Wisconsin US Atty Defies DoJ and Says He'll Testify Under Oath

Even as the U.S. Justice Department arrogantly stonewalls requests by the House Committee on the Judiciary for documents pertaining to politically-charged prosecutions in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (the Georgia Thompson affair), Wisconsin's U.S. Atty. Stephen Biskupic volunteered to offer transcribed testimony under oath before the Judiciary Committee.

"If they (the House Judiciary Committee) want to hear from me, I'm happy to do it."
Even if the testimony is transcribed and under oath?
"It really doesn't matter to me," said Biskupic, as reported by Dan Bice in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Biskupic's stated inclination puts him in conflict with his bosses' position at the DoJ which refused to provide documents requested by the House Committee, and which only offered the Committee Biskupic's presence for an "untranscribed briefing," as quoted from the DoJ's Sept. 4 response letter written by Brian A. Benczkowski, the Justice Department's principal Congressional liaison.

As it relates to the Karl Rove-engineered prosecution in Alabama where evidence directly implicates the partisan nature of the prosecution of former democratic Gov. Don Siegelman, the DoJ has small Alabama newspapers screaming arrogance and corruption.

And rightfully so. In an almost unbelievable haughty tone, the DoJ responded to the Committee's request for DoJ documents on the prosecutions by saying it will not hand over the sought-after documents because of the DoJ's concern that this "would chill the candid internal deliberations that are essential to the discharge of our law enforcement responsibilities," involving decisions on whom the DoJ should initiate prosecutions.

Biskupic' readiness to testify on the Thompson prosecution, though of no assistance to the innocent Georgia Thompson now, is commendable, especially when considered against the attitude of the corrupt DoJ that may be the lowest disgrace yet of the Bush administration.

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WI US Atty Defies DoJ - Will Testify Under Oath

I haven't been following this closely.  Why was the Former Governor Don Siegelman (D-Alabama) prosecuted?  What is the basis of corruption underneath/behind it?  

I have to comment that Wisconsin is pretty badass and it's nice to know we have somebody standing up against the corruption plagued administration.  

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Re: WI US Atty Defies DoJ


In 'Bama, read Scott Horton. The worse single case of corrption by the DoJ, all Rove. An innocent man, a Democrat who elections in 'Bama, was taken down in the legal arena by Rove and scumbags. Nothing you can say about Rove and the US Attys involved is over-the-top.

http://www.harpers.org/subjects/DonSiege lman/SubjectOf/BlogEntry

In Wisconsin, Biskupic used to be on the list of endangered US Attys, and then turnred to shit.
http://bp2.blogger.com/_Ph3FKhp9xus/RiDP lXy73kI/AAAAAAAAAGM/W58WDWi324A/s1600-h/ USAChart.jpg:

Best thing that could happen now to Biskupic would be to be canned by the DoJ. He used to be respected by several liberals in journalism and legal/poli circles. He went into the Bush DoJ as US Atty and turned bad.

Now, he has a career and rep to be concerned about.

Had a more extensive reply to you, but lost it.



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Re: Wisconsin US Atty Defies DoJ and Says He'll Te

Being from Wisconsin I have to agree Wisconsin is badass :)

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