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    Maybe Obama WANTS to lose the house... all his actions lately suggest that he's either given up or willingly throwing the midterm elections.  I'm sure he thinks he somehow won't be impeached, but we know that is guaranteed if the GOP wins the house.

    It certainly doesn't seem like the white house is trying... their hamfisted response to the ground zero "mosque" is telling...  throws a bomb out there without any support or backup and leaves fellow dems hanging in the wind.

    House Democrats are mad that he's doing an oval office speech on Iraq, when he should be doing one on the economy.  Crazy stuff...

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    I remember that the GOP thought about having their convention in C-town... made me want to wretch!

    The facilities would be great! The Q arena is top notch, but there is also the Wolstein Center, the IX Center and Cleveland Browns Stadium if Obama wants to do what he did in Colorado again.  There will be a casino in town to help entertain the visitors, too.  I almost forgot about the new convention center being built as well.

    The big question is whether there is enough hotel space for the conventioneers.  That's always been a problem in Cleveland.  Event the smallest conventions book up hotel space for miles around.  There may be more hotel space created when the new convention center opens.

    One crazy thought would be to open up the new dorms at Cleveland State University.  They can start classes one week late, if necessary.

    The city could sure use the boost!

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    I think having our convention in Colorado helped us a lot in 2008.  They maximized the mass social networking potential of the event, and it defiantely helped us in CO.

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    With Dems at +7.. plug that into the "swingometer".  Why are you using a right wing site, anyways?

    Gallup will not be +5 after next week, not with Obama hititng 50% today.  A week ago it was even...

    There is a lot in flux at the moment in polling... lots of strange results...  SwingStateProject calculates numbers similar to Sabato based on that NPR poll. 

  • Lincoln would have had NO CHANCE in the general.. none!  Her approval rating is in the thirties....  There is nothing to lose here by getting a real democrat in office.

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    Before trying and executing the man over a newspaper article (one that was provided by Linda McMahon... by the tone of the article, it seems that she wrote it herself and not just provided the oppo research to the Times on it)... maybe, just maybe, we should at least hear what Blumenthal has to say on the matter?

    I would think that if you are being swiftboated, you'd want that courtesy, too... you know... the right to defend yourself.

    Maybe we should give him... I don't know... a day, at least, to answer this campaign ad, I mean newspaper article?  Is a day too much?  Maybe like 12 hours before we all take him to the electoral gallows?

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    The part where Specter says, "To be re-elected" is very creepy... It's powerful.  The rest of the ad is ho hum, but that clp... wow!

    Hey, demoinesdem, did you see the recent poll that has Bransdtad and Grassley's numbers way down?  It's a research 2000 poll, but still nice to see!

    Thanks for all your hard work.  You do a great job reporting on the state of Iowa.

  • He relaly can't wait to decide... People are going to want to know right now what he's going to do... He has to announce his intentions relatively soon.

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    Oh, wait... they didn't... They've got a city councilman and another guy who's a peanut farmer, but can "self-fund" (self-fund = sure loser).  What a joke!

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    They are ready to endorse him after he protected their interests the other week.  I suspect he may be able to get other union support as well. 

    The big question is who will he caucus with?

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    Well, Rahm is in love with Graham, so it's probably Kagan.

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    Patty Murray is doing fine, even against Rossi (look at Rasmussen today)... Feingold isn't going to quit.  Specter will die trying to get re-elected.  Mikulski already said she's running again.  Everyone who could have retired already has. 

    Hey, maybe we'll get lucky and Blanche Lincoln will retire!! 


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    But, then he did that thing where he submitted signatures to get on the ballot, which was a nice move, and now he's finally starting to really campaign.

    The odds are way against him with dems in a bad state and seniors thinking they'll lose their benefits, but maybe this guy can pull it off...  I certainly hope so!

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    IIRC, there were issues with Denver 'cos it wasn't a union friendly town, but it worked out OK....

  • ...just so people can get some health care in this country.  Shameful...


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