Where is character,there is clothing

As a girl, if you wear makeup to play appropriately express your personal style, not only you feel comfortable, others will feel natural. Here there may be a few styles for you.    

Sexy romantic confidence in his own body, body fitness exquisite, attractive female facial features for such a position. Tight-fitting clothing should adopt a soft style, performance and also highlights the graceful shape of the charm of a sexy and romantic.  

  Gentle and tender romantic and elegant are the typical type, can be quite romantic at the same time sensitive, highly aesthetic ability. The figure may not be impeccable, but good manners, good manners. Suitable for this style of women of color light and soft, flowing fabric draping, folds and lace soft X-feminine style.

Nature-based youth     Always look younger than actual age, bright smile, personality freely, does not seem to deliberately pay attention to dress. The casual clothing should be casual, to cotton, knitted fabrics produced easily loose pants, skirts or cool shirts mainly, but also can be a cowboy family, even if the body is also very fitting cowboy suit of armor temperament.     Noble type of classical   

  Typical urban style, more moderate posture, more than thirty years of age, experience richer, more meticulous dress, the image of middle-aged professional women. Emphasis on their clothes fit and elegant tailoring, calm tones and advanced fabrics, striped color sets are in line with the more traditional classical and noble temperament.

Accessories, including shoes and handbags, etc., also in a concise, high-quality features.     Artistic     Part of this style are very avant-garde, the subjective sense of strong, unique ideas, and even the extreme like some special things, not with the tide. The chic clothing often uninhibited flavor, such as large blouses, hand-dyed sarong, folk jewelry, clothing sharp contrast to the combination of exotic colors, very ornate or very simple make-up, or exaggerated, or elegant, short, people elusive to many changes, how to wear a taste of how the feeling.   

  Innocent-type     This is a lot of Japanese girls often choose the style positioning. Features delicate, white, and temperament are best suited to this type of simplicity. Clothing design and more biased in favor of lace, lotus leaf, small floral, ribbons and bows and so on.

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