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    The right wing has a long term plan to develop right wing judges, and an infrastructure in place to do it.

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    Doesn't anyone remember the flack McCain got for endorsing and speaking on behalf of George Wallace Jr. just a few years ago? This guy was supposedly rehabilitated, and yet was "palling around" with the racist CCC. I don't think McCain was ever forced to repudiate him for it either.

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    One of the things that makes the first ad really effective is that it takes Obama's words and throws them right back in their face. Obama should be using the 'lipstick on a pig' line every chance he gets. He should use the 'Iran is tiny compared to the USSR' line too. Once the Republicans criticize something, do it over and over, it shows how stupid the Republicans are.

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    You would think that someone like Singer would know that Nader would draw much more from Republicans, since that is what happened in the last general election. Why not use experience instead of 'intuition'?

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    Of course, the downside is that Clark is a war criminal, just like Bush.  

  • There is definately something wrong with this, its a major strategic mistake. The fact of the matter is that many of these "college towns" are run by a small, white minority that keeps itself in power by disenfranchising blacks, latinos, and white youth.
    Their petty, parochial concerns drive them to screw the voters that the Democratic Party needs on a state and national level. These little fiefdoms are doing the work of the Republicans.
  • Now is the time to revive the original meaning of the word "Borked", which prior to his confirmation hearing meant "to be a high profile prosecutor fired for political reasons". For those of you who remember the Saturday Night Massacre...

  • Horses will not advance on protestors who are carrying open flame. Torches are preferrable, must be large enough to catch the horses attention.

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    Maybe this is a good time to contact our Democratic Party functionaries and convince them to put their weight behind fusion voting.

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    Capitalist Media best describes its nature, as that is its audience - as opposed to its readership, which is really its product.

    Bourgeois Media best describes its character, as that is its class, and therefore its ideology.

    Corporate Media encompasses both of the above, and is probably best, since "corporatism" brings with it the connotation of Fascism, our current stage of capitalism in the US>

  • Lieberman is "pro-Israel"? Not really. He aligned himself with the worst fascists there. It would be more accurate to say he is pro-Likud, that way you dont associate the rest of Israel with his outlandish positions.

  • I read the article, until I got to the section where Pelosi convinces Murtha to go public with his fake "withdrawal" plan. Got sick all over again. Don't they get it? People are against the war, but they arent going to vote on that issue, since there isnt any difference between the Dems and Reps/. Bottom line, even if you agree Reid and Pelosi have been effective in making the GOP less popular, there is no evidence of their effectiveness in taking advantage of that fact.

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    This is a typical DLC style stunt. Leave it to them to pick the day of the national marches against the war in Iraq! Coincidence - I think not! Happens over and over again.

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    The war against Iraq is the most important issue, so there is alot of animosity against the Republicans, and thats bringing up the Democratic numbers. But at election time, people will probably see that most Democrats dont want to end the war, so they will most likely make up their minds based on other issues. This is pretty much what we saw in 2004 - people didnt like the war, but there wasnt any way to vote against it.
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    As a New Jerseyan, I have to say the Menendez is going to have to do alot of work to get my vote. He is an out-and-out imperialist, and yes does have a hispanic base but it isnt very broad, mostly north jersey gusanos and the second and third generation Cubans dont really give a rats ass that he hates Castro.


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