilitate the destruction of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX by his XXXXXX conglomerate, XXXXXXXXXXXXX, even though the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is universally recognized by international groups as an endangered habitat for imperiled marine life.  



13).  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the man listed in public documents as the XXXXXXXXXXXX of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, is also president of the "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the national XXXXXX board of XXXXXXXXXXXXX. In addition, he is a member of the member of the "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" of the XXXXXXXXXXX (System for Integration of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX).

14). The man listed as the manager of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is also named in XXXXXXXXXXXXX Government documents as the "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" (Administrator Sole Proprietor) of XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

15).XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX is also known as the"XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX," which does business as "XXXXX XXXX."

16). XXXX  XXXXX distributes XXXXXXXXX and industrial XXXXXXX in the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Central and South America, and maintains offices in XXXXXXXXXX, where President George W. Bush was born. This XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX office shares a telephone number, fax number and physical address with a peculiar equipment rental and petroleum industry business, Light Tower Rentals, Ltd, listed along with Halliburton Energy Services Group in the Texas organization records of USA Oilfield. These activities associated with ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's ZZZZZZZZZZ have not been sufficiently explained.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

17). XXXXXX  XXXXXXX is the sole XXXXXXXXXXXX distributor for the XXXXX produced by Mexico's XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

18).XXXXXXXX/XXXXX is a notorious polluter of pristine XXXXX and sea XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX and habitat in XXXXX XXXX

19). XXXXX is represented in its environmental pollution cases by the same Skadden, Arps powerhouse law firm that represents The Carlyle Group.

20). The internationally powerful XXXXXXXXXXXX, the "XXXXXXXXXXX" member listed in government records as "XXXXXXXXXXX" of the XXXXXXXX XXXXXX is on the organizational member board of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX).

21). XXXXXXXX is listed by the US Central Intelligence Agency as a right-wing political pressure group.

22). XXXXXXXXX is "a lobby of XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX's most influential businessmen" that advocates free markets and "wants to privatize XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX's water delivery" and its hospitals, which has led to large popular demonstrations in XXXXXXXXXX against XXXXXX's pro-corporate policies.  CountryData.Com

23). The large national and international corporate members of XXXXXXXX were the principal political opponents of Catholic XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX at the time when he was assassinated.  CIA: Political Pressure Groups

24). XXXXXXXX ran a vigorous media campaign against XXXX XXXXX's populist Catholic XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX in the months that led up to his assassination on XXXXXXXXXXXX.

25). The corporate members of XXXXXXXXXX were the principal political opponents of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX when he was assassinated.  CIA: Political Pressure Groups

26). While XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX was supporting XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX and campaigning for other XXXXXXXXXXX , the XXXXXXXXXXXX Administration provided billions of dollars in military and other aid to the XXXXXXXXXXXXX Government and to the right-wing pressure groups believed to be responsible for the assassination of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Total United States aid to XXXXXXXXX rose from US$264.2 million in fiscal year (FY) 1982 to an estimated US$557.8 million in FY 1987. On average over this period, economic aid exceeded military aid by more than a two-to-one ratio.

Economic aid was provided in the form of Economic Support Funds (ESF), food aid under Public Law 480 (P.L. 480), and development aid administered by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). ESF was intended to provide balance of payments support to finance essential non food imports. Assistance with food imports as well as the direct donation of foodstuffs was accomplished through the P.L. 480 program. Development aid covered a broad spectrum of projects in such fields as agriculture, population planning, health, education, and training.

For FY 1987, regular non supplemental ESF appropriations totaled US$181.7 million, and combined food and development aid amounted to US$122.7 million. The regular FY 1987 appropriation for military aid was US$116.5 million.  XXXXXXXXX: Country Studies/XXXXXXXXX

27). In XXXXX, another source provided the U.S. embassy with a chilling account of how death-squad operations were planned, financed and executed.  According to the source, these right-wing XXXXXXXXX squads, which were all connected to XXXXXXXXX's group,
"get their orders from paymasters in the Sol family ... younger members of the de XXXXXXXXXX family and some members of the XXXXXXXXXXXX ... The chain of command then proceeds to death-masters like [deleted] [who] have contacts with retired officers who go around to the different security forces as "black bag" men, paying off and recruiting likely foot-soldiers.  The latter are recruited at the lower and even middle levels (captains and majors) of the different security forces.  XXXXXXXXXXXX squad hit-men thus recruited are on the receiving end of a vertical hierarchy leading up to the paymasters (whom the foot-soldiers do not know...)."Center for International Policy
28). In spite of the leadership role of XXXXXXXXXXXXX in XXXX, and XXXXX's role in the events leading to the assassination of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has told the public and his supporters -- cynically and as part of a continuing history of misinformation and deception -- that XXXXXXXXXXXXX was one of his "heroes."


30). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX could not be unaware of these facts, and yet, through dozens or hundreds of media interviews, he has persistently hid his knowledge of these facts, and of his family's role, from his supporters and from the American public.

31). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has lied to the public about whom he really is, and he is not the person who he pretends to be, but is an impostor who makes a mockery of progressive people and progressive values.

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Re: The Indictment of XXXXX XXXXX

You're definitely a manic lawyer. Can you give us a clue about the meta----what point you're specifically intending to make?

by NY Writer 2008-07-10 07:32PM | 0 recs
Re: The Indictment of XXXXX XXXXX

All the "redacted" stuff comes from an anti-Kos site.

by gravypatrol 2008-07-10 07:45PM | 0 recs
Re: The Indictment of XXXXX XXXXX

The redacted stuff comes from government sites, newspapers, statements against interest, public records.  I wish I could share it with you, but it would be against the rules.

by Manic Lawyer 2008-07-10 07:52PM | 0 recs
Re: The Indictment of XXXXX XXXXX

So why did you post this?  Just to tease us?  Or to make my eyes bleed...SO MANY XXXXXXXs.

by gravypatrol 2008-07-10 07:53PM | 0 recs
That's not true . . .

I don't consider government websites to be anti-anyone, when they just announce things like the incorporation of businesses.  And corporate websites can hardly be said to be against the corporations that publish those websites, unless readers fundamentally disagree with what those corporations are acknowledging that they are doing.

by Manic Lawyer 2008-07-10 07:56PM | 0 recs
Re: That's not true . . .

No, but I googled one of the phrases in this diary, and it linked directly to a blogspot page that had this exact diary on it, only without the XXXXXs.  Plus, you left one link to it in your diary, which I'm sure you'll be correcting now.

by gravypatrol 2008-07-10 07:58PM | 0 recs
Re: That's not true . . .

Shazam!  The link is gone!

by gravypatrol 2008-07-10 08:04PM | 0 recs
I would sure like to tell you but . . .

It would be against the rules.

by Manic Lawyer 2008-07-10 07:50PM | 0 recs

"Is DailyKos a White Supremacist Group?"

Seriously, what's the point of posting this crap, especially with all the XXXXX's over the information?  I honestly visit dkos maybe once every month or so, but anyone that poses a question like that is a looney.

by thatpurplestuff 2008-07-10 08:05PM | 0 recs
Re: The Indictment of XXXXX XXXXX By Justice an

No wonder they call it the Great Orange Satan.

by Steve M 2008-07-10 09:40PM | 0 recs


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