• brings a gun to a sword fight.lol

  • changed and still don't let facts get in their way.

    But that's ok.  You'll be happy to know that the MAJORITY of Democrats who voted and support Hillary are ground in reality.

    Please continue your condescention and name calling, I'm enjoying seeing the benefit and now Dem's worry they may have a problem with a nominee Obama.

    And let me thank you for acknowledging me in the many good company on the Rec'd list WOOOT!   lmao

  • And you're helping those clickable illiterates who may not otherwise be able to see who rec'd the diary, again.  Will you be back to give updates?

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    Excellent.  I've been boycotting MSNBC and my hubby was more than happy to do it as well.  

    I've been talking against them for their poor conduct and even this weekend we went to our fav restaurant and the owner told me he was watching Hillary's speech on MSNBC's website.  I YELPED, "NOOO","knowing them, they cut it and edited it for their own benefit, watch it on C-span" and my hubby pulled it up on his computer for him. lol

    What is even worse, is apparently gullable, naive and ignorant Democrats that repeated the sexists and R W talking points.  

    Even worse was a group of bloggers, on a small blog site, that had mostly women do the same.  Of course, former Repubs themselves, and apparently they have their own personal issues, but to have these women resort to using the same lies and sexist attacks, is just amazing.  So many driven by her staying with her husband.  No doubt again, their own problem and insecurity in their reltionship.

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    I said the campaign and THEIR TACTICS, didn't I?  Besides, even the many bloggers that were PAID staff from Camp Obama to put out their talking points.  Just like the fake audiences he paid for early in the campaign.

    ...I'm done.  Point is made.


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    Then you shouldn't even be here.  You Obama bloggers and followers, keep it up...it' all your own doing...I'll check back in November to see how ya'll are handling the loss then.

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    it says 0 HIDE, that doesn't deserved to be seen and even cheered for tr by fellow B O supporters.

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    of that before they embarked on the kind of campaign and tactics they did.

    This was not a unity diary...there are many of those coming from Obama follower.   This was to recognize a volunteer for Hillary that did much and spent a lot of time and was subjected to slanderous attacks, smears and name calling by Obama supporters as you see upthread.

    And you all wonder why Obama won't get most of Hillary's support.  LOOK.

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    Thank you.  I'm happy I checked in.  

    I was thinking of Alegre as I was listening to Hillary's fantastic speech and crying my eyes out, as the camera was panning around to supporters all doing the same thing, Mary Steenburgen, and countless other faces.  Ted Dansen being very supportive.  All having worked so hard for HIllary.

    Virtual hug to you Alegre.  Thank you for such great work and effort.


  • I guess he did earn your support today.

    ...but, what, did his policy or himself change all of the sudden?  Right.  Well, that's how.

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    were trying to heavy arm force Super D's to endorse before today and behing they declined, Obama Camp is doing anything possible to try to force hands and influene voting.

    how low...and he wants to be pres, huh?  Throwing everything they can think of out there.

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    Oh, you mean Obama is dropping out of the election finally?

    ...did you miss everything during this election?  Do you really have such selective memory......Obama goes in front of cameras and lies and says they aren't accusing Hillary of this or that, and FINALLY (I'm sure unexpected), Tim Russert says, "but we have pages of emails from your South Carolina Cmpg Mgr saying exactly that".

    ...even as recent as last Sunday on This Week with STephanopolis questioning Axelrod and their using Hillary's interview with Argus Leader.....you know, the one that ENDORSED HER, to say, you all are sending this out to try accuse Hillary of something she didn't say about the RFK assination, Axelrod said "no", "it was an unfortunate statement"......George, "but I have emails you all are sending out with Keith Olbermann's comments".

    'nuf said....more reality biting you.

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    apparently you can't read either.

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    Hillary for the PEOPLE!

  • you can stick to your koolaide, why kick your habit now.

    We drink the real stuff.


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