If we have a Democratic majority, why all the petitions?

[This is my first entry at MyDD, since jumping off the shark of dailyKos.  Probably I'll be no more coherent here than I was there.]

If you're a politically concerned Democrat, such as myself, you receive in your non-work email many petitions to sign.  One of these recent petitions requests has sparked today's rant.

The petitions are for really noble causes, such as:

Oppose FISA immunity for telecoms
Encourage the Democrats to impeach obvious criminals in goverment
Investigate why the heck the government is issuing no-bid contracts to companies which break the law

I usually sign the petition and delete it.  There have been so many over the past year.  Recently I received another one.

It was from Sen. Harry Reid.

OK, just let me get this straight.  The Senate majority leader wants ME to sign a petition?  Normally, a citizen (a lowly dipshit such as myself) starts up a petition to collect signatures to send to a person, um, in authority who is in a position to do something about the issue.  

Tell me, Sen. Reid, who exactly are you sending your petition to?  God?

Because, you know, if I were the Senate majority leader  - I think I'd be taking names and kicking some ass!  I have the distinct impression that the frikkin' senate majority leader has some actual POWER in this country - SHOULD HE/SHE SO CHOOSE TO USE IT.

Sen. Reid's idea of leadership is to send me a petition to sign.  Are we presenting this petition to our great unitary executive?  You're going to go present this petition to Bushie and hope that he deigns to give you and your petition the time of day?

Let me make an analogy here - we're at a ballfield and you're up.  It would help a whole lot if you picked up the baseball bat lying at your feet!  Otherwise, those fastballs flying into the catcher's mitt will continue to zing right past you!  At least, if you start to use the appropriate tools of the trade, you'll have some chance of knocking one out of the park.

If you don't feel like picking up the bat, would you please take off the uniform and give it to someone who's got the wherewithal to use it?

Sen. Reid, if you want to do something to take a stand against torture, you already have the power you need.  Use it.

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Do we do tip jars here?

In response to Sen. Reid's petition request, I asked to be unsubscribed to his mailing list - with the reason that I am ashamed of Democratic leadership in this country every day.

by lizpolaris 2008-02-13 01:44PM | 0 recs
Re: If we have a Democratic majority, why all the

You answered your own question: to build their email lists.

by Tim Tagaris 2008-02-13 01:54PM | 0 recs
Building an email list

Surely just as noble a cause.  One has to wonder, what exactly is he looking forward to?  Use the email list for what?

by lizpolaris 2008-02-13 02:07PM | 0 recs


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