6th int’l Israeli apartheid week is first week in March

We only started debating about the Apartheid state that Israel's PM, Netanyahu, intends to build for the Palestinians a year ago, when I noticed this article contending that the 6th celebration of Apartheid Week is now. That means the concept of Apartheid as the Palestinian state to be is at least six years old.

Behind the times, I guess.

Philip Weiss advises on this celebration:


Here's the New York City fare:

From Johannesburg to Jerusalem: Anti-Apartheid Organizing in the US
What: Showing of critically acclaimed film "Have you heard from Johannesburg?" followed by a discussion with David Wildman of the United Methodist Church and Mahmoud Mamdani of Columbia University
When: Monday, March 2, 7pm
Where: St Mary's Episcopal Church, 521 West 126th St, NYC

The Art of Resistance: Culture and the Boycott of Israel
What: Panel discussion with best-selling author Ahdaf Soueif, Palestinian activist and political analyst Omar Barghouti, and NYC poet Remi Kanazi; moderated by Brooklyn College Professor Mustafa Bayoumi
When: Friday, March 6, 7pm
Where: Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, NYC

If you're not in New York, check out http://apartheidweek.org/ to find events near you.



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