For Paula; Struggling and Surviving.

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One of my closest friends, Paula, sent me this email today.  I've known Paula since we were children in middle school.  She has worked hard all of her life.  She was the only kid in high school with a full time job AFTER SCHOOL.  We were in awe of her car and her grown up attitude.  (But mostly that she had a car.)  Her mother was bi-polar, so she raised herself.  She earned everything she had.

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Mocking the SUPER SERIOUS DNC Rules Committee

This is not the diary you should get all the facts from folks.  Enjoy!!"

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Clinton concedes in regards to MI & FL

I'm passing this along from dailykos since many of you don't visit there.  Delaware Dem (YAY!!) has the scoop

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Is it true that Barack Obama is a...

Thanks to Alfonso Nevarez over at DKos for the diary and for linking to this.

I can't tell you how many times people scream out REZKO and are still so very, very ignorant about our Democratic Nominee for president.

So here it is, a handy video link to email those folks and get out the vote!!

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You do realize it was Team Hillary who disenfranchised FL and MI, right?

I've come across this talking point so many times it makes my head spin,"Obama doesn't want to count every vote!" and "He's the one disenfranchising MI and FL voters."

Well, not so.  Wanna know who punished those states?  The majority was Team Clinton, that's who.

From an article at Slate

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As much as it shouldn't, race and sex do matter.

My girlfriends and I were sitting around at a baby shower one Sunday, passing the folded diaper napkins looking for the one with the little mustard `poo' when one of my white girlfriends openly said to a mixed group of women, "Well, maybe this baby will grow up when a woman is president.  Wouldn't that be nice?"

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