Andrew O'Hehir Is Lame in Salon

Andrew O'Hehir's has a lame interview with filmmaker Simone Bitton, director of the documentary Rachel.

Skip the Salon interview, and see the film on the murdered American peace activist Rachel Corrie.

I guess Salon editors think need a pro-militarist, anti-human rights voice on their site so O'Hehir gets 900 words in the introduction to give some balance.

O'Hehir tries to assume the same pro-Israel tone as the Washington Post coverage of the murder of Corrie by belittling the human rights mission with which Corrie traveled to Gaza to bring attention to Israel's tendency to kill people.

Skip the interview, see the film. Better yet support the work of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, B'TSELEM - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, and the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice.

Militarists will always have their apologists like O'Hehir. The success of human rights and peace activists depends entirely on what we do.

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Re: Andrew O'Hehir Is Lame in Salon

Just a little advice, if there's an article you DON'T want people to read, don't write a diary with a link to it. I wouldn't have known about the article if not for this diary, but now I do and I intend to read it. So thanks.

Next time, try using a diary to actually rebut the article. I'd actually really like to read that. Instead we just get an urging to trust the film not the article with nothing to base it on but your word. How about make a case instead? Make an argument and provide evidence for that argument so there's something we can learn.

by Todd Beeton 2009-05-03 01:52PM | 0 recs
Re: Andrew O'Hehir Is Lame in Salon

I can't be your tutor dude; I don't have the resources of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watc.

As I wrote, try linking to the three human rights orgs whose links I supplied you. Try linking to the film's website. And reading them. Reading is good.

Please do note that Palestinians and Arabs are not sub-species of human beings. They live, breathe and love just as we.

Let's not kill them or prevent the fundementals of their lives.

Just consider this and maybe next time you will not ignore the atrocities that Israel inflicts daily onto these people. Think!

by MAL Contends 2009-05-04 05:06AM | 0 recs


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