Programmers Guild: Harris Miller is a "Job Killer"

I just received the following letter from the Programmers Guild, an organization which "advances the interests of technical and professional workers in information technology (IT) fields" (bolding added for emphasis):

In response to the Harris Miller campaign,

Harris Miller was coined the "Anti-Christ of Outsourcing" by the AFL-CIO because of his work as an industry lobbyist and president of the ITAA, the political arm of the world's largest technology companies. While a lobbyist, Miller testified in front of Congress that Americans did not have the skills needed to fill technology jobs, and requested an increase in the H-1b visa cap, which allows foreign guest workers to work up to six years in the United States.

The H-1b visa program enables companies to replace American workers with foreign guest workers who are paid on average $13,000 a year less than their American counterparts, and also prevents the guest workers from changing jobs if they are mistreated by their employers. This visa program has become an indentured servant program designed as a labor subsidy for greedy corporations. When IT professionals and pro-immigrant groups asked for Congress to fix the program, Harris Miller opposed us.

In 2001, American software professionals lost 139,000 jobs while the government approved 110,713 H-1b visas in computer occupations. While Americans IT workers were losing jobs and being permanently replaced, Harris Miller was a busy bee working hard to prevent the H-1b visa cap from falling back to historical levels.

In addition to supporting a modern day form of indentured servitude, Miller fought to make outsourcing American jobs even more lucrative for his corporate masters. In his misguided logic, Miller believes that allowing American jobs to be outsourced will create more jobs in the United States. Since the year 2000 the Department of Labor has reduced ten-year job growth projections in Information Technology by over one million jobs. So much for the economic theories of Harris Miller. Any way you look at it, Harris Miller is a job killer.

The Programmers Guild opposes Harris Miller and urges voters to support Jim Webb in the Democratic primaries on June 13th.  Jim Webb has promised to be a champion of American workers and will oppose the outsourcing of American jobs.

Roy Lawson

Programmers Guild


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