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    I don't read Kos anymore [though many there still write some good stuff]. But fans of militarism are predictably infantile as well represented at Kos in the comments section, and by the editors [in effect] there who are committed to American-Israili militarism and racism against Arabs.

    Noam Chomsky once e-mailed me on a different forum suggesting that on another matter of militarism now approaching its seventh year that activism is more productive than writing the occasional letter to establishment liberal journals, "Why become involved? There are more important things to do--such as continue to falsify their [the militarists'] increasingly desperate claim that everyone is following them in their depraved subordination to power."

    Good point.

  • As the Free Gaza Movement, whom you call nut jobs, has pointed out, 21 unarmed people were kidnapped in international waters, of course it was against their will.

    Stop shilling for Israel.

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  • Obama covers up Bush crimes of torture, keeps away photos from the American people, and you focus on acronyms.

    Another dittohead pipes up.

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    Yes, we can't be practicing democracy at home, the terrorists will kill us.

    The fearful among us just love to have their liberty taken away, have their own government keep secrets lest the enemy gets us, and then jump in line behind the leader.

    Raul Hilberg and Norman Cohn, were they alive today, would look on in disgust at this mob of the unthinking.

    That you are proud does not surprise.

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    Good stuff.

    Just a driving committment behind democratic principles the dittoheads have.

    Check out Greenwald's column for some more sanity on the issue at http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2 009/05/13/photos/ .

    The MyDD commenters have transformed themselves into echoing Bill Kristol and Michael Goldfarb. That's what happens when you halt the use of your brain out of some perceived duty to follow instead of think.

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    You see in a democracy when a president claims an imperative to secrecy or denial of liberty (like Bush did on a regular basis), this should be received by citizens with outrage.

    Just because Obama does it does not make it right.

    The tone is perfect if you accept that we live in a classical liberal democracy. You apparently see yourself as more of a subject which is your right.

    The Democratic equivalents of dittoheads are lining up behind their leader. Pathetic

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    Actually I worked my ass for Obama in Madison.

    Anyway, Obama's argument, and Cheney's argument is:

    We cannot practice democracy at home by ensuring that the American people have access to IMAGES of facts already known, because we're afraid that sympathizers of torture victims will seek revenge.

    What crap. And you sound like a dittohead; we must fall in line behind the leader.

    That's what polical scientists refer to as: b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t!

  • Yeah, there are knockdowns of what these guys are saying.

    But we do need a robust, detailed anwser to the Roubinis that really have not seen from our man Obama.

  • in support of your position from the Forward:


  • Some good news on the voter fraud scam.

    The GOP tried their scam in Wisconsin in '08 and got the shit kicked out of it. Obama won here by 14 points.

    The GOP and our only GOP statewide officholder, AG Van Hollen, filed suit to compel election officials to ask for drivers licenses under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

    Wisconsin has same-day registration and just too many people, especially blacks in Milwaukee, insisted on voting. The GOP's obstruction suit was tossed out of court and its intentional misreading of HAVA was ridiculed roundly in amicus briefs and the decision.

    http://malcontends.blogspot.com/2008/11/ newest-fool-on-voter-suppression-case.ht ml and the decision at http://moritzlaw.osu.edu/electionlaw/lit igation/documents/VanHollen-Order-10-23- 08.pdf .

    Funny that it was the civil rights orgs and labor that fought the GOP, just like the civil rights movement of 50s-60s. The judge who tossed the voter obstruction suit wrote:

    "HAVA recognizes the Voting Rights Act of
    1965, and in its very last section, S15545, explicitly states that, 'Nothing in HAVA authorizes conduct that would otherwise be prohibited under the Voting Rights
    Act of 1965.'"
    http://moritzlaw.osu.edu/electionlaw/lit igation/documents/VanHollen-Order-10-23- 08.pdf

    The good guys do win. And our GOP attorney general J.B. Van Hollen (2008 McCain co-chair and host of election night McCain-Palin "victory" party) has been exposed as a corrupt, partisan fraud.

  • Hey, at least you're trying for a solution and speaking out against the racism directed against Palestinians.

    I been blasting anti-Semitism and other bigotry for literally a lifetime, and I was called a "Jew hater" for hitting those committed to war.

    Of the 7,000,000 citizens of Israel, some 15-20 percent are Russian immigrants. Oppressed by the totalitarian society of Russia/USSR, I think it can be said that as a group Russian immigrants are rightwing and not so humanistic.

    The membersip of the 18th Knesset [see http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/Government/Bra nches+of+Government/Legislative/Members_ 18th_Knesset_Feb_2009.htm ] and the views of the populaiton to whcih you point do not make one optimistic.

    Anyway, good stuff, and stand with the victims of militarism always.

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    Talk from UW-Madison law school grads/profs and politcos thinking out loud. Nothing beyond that. Brilliant people, but not players.

    Rogers was called by Alexander Cockburn, the "intellecual light artillary" of the Clinton administration. The guy is perfect for Souter's seat.

    Politcally, Milwaukee-Madison has a solid connection to Chicago and Obama has a very energetic base. Obama raised a piss load of money here and has fond memories from the Feb. 17, '08 primary.

    I think after the DOJ passes on the prosecutions Obama will want to excite progressives with a knockout choice that will have the GOP and pundits saying: 'Obama has played to his base here, passing on a concensus choice.'

    This nomination process will be texbook Obama: Breaking the mode, open and innovative. The ultimate insiders' game becomes open and loud, while Obama goes to work on five other things.

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    Good piece.

    Spector is wavering now on labor reform, he knows the facts you point out.

    Specter's latest position on EFCA: "I'm opposed to giving up the secret ballot or mandatory arbitration as they are set forth in the bill, but I do believe that labor law reform is past overdue." So, Specter's not going to support the fulibuster then like he said before? Who knows?
    [ http://www.politico.com/news/stories/050 9/22158.html ]


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