Rasmussen Calls the Race for Obama!

Answer the call for unity. Answer the call for change. Answer the call for victory in the White House, the Senate, the House, and in State Houses all over America.  The progressive left is the future in America.  The youth have thrown away the old paradigms as obsolete.  They watched as we were lied into war and >1,000,000 civilians died.  They watched as New Orleans was washed into the gulf and how a conservative administration responds to its citizens NOT in the top 1% SES.  They see how our generation handled an imperial president and are dissappointed. The past is being put behind us by our children and young adults.  My 14 y/o daughter is involved, paying attention and livid she can't vote this year.  The writing is on the wall.  We can fight it, or guide it.  The country is evolving and we can adapt or become obsolete ourselves.

For better or for worse, Hillary represents our past, Barack our future.

The train is leaving and we all have tickets! Climb aboard and we'll have one hell of a party on 11/4, TOGETHER!

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