WA-08: Sen. Tom is out, endorses Burner

State Sen. Rodney Tom (D-Medina) has withdrawn from the race for U.S. Rep for Washington's 8th District.  Seven weeks ago, Tom announced that he would run for the Democratic nomination to challenge Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Auburn), drawing ire from bloggers solidly behind Darcy Burner, the 2006 nominee.  Tom is a former Republican state representative, but he switched parties in 2006 to challenge a Republican state senator and defeated him decisively in the rapidly bluing Eastside of King County.

Tom has endorsed Burner, saying, "Our fundraising was going great, but Darcy Burner's campaign has been phenomenal. Darcy has over 3,200 contributors, an incredible statement to her broad base of support." Indeed.

With an eye to the general election, Tom noted that his "purpose from the start was to replace the current congressman with someone who actually represents the values of the 8th District. Dave Reichert is completely out of step with the values shared in this district. Darcy Burner's campaign has proven they have the leadership, strength and momentum to win next November."

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OK-Sen: Inhofe sees himself as "the next Pombo"

Today's Tulsa World has a story in which Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), notable for such leadership as calling global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetrating on the American people" and repeatedly cutting off Al Gore when he testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, says that he is "the next Richard Pombo" in that national Democrats and environmentalists have him in their sights and will expend lots of resources to defeat him next November.

I hope he's right!

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Darcy Burner is NOT in the lead

Jerome just posted on Breaking Blue that Darcy Burner has moved into the lead in WA-08.  This is not true. The site to which he linked is the King County elections site.  It indicates that Darcy is in the lead in King County, which is true and was expected.  However, the 8th includes eastern King and eastern Pierce Counties.  Eastern Pierce County is much more rural and conservative than increasingly liberal eastern King County, which includes cities like Bellevue and Redmond.  Reichert is in the lead in the part of the 8th which is in Pierce County.  Here is the current vote count in WA-08:
Darcy Burner: 74861, or 49.1027%
Dave Reichert: 77597, or 50.8973%

By county:

Darcy Burner: 62516, or 50.3710%
Dave Reichert: 61595, 49.6290%

Darcy Burner: 12345, or 43.5496%
Dave Reichert: 16002, or 56.4504%

Follow results at this site, the Washington Secretary of State, which combines both returns from King and Pierce Counties.

Darcy is closing in on Reichert and she could still pull it off. But she is not in the lead yet. We have a lot more waiting and hoping to do.

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Nebraska-03 candidate recruitment

It seems like we're all behind the idea of running a Democratic candidate in every congressional district, as we damn well should be.  The districts where it is most important that we run candidates, however, are the open seats.  Even the reddest seats in the country need to be hearing the Democratic message, and they're going to hear it a lot louder if there's an open seat for the press to cover, a lesson we learned in the Ohio 2nd race.

In Nebraska's 3rd district, a huge district encompassing the majority of the state's land area and encompassing the sparsely populated western part of the state, the hugely popular Rep. Tom Osborne (R) is running for governor and he's going to win.  Five Republicans are running, including Grand Island Mayor Jay Vavricek.  However, no Democrats have announced plans to run for the seat.

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