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With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about their health. Sports become a way of keeping in good health. Since the exercise, we must choose the right pair of sneakers. In addition the comfortable wearing outside, it should also fit for sports and the sports environment. The most important factor is its functionality. Do not wear the shoes as same as usual in exercise.

At your favorite athletic store, you'll find sneakers in the following aspects: Walking: These sneakers have a good amount of cushioning and are great for people who power walk, or who walk to get to work. They are lightweight and offer excellent arch support.

Running: These are lighter than other sneakers, and provide more cushion and support for you since you'll be pounding on them pretty hard with each step you take. They also offer shock absorbers, so it puts less pressure on your joints. You can find ones that are higher in the ankles to offer even more stability.

Cross-training: These offer a good amount of support for low-impact exercise. You can lift weights, walk, and take a cardio class with these, but I wouldn't buy them if you're planning on doing a lot of running.

Casual: These are usually adorable, colorful, and stylish, but unfortunately not very supportive. Wear these to do some shopping, for a casual walk in the park, for lifting weights, or just to hang out in. These won't offer much support for high-impact exercise. Tennis Shoes: While you could wear running sneaks or cross-trainers, tennis shoes provide more support for the contact side-to-side movements required to play racket-based sports.

Now let’s introduce some Purchase experience and tips.

1. Best buying time is in the afternoon. After a day of activities, the foot is slightly swollen, it is the best time to buy sports shoes to ensure comfort.   2. Length should be appropriate. 
Shoes length should be longer 1.5 to 2 centimeters than the actual distance which can guarantee extra toe space. 

3. Choose lighter sneakers.  Because the weight of shoes for every one more gram, equivalent increase the weight of tens of grams to the human body during exercise. It will make people feel heavy.

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