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    Thom Hartman-talk radio show in the AM-from Portland, Or.  And he is moving to Washington, DC. 

    He is passionate about this theme, I have heard him-talk, rant, yell,  about corporation vs individuals many time.

    As for the present-I think most Dems will start to pay attention soon, its still too early for most.  Alot could tell you Bristol Palins rating on Dancing with the Stars, hardly anyone could tell you that Rahm Emanuel is probably going to run for Mayor in Chicago,  most would say "who?"

    That is the sad state of our country,  Roberts and his sidekick that frowned at the State of the Union speech are going to eventually be seen for the big decision that changed politics and gave the corporations their payoff. 

    As a sidenote, transparency about corporation $$$ is very important-many states are creating legislation towards this goal.  Minnesota already has it and Pawlenty"s $ and the Michelle nut now have to disclose.  So you might ask Target how that has worked out for them. 

    You are mostly right, Jerome. 

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    Rahm Emanuel!  When he said Howard Dean was irrelevant he turned off so many Progressives and never used the man that implemented "The 50 State Strategy" and sent $$$ down to the local elections, the DNA provided help in my state, and in my town.  What a difference that $ and help made.

    Then after Obama was elected (IMHO) due to the 50state strategy...everything changed and we had this unbelievably inept group trying to organize us locally-Organizing for America.  I went to 2 meetings-terrible, depressing and uninformed!!!

    Then Kaine gets the DNC-did he need a job or what?  After the wonderful job Dean did we hardly ever hear from Kaine.  With Rahm Emanuel at the influence wheel we probably will return to just giving $ to the big states.  That was his only strategy. 

    I am still involved, I still work the streets...however, now we have no $ and educated help is not around.  I hope RE does run for mayor, just to have his influence reduced. 


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    The day Rahm Emanuel was appointed was a dark day.


    Howard Dean ignored?


    Smartest thing Obama could do is to use Howard Dean!!

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    Where has the DNC been in this race? Would be intered to know where the local offices were...funded? When Dean had his active 50 state strategy with focus on local races it was a different strategy. I get the feeling that Kaine has reverted to the former Emanuel (DLC) stategy...blowing out there in the wind. Kaine dropped the ball on this one!
  • Make my day please! Leave Rahm! The most successful DNC leader was treated so badly with Obamas blessing (presumed the Pres. thinks for himself). Howard Dean is the reason Obama is in the White House, his 50 state strategyworked. Now the DNC is slipping back into their old styles, its evident down at the local levels and come election time the faultlines will show that Kaine/Emanuel have shifted power back to the DLC. Makes me sick. When you think what could have been if Obama would have used Dean in his cabinet...but Rahm would not have that. What the press is saying behind doors that Rahm is not much different than Rove, you know he has too much power over Obama. The big question is-could OBAMA recover with progressives if Rahm Emanuel left? IMHO I have to wait and see, Howard Dean was my great hope, I will see what he says. Where is he?
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    Main Problem is the choice of Rahm Emanuel, the slick DLC guy.  Thinks he knows everything and he knows nothing of progressives and the middle class that has enough!

    The other BIG problem is that Obama listens to him!

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    Not quite ready to agree with you yet-although the next 3-4 months could swing for or against the Dems.
    If the WH does not change the way they are currently dealing with Wall Street (GS) then look to have a big shakeup.

    Perception is everything!

    Have a good day.

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    Brian Baird (my district) has gotten more and more conservative.  There is a growing progressive group here that will not ever give him $$$$$ again, never vote for him again.  I was at his last townhall meeting-it was not reassuring to listen to his answers and then think "this guy is a Dem.?"  not!!!

    We need a new GOOD candidate next election.  He should be low hanging fruit.

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    I would put it in a simple "reframing" as to why? the Dems did not do well in Va and NJ!

    The candidates were awful.  Corzine was in trouble long ago, he should have decided to withdraw and let another Dem run.
    In Va, Deeds was the least desireable candidate in the primary...Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe would have been better than Deeds, however, Deeds won by default-this is what happens when you have 3 primary candidates, the best two eat each other and the worst one wins!  And Deeds distanced himself from Health reform, and more importantly from Obama.  Its a wonder he did not loose by more!

    However, in the big picture, due to the dysfunctional Repugs. we gained two new house members.  Every little vote helps.  I think these two new Govs. will wonder why they wanted the jobs.  

    By the way, where is our new DNC leader?  Tim Kaine is all by invisable.  Howard Dean ran the DNC so much better, however, since Rahm E. is a vendetta guy, they throw out the baby with the bathwater.  

    Rahm is a BIG PROBLEM!

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    Just wait...coming soon!

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    I have not counted OBAMA out on this yet...
    If he were to step up before the Senate actually sticks in a public option the right would come unglued even more.

    He is a saavy politician, waiting out some time, When it actually gets to committee then we should see and hear from him.  He actually is waiting and making Congress actually work!!!

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    The voters did not come out in the street after Bush stole TWO elections!

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    Everyone is talking about the GOP not having a leader and that a "unknown" will come out of nowhere.  

    I have been hearing Joe Scarborough from "Morning Joe"...interviews away from his show??

    Don't discount him yet, he has experience-sounds moderate and fiscally smart!  I have heard some Independents say that they would really like to have him get involved in a race.

    Just throwing this out for comments, I am on the prowl for that "unknown" R.

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    Yup, he would be jealous sort of...Seaside would probably be my destination as his...
    It should be wonderful there in Cannon Beach, although here in Portland it is supposed to be 80 degrees and often the coast is just the opposite.  Take your windbreaker!
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    Bring it on!

    Having personally experienced the brow beating and threats by a hospital administration I wish this had been available we we formed our union.

    It was very stressful with many not signing "because I will lose my job." "I will have to join whether I want to or not." Even though the union had a op-out clause, the hospital used a very heavy hand to scare folks.

    Then after our first 3 year contract was due to expire, the hospital ran a decertification vote...this was SO CONFUSING to members.  We did barely keept our union, the hospital was fined by the national labor board and some administration employees left due to the illegal tactics they had used.

    This economic slowdown has made everyone that has a job want to keep their job.  Intimidation by a employer can go far in this climate.  The EFCA will help our labor force, bottom line-its time for the middle class to lead again.  We just want a more level playing field, and a place at the table.


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