Possible Stolen Alaskan Election?

Please check out the blog by progressive radio host-Shannyn Moore,
She has some questions about the election regarding Ted Stevens,the convicted felon.  

Too many results that do not make sense. This is a forgotten part of the country that until lately did not have the sunshine looking on their "counting"!

There's more...

A New Look...

The Democrats are beginning to look like the proud Americans we know they are!  

Harry Reid is just what this party needed just at this time in history.  I do not remember when I have been so proud of a minority leader and I know I am not alone.  His words are like a beacon in the dark for this NEW Democratic party.

I know I am not the only one that sees hope with this man.  I see someone that has what it takes to lead the party onto victory in 4 years as our candidate.

Right now, tonight I can think on no one else that meets my own qualifications, I look forward to hearing others thoughts.


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