Palin "knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America."

According to McCain. 11/101042/343

This is insanity.

There's a video at the link - I can't get it to embed, however.

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Holy Crap

Well, Our Fearless Leader has done it again. In order to protect our pristine wilderness areas, GWB has placed a moratorium on development of solar projects on public lands, citing environmental concerns.

While it's nice that he's concerned about the environment and all, it's interesting that his concerns don't extend to preventing drilling in ANWR, or mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia, or logging old-growth forests... Nope, only solar. Solar projects already proposed have the potential to power 20 million homes, according to the article.

The take home message? Bush isn't even trying to hide his agenda anymore, and he's side-stepping congress to implement it.

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We need better trolls

Time was when mydd had trolls of the highest quality. These paragons of trollery would write multi-page screeds that seemed almost cogent, almost logical before descending into GOP talking points and calling our candidate "Barry".

Then, suddenly, they left en masse.

This created what I like to call a "troll vacuum". Without higher quality trolls to keep them down, the secondary (and tertiary) trolls have crawled, gollum-like, from their troll-holes to bombard us with page after page of incoherent rantings. There's no flow, no artistry, and they spell and punctuate like they're typing with their feet.

The time has come: we must request, nay, we must demand a higher quality of troll. Mydders - call John McCain today and tell him this current batch of trolls just aren't doing it for us.

We deserve better.

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Regardless of whether...

...race played an issue in the primary, it will in the general.

Witness, via AMERICABlog this pin being handed out at the Texas State GOP Convention:

Oh GOP. You're a class act.

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If he offers it and she says no...'ll never know.

I just saw another comment along the lines of "If Obama offers Clinton the VP slot, I'll support herhim, even if she turns it down."

But you won't know if that happens.

There will be (and certainly have been) closed door talks. For all you know he's begging her to sign on, but she's saying no. Or vice-versa. I don't believe either of these scenarios, but it's possible.

But you have to remember that decisions like these are closed-door affairs, not something that takes place in speeches or on TV. So it's silly to set conditions based on information to which you will never be privy.

Edited typo...

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Thoughts on John McCain

I'm not going to link to McCain's speech; I could only find one video of outtakes on youtube, and it only has 970 views at this point, no reason to bump it up.

But from the outtakes the contrast between him and Obama is truly remarkable. McCain does desperately need an image consultant. I mean, he's standing without a supporter in sight, in front of a background that looks like split-pea soup.

The thing that strikes me more than anything, though, and that I have always been distracted by with McCain -

The man cannot wear a suit. I'm sure he's got top-notch tailors working for him, yet every time I see him he's in a suit that fits like he bought it at Sears, and maybe two sizes too big so he could grow into it.

Ok, I'll provide the link, but not imbed: 7U

He's going to have to do better than that.

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How we got where we are

The recurring meme of "Obama doesn't do well in rural regions except in red states" has me thinking... It's almost as if folks don't think Democrats in red states should get a say in the primary, since they're unlikely to deliver their states in the general.

This, I think, is exactly the wrong strategy.

In fact, if we are to remake the electoral map, and create a true, lasting reallignment, it will come by embracing and supporting the Democratic establishments, weak as they may currently be, rather than by abandoning them again and writing off those states.

This is the power of the 50 state strategy. Not that we'll win the whole rocky mountain west this election, but that if we continue to invest in party infrastructure in those places, we can make them competetive, elect better state and local representation, and build the party.

So any time I hear someone dismiss votes in, say, South Dakota, or Kansas, or Kentucky becuase we won't win it in the primary, I think that that is a self-fufulling prophesy.

Let's keep building a 50-state party.

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Submitted without comment

In the latest Gallup Poll, taken June 12 to 14 with 1,000 registered voters nationwide, 34 percent preferred Ross Perot, while 32 percent favored President Bush, and 24 percent supported Bill Clinton. The poll had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus four percentage points.

NYT, 6-19-92

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Some things to consider

Fact: Ballot order can have an impact on the outcome of elections.

Fact: Many states place names on the ballot in alphabetical order, starting with a random letter.

Fact: This means Clinton has a 16/26 chance of coming 1st on the ballot, whereas Obama only has a 2/26 chance.

This could make all the difference, people!

I therefor urge the superdelegates to consider the names of the candidates in making their decision. Unless Obama changes his name to "Lobama".

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Obama's so called EC weakness

So the meme is that Obama can't win the swing states, and it's all about the EV's. Well, the second part is true. But let's take a look at states in play, shall we?

I'll take my numbers directly from

They show Obama down 237 - 290 (with Indiana's 11 EVs tied).


and New Mexico

In each of these states, totaling 69 EV's, Obama is polling down by one. One point. Add Indiana and that's 80 Electoral votes that are essentially tied.

Nebraska, South Carolina, and Wisconsin (My state - we'll deliver for either candidate) are all within 4, and total another 23 EVs within 5.

His weaknesses currently polling blue? PA and CO; a total of 30 EV.

Clinton has similar weaknesses in WA, IA, HI, and CT for 29 votes at risk, but only shows 38 red state votes within five points; Obama has twice that polling within one point.

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