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    I can't believe some people consider you "leadership" in the progressive blogosphere, much less within the party. First of all, Latinos are not a monolithic group. The not-always-reliable exit polls show that the younger the demographic group, the more likely they were leaning towards Obama. But you know what, everyone who has commented basically sees what i viscerally know: We are going to ride a historic political tsunami with Obama in the lead. A lead that will help instead of drag come November unlike HRC. the proof? I guess we shall see in the fall... but another sorry post.

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    As much as I hated to see HRC continue, it did serve a purpose for BHO. Wright came out and Obama became a  battle-hardened campaigner. Not ideal but it did serve a purpose.

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    you see pessimism with Obama in the lead where most of us see optimism. I actually felt a load come off my shoulders once I realized that the national media has moved on to the GE. Hillary supporters can go on trying to paint a gloom and doom fall but regular people who see clearly see a historic political tsunami coming with Obama augmenting our chances in the fall. Stop drinking the fucking Kool-Aid!! Get off the ledge and join the rest of us and ENJOY our historic opportunity.

    Or go vote for McCain, either way, we are motivated to finally see Dems as winners, not Clinton sycophants.

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    is this post even realistic. and obama supporter's hatred of HRC?!? look how jerome even begins this post?!?! as a proud member of the reality-based community, I find this post not only a waste of time, but disingenuous at best.

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    At least that is what this west coast fella is hoping for... for just a minute, the nba playoffs take some precedence over Obama v Clinton/McCain

    Go Lakers!!!!

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    Let's get the basic facts right, can we? Obama WON Texas. This is a delegate fight and he won more delegates from Texas, get it right! It's not hard to remember...

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    Damn, I wanted to be first...


  • It's called name recognition or name branding... we'll see how it goes soon but the reason she always starts out with big leads is her brand name.  What is so difficult to understand about that...

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    As Bill Parcells said of reporters covering his team: Y'all are a bunch of commies... subversive from within...

    and its hilarious that this dim-witted post is somehow critical with such tone of condescension towards so many good people WITHIN the democratic party. Seriously, subversive from within...

    If HRC wants to continue her attempt at the nomination, fine. If she wants to utlize her last quiver which is scorched-earth tactics, fine. But can we have less hyperbole and vitriol? It just makes you and your supporters look that stupid...

    Its ironic in a very telling and uninspiring way that I have this sense of deja-vu when engaging HRC supporters. Its like speaking to dems and repugs that supported Dumbya Bush. They won't listen to reason, nor speak in rational terms. Everything is vitriol if you don't agree with them but what's worse is that they have no capacity (or want) for new or different information.

    Seriously?!? Keith O. as not a serious journalist?!? You may disagree with him but even Howard Wolfson didn't question the credibility of someone working hard for the progressive movement (I mean its not like there is a huge supply of progressive journalists on TV).

    Short-sighted and stupid... like this post and many of its comments.

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    An important point to remember:

    HRC has to, at least, win the popular vote for this to even be an issue. If not, she's done. This is all actually quite simple.

    We shall see playas...

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    I don't get what the point or purpose was for this post. Not well thought out nor elegantly written. Someone not paying attention or being cynical might see an argument against Obama solely because of some people's shortcomings...

  • I just have to say that I created an account here to say this:

    All of y'all are funny as hell!!

    But since I'm here...

    I do agree this sentiment: Hillary IS a fucking MONSTER.... in a sort of zombie or The T-1000 from T2 kind of way. The closer you get to defeating it the more uglier and caustic it gets. :0)

    Foster's win in a Republican-heavy district helps the meme that Obama has the potential for real coattails. Coupled with Wyoming and Mississippi, this should give the campaign a li'l breathing room for the first half of next week, hopefully pushing and expanding on the obvious if still-subtle meme that is "WHAT THE FUCK HAS HRC DONE BESIDES BE THE FUCKING FIRST LADY TO MAKE HER SO QUALIFIED OVER OBAMA?" I, like many people, listened to the excruciating silence both Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson had when asked that question after 3AM dropped. Later on came the blah, blah, blah... but the essence of truth was really revealed, I think, during that conference call with reporters. The truth, as I see it, is that NO ONE is really, truly ready for the singular, enormity that is POTUS.

    NO ONE. That's a deep end ANYONE has to jump into and learn to swim. That's the way it has always been and that's the way it always will be. The key is how quickly you can grow INTO the job. That is what separates the true first and second tier presidents from the rest. I think we could have had a respect discussion/debate on the qualifications and degree we should give these qualifications but HRC expressing great admiration for McCain over Obama as commander in chief?!?!?!? WOW... even within the family, huh? That was irresponsible. It won't kill BHO but that's not the fucking point! SHE definitely crossed some thresholds...

    Bottom line: Barack has to deal with DA T-1000 but without compromising who is is (SO NO NEGATIVE ATTACKS FROM OBAMA!!!!).  I think a great surragoate for this is someone like Bill Bradley. Quick on his feet, with gravitas and the ability to hit the obvious weak points that HRC has. Obama just can't do much if any of the heavy/dirty work himself because HE DOES represent something different.  

    I used to like and really respect HRC; meeting her in NY when I worked there was a real thrill. Intoxicating, in a good way... and all the other obvious complements but I will NEVER see HRC and WJC the same way after this primary campaign... ever.... and its sad too... but... Obama's in the position of leverage. He just needs to make sure doesn't lose it (OUTSIDE ADVISERS TO THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!).

    I, as a progressive, like to think that my party represents the interests of the many instead of the few. But maybe more important, I think, its that our party can be led by many too, not just a few like DEM OTHA GUYS.... Obama illustrates that, and many other, opportunities.

    I think some of HRC supporters on this and other political sites lose sight of that. But, on some level, who can blame them: Clinton is a brand name, in both democratic and republican circles.

    Going up against a brand is always tough... but not impossible.

    Peace... and "clink" to any of y'all up...



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