Bloggers Adopting Anti-Taser Campaign

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Francis L. Holland Blog in the Washington Post:

"We are tired of Hillary Clinton telling America that we are less than American simply because we refuse to vote for her," said Francis L. Holland, an African American blogger." Ironically, the Clintons embraced us, and even embraced Pastor Jeremiah Wright for support during their impeachment scandal." Holland was speaking of the congressional trial that followed former president Bill Clinton's liaison with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. "She has forfeited the black vote for the foreseeable future with her color aroused appeals."

Francis L. Holland Blog in Dallas Morning News:

"November's voter turnout depends on August's blogger outreach," said Mr. Holland, a member of a national and international black bloggers' coalition called "The AfroSpear.""Blogs address constituencies, and it simply is not possible for blogs that are all-white to effectively reach diverse Democratic constituencies."

Francis L. Holland Blog in Black Enterprise Magazine:

"Of the blogs covering the convention, black blogs will be 7.2% of the blogs present," says Francis L. Holland<> of the Afrosphere Action Coalition. According to Holland, many states with a strong black Democratic presence and population are either underrepresented or not represented at all, even though black bloggers from these states did apply. "The state of Tennessee, which often has over 25% blacks among its Democratic primary voters, will not have a single black blogger at the Democratic National Convention, for example. The District of Columbia, which is 60% black, will be left out. Louisiana, which is 32.4% black, will be left out. Illinois, the presidential nominee's home state, which is 15% black, will be left out."

Francis L. Holland in 19 other mainstream media stories.


Welcome to the AfroSpear!

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Francis ....

I like your new nick.

It suits you.

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Re: Bloggers Adopting Anti-Taser Campaign

so what are you proposing?

Because I certainly would not agree if you're trying to get tasers made illegal or no longer used.

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