AP Wrong. Hillary Not Conceding

And no doubt why the story didn't try to claim Hillary Clinton said that, only the casual referenced "officials".  Like all the other claims others have made during this entire primary.

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BREAKING. AP Report Wrong,Clinton Not Conceding

And no doubt why the story didn't try to claim Hillary Clinton said that, only the casual referenced "officials".  Like all the other claims others have made during this entire primary.

No doubt doubt someone reported a 3rd handed story, changed and changed until they came up with what they wanted.  LOL

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It Feels Like We're Living His Next Work of Fiction

Obama makes up so much, we can't tell what is truth or tale anymore.  It's starting to feel like we are living through his next work of Fiction, slated for release next year.

If the media wasn't trying to cover for him, either out of embarrassment, or because they don't want to tip their hand yet, we would be laughing silly with his countless misspeaks and gaffes.  

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong", Barack Obama

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Will the Candidates Debate Puerto Rico's Issues

Will the Democratic Presidential candidates debate the issues important to Puerto Rico?  Puerto Rican's hope so.  Univision extended an invitation with hopes the two candidates will.

Of course, Hillary Clinton immediately accepted Univision's invitation, as she has always tried to focus on the issues important to the people.  

Senator Obama has indicated he is aware that voters care about issues and has signaled that he is aware that Puerto Rico has unique concerns.  

Obama -- who along with rival Hillary Clinton stumped in Puerto Rico on this Memorial Day weekend before next week's Democratic primary -- vowed to help with issues ranging from new parking spaces for a veterans' hospital to ensuring that Puerto Ricans have a say over whether they participate in any future military drafts.

``I recognize that for all of you to be subject potentially to serving this country and not having a voice is a great concern,' Obama said

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Obama Turns to Lies and Attacks on Hillary For Counting Florida/Michigan Votes

This is the absolute lowest.  Senator Obama is resorting to lies, false claims and negative politics for wanting to COUNT PEOPLES VOTES.  

Obama is showing his desperation again, to take this low road again, in saying anything in an effort to try to demonize Senator Clinton for wanting to count peoples votes, and him, Senator Obama OBVIOUSLY NOT wanting to and blocking every effort to count Michigan and Florida-even their willingness to revote if he wanted to block their existing votes from counting.

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BREAKING: New Gallup, Hillary Wins Over McCain, Obama Loses

Just released today, Gallup's Daily tracking is showing that Hillary Clinton continues to be the Democrats choice and chance to win against John McCain.

Hillary currently leads McCain 49-44 in a matchup.

May 25, 2008
Gallup Daily: Clinton Maintains Lead Over McCain

Tracking from April 30 to now, May 24, shows Hillary's continuous strength to be able to win the Presidency.

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Canada PM Staff Cleared On Leak of Obama's NAFTAgate Memo

Remembering events taking place towards the end of February when the talks of NAFTA were heating up in the Democratic election.  Hillary had been consistant in her position on NAFTA.  She didn't support the creation of NAFTA, knows trade is an important part of our economy for business and job creation, and as President wants to revise the agreements to be Fair trade with environmental and labor standards. Obama had recently found this as a political piece of candy to use in an area that had been hard hit on jobs being shipped overseas and tried to tie it to Hillary as all of the sudden becoming a champion for the working class.

Of course, there are many more issues at hand for shipping jobs overseas.  As Hillary has been pointing out for over a year, that the tax loopholes that have since been created, actually giving tax incentives to American Companies who ship their jobs overseas, instead of keeping them in our own country.  She vowed to close those loopholes IMMEDIATELY. We remember too well a perfect example of this when President Bush was campaigning in 2004 in Northern Ohio, with a campaign stop at manufacturing jobs sight, that was supposed to be an example of hard work and good jobs for blue collar workers in our country.  It turned out, they were shutting that place down and moving the jobs overseas.  

However, NAFTA was front and center in a debate in Ohio a week before their elections.  The topic of NAFTA came up, because of the increased campaign talk against NAFTA.  And Obama was circulating a false and negative attack mailer, that it turns out, he was also using early on in the campaign, that Hillary called him out on in a Press Conference.

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Thanks To Hillary, Puerto Rico's Day Has Arrived

Today Hillary arrives in Puerto Rico.  The other campaign has already been there, first sending surrogates like Richardson, then Obama himself arrving on Friday.  But the Lady in the Pantsuit arrives today!  And none of this would have been possible if Hillary just quit as the other side, the establishment and the media continued their attacks to hand the election to their chosen , instead of the PEOPLE choosing their preferred candidate to be President.

And Puerto Rico has all eyes on them, because the Lady doesn't quit.  

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And The Times Argus Weighs In on THEIR QUESTION to Hillary

Well, it seems the Argus Leader must have received inquiries or heard comments being made against Senator Clinton's response on staying in the race and they went on the record for some trying to distort what Senator Clinton's response was and their apparent desperate attempt to spin it.

The Argus Leader’s Executive Editor Randell Beck issued the following statement today:

Statement from the Argus Leader

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Obama's Strategy, "They Can't Say That"

We thought Obama was kidding, when he said that he would not allow the opposition to question his patriotism as his tactic for being strong in a General Election.  WHAT?  They just did and that's all he could come back with?  

Many thought that was a one time dodge, because he was licking his wounds still from the Reverend Wright issue, then  Tim Russert also brought up his wife, Michelle Obama's comments and the issue of him not wearing the Flag Pin (which we know he now is again).

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