Nuclear Non-Proliferation Under the Obama Administration

Back in July, Barack Obama said:

It's time to send a clear message to the world: America seeks a world with no nuclear weapons.

I, for one, really like the sound of that, but what does it mean in reality?  However much I would love to speculate and debate Obama's appointments and non-appointments, I think it far more useful at this point to discuss a little bit more about what Barack himself thinks and what that will mean for our new administration's tact concerning "a world with no nuclear weapons."

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Rewritting history- sore winner style

The primaries ended, what last June?  Why isn't it that some of us are unable to let bygones be bygones?  Why are some of us so insistent on rounding up all of our ancient foes and putting them on the public square?  I happen to think one of the best things about Democrats and our party is our ability to respect differing views and when our own views prevail, that we tend not to act like children on a play ground.

You don't like the way Jerome handled himself during the election past.  OK, we got it back then when you complained about it and we get it now.  You should get over it and stop acting like a retribution seeking Republican with no ability to look forward.  Focusing on the past is one thing if it means progress for the future.  Focusing on the past for petty grievances is just that, focusing on the past for petty grievances.  

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Totally gay. Totally anti-marriage. Blame me.

This is really just a quick answer to shanikka's most excellent diary in which this was asked(I know, dated, but the argument can't seem to die):

...can we now please redirect our energies to actually putting the "blame" somewhere it makes sense to put it and, more importantly, mobilizing together to defeat this hateful thing in the courts, and can those that have been going to the anti-Black well over this thing just shut the fuck up?

I never want to be married and I think the state has no place determining who is married and who isn't married.  Civil Unions for all, but why on earth is our government certifying a religious institution that means a great many different things to a great many different people and their religions?  Despite this, I am still APPALLED that Prop 8 somehow made it in CA.  As we all should be.  We should never allow rights to be taken away from anyone.

So, who is to blame?

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What Hillary Clinton Also Did Yesterday

It was an exciting day for this Hillary fan, not just because of one of the greatest endorsements, greatest speeches in Democratic Party history, but because I also got a taste of what is in store for Hillary Clinton in her bright, bright future.

I live here in Denver, I have been attending a few parties here and there, but the one I have been waiting for was yesterday afternoon.  No, I didn't pay 5000 bucks to attend the EMILY's List lunch.  Instead, I hung out with Hillary Clinton at the launch party for Women Count- a new organization built on the re-energized feminism that Hillary Clinton helped bring back to this Party and our country.

The organization is run by a group of amazing and talented women- all of who share the singular goal of helping to propel women to great heights in this country while at the same time, combating the sexism that we are all now so, so aware of within the media and our society.  It was the brain child of these folks along with Hillary and Stephanie Tubbs Jones- our late, most amazing Congresswoman in comfortable shoes (we miss you, Stephanie!!!)

For me, it was a preview of a role that I envision Hillary taking reins of.  During this primary season she energized so many women and feminists that didn't even know they had energy to give.  She and Women Count intend to harness that energy and build upon it for a better future and a more just nation.  I, for one, am very excited and I cannot wait to get involved.

If you want to peek at Hillary's 'other' Tuesday speech, here it is:

and PS, notice the branding color?  Yeah, that's the same color Hillary wore Tuesday night... Game on feminists!

Sorry I haven't been around lately (if you missed me at all!), busy organizing for Obama ;)

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One step back, don't let Hillary down

Sorry it has been a while since I have thrown anything up for the vultures folks (not that you missed my diatribes), I have been absolutely inundated with school and work and school and work.... I digress.

I started supporting Hillary Clinton because I found her to be the most perfect example of a human being in this race.  No, I do not hold her in any sort of light that might wash away her imperfections, but rather a more natural light, with all her scars and lines shown glowingly and gloriously to the world.  I saw a mother who raised a beautiful child, I saw a woman who took on the patriarchy and gave hope to my feminism.  I saw a woman with the strength to stand up against the acidity of the VRWC and hold her head without even flinching.

A great deal about this campaign has been ugly; it has been rapt with gotcha this and gotcha that- so, so much of it targeted at Hillary Clinton.  I still feel a tremendous amount of disgust as I recall some of the more virulent comments and diagnoses, particularly as they came from the so called progressive netroots.  I will be forever amazed that any Democrat thought it logical or the right thing to do to question the sincerity of Hillary Clinton's emotions.  Forever amazed.

Hillary Clinton has shown me something that I don't think I could ever achieve.  She not only possesses the gift of grace, but the greatest amount of humility and perseverance I have ever witnessed in a politician.  I cannot imagine facing what this woman has faced.  Despite it all, Hillary has risen above and kept on fighting.

So please, my fellow Clinton supporters, rise above.  Do not play the game.  Do not engage in the gotcha politics.  I think Hillary Clinton would expect better of us.  We are not the crowd that boos other candidates at rallies (except in PR, apparently...), we are not the crowd that would make political hay out of human tragedy.

I am a Hillary Clinton supporter and I will be until she says otherwise- I will support the nominee of the Democratic party in November, but I will never emulate the half of this party that sometimes makes me ashamed to call myself a Democrat.  That's all I have to say about that.

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Hillary supporters! Its time to kick some butt! Let's get to work!

Hey guess what? WV, KY, PR- they matter!

That's right- they matter. They will put Hillary over the top in the popular vote if we give her the help that she needs and if we don't give up on her. She isn't going anywhere and neither should we. This is not over until Puerto Rico sings and every last super delegate has had their say- this last bit happens in August, btw!

Right now, if you include Florida and exclude MI and the undemocratic estimates from caucus states, then Hillary is just behind in the popular vote by slightly over 440,000 votes. That's right, just 440,000 votes out of a total of over 40,000,000 million that we should expect from this primary. That's 1%- just 1%. If we include MI and the undemocratic caucus votes, then her chances are even better of capturing the popular vote total. She won't get to the magic number in pledged delegates alone, but you know what? Neither will Obama.

Hillary's big upcoming wins in KY and WV WILL change the narrative- if only to cast more doubt on Obama's electability. To be quite frank, that's probably the only narrative that SDs are concerned about anymore- it is the electability, stupid.

If the polling out of KY and WV holds, then Hillary can get very close to those 440,000 votes in just those two states alone- we need to GOTV and GOTV in a big way. OR will be closer, SD and MT will be closer and then Hillary will finish it all off with a big win in PR. Remember folks, in politics, a week is a year. The narrative will be Hillary's starting Tuesday and we need to help her out.

We need to start, by not giving up on her. Yes, the odds are against her, but she knows, as do we that she is the best candidate to take on the GOP in the fall and she would be the better POTUS. So, let's get to work:

Give her some bread (made from dough) so she doesn't have to run home and bake it herself!

Call her friends, we know she has a lot of them and girls sure do love to talk....

Stand with her!

She IS going to be the next president of the United States!

No one is going to 'get over it'[UPDATE]

Especially when the reaction to deep seeded statement of belief is meant to open rather than close wounds.

Chances are that Obama will win this primary- those are the odds. But no matter how much you want it to be the opposite, those are just odds. Hillary Clinton is still in this race and she is in it to win it, hell, its half the reasoning behind much of the support she has- at least its half the reason I support her.

Throughout this primary, there have been so many accusations against Hillary Clinton, so many that I have lost count and I stopped updating my list a while ago. Hillary Clinton has been called, among other things, a racist, unethical and petty (those are just the generalizations, if you are reading this, you know to what I refer). Now, if you were a Hillary supporter, how would you take this sort of criticism of your candidate? How would you react? What sort of strong opinions would you hold about the media or about the opposition?

Obama and the Obama campaign HAS had a free pass on many things, in the mind of the Clinton supporter (yep, most certainly in the mind of this Clinton supporter too). It seems the mission of many Obama supporters as of late is just to rub it in- denying the obvious, such as the insane amount of Hillary hate that has dominated this campaign, for instance.

At this point in time, as an Obama supporter, your goal should be to win over hearts and minds, not to rub in a very fresh and sore wound. If you are unable to bring yourself to do so, then your goal should be to be quite. If you truly believe that Obama has won this thing, then you have nothing to worry about and your silence will serve you far more than your voice at this point in time. If you must use your voice, go on the attack against McCain, this place and many blogs have been quite devoid of McCain and it's about time we get to it (this last bit is for everyone, myself included).

For me, as I have stated before, I will probably never forgive Obama for the race-baiting that his campaign engaged in- actually, I know that I will never personally forgive him for it. However, I have already politically forgiven him. I will most certainly vote for him in November if he is the nominee, I can think of no other alternative. I, like you, and 99.9% of all real Hillary supporters on this site, am a Democrat to the bone. You don't need to worry about convincing me to carry water for your guy if he wins the nomination, it was and should never have been about that.  

So, when you are about ready to lambast the Hillary supporters around here with your knowledge and oh so gracious `winning' attitude, please refrain. In the end, no matter who wins the nomination, it will most certainly do more harm than good- if all it does is prolong the infighting.

Here is a list of things you will never change my mind on, so, your efforts are futile:

  1. Obama engaged in race-baiting during this campaign. Hillary Clinton did not.
  2. The media has been extremely biased in Obama's favor, it won't last if Obama gets the nomination (although I would love to be proven wrong on this one. No, NOT BY YOU, but by the media).
  3. Obama tossed queers under a bus and never apologized for it.
  4. Hillary Clinton is not racist, either is Obama for that matter.
  5. I don't buy into the `change and hope' thing, never will. Never needed hope or a desire to change- I have both in spades. THIS IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A REASON I VOTE FOR OBAMA. So, please, stop telling me to `get hope.'
  6. This race is not over until Hillary Clinton drops out. Neither candidate will meet the magic number with pledge delegates alone. Supers do not vote until the convention. End of story.
  7. Hillary Clinton would be a far better general election candidate than Obama.
  8. Hillary Clinton would be a far better POTUS than Obama.
  9. If Obama is the nominee, I will vote for him- no matter how hard Obama supporters try to change my mind.

Now do I have any faith or remote belief that any Obama supporter will heed this advice? None whatsoever, but like my candidate, I am not afraid to try.

Update [2008-5-11 16:28:26 by linc]: Just sos yous knows, this diary is in no way, shape or form a redaction of my support for Hillary. I have and will be making calls into WV and KY and OR. She is in it to win it and so am I- thems the facts.

Give her some bread (made from dough) so she doesn't have to run home and bake it herself!

Call her friends, we know she has a lot of them and girls sure do love to talk....

Stand with her!

She IS going to be the next president of the United States!

I said it and I meant it

This will be short- I am resolved and resolution always leaves me with fewer words.

It is to the floor, if need be. I will not stop supporting Hillary Clinton in her candidacy for POTUS until every last vote is counted and every last state has had its say.

Hillary Clinton will, barring an unusual turn of events, have the popular vote lead when all contests are said and done. This should be what matters to every single person that dares call themselves a Democrat- its about the will of the people, not just the people we want to count.

I do not give a s*** what the corporate, sexist media has to say about this matter.

I do not give a s*** what Obama has to say about it- his undemocratic and arrogant stylings are really getting on my last never, to be completely honest.

I could care this much what John Kerry, the guy that lost the last election, has to say about the matter.

I care about this party, I care about winning in November. I know in my heart of hearts that the only way in which this can be done is if we have a candidate with strength and passion, a candidate that isn't just words and opportunity.

So, I said it and I mean it. Right now, I mean it about 100 bucks:
NAME: Linc
ADDRESS: A Street in Denver...
Denver, CO 80218
AMOUNT: $100.00

I am calling it my 'I Stand with Hillary' pledge ticket. You can get yours by clicking here

Here is to victory in this hard fought primary, here is to counting every vote, here is to victory in November!

When will Obama concede?

For the good of the party. It is apparent, even within the exit polls out of North Carolina, that Obama's base is all that he has left. He is winning in urban centers, he is winning the black vote in extreme proportions, he is winning the so called `creative class.' Really, without winning the black vote in the extreme proportions he has, he would have been out of this race a while ago.

What Obama is not winning is the middle, the middle that a broad and substantial victory in November will need. He is not winning, even in North Carolina, the middle class white vote. He is not winning Latinos, he is not winning women, he is not winning registered Democrats who are, in case you forgot, the base of the Democratic party.

What many point to as the polarization within the contest, as evident from IN and NC exit polling, is not polarization at all, at least as far as Clinton voters are concerned. It's the Reagan Democrats, it's the swing voters who are making it abundantly clear that they are voting in the Democratic Primary FOR Hillary Clinton, not FOR Democrats in general.

Much has been made by the Obama supporters about black voters not turning out for Clinton if she is the nominee, much has been said about the creative class supposedly doing the same- all with declarations on the blogs. But its just not the case, who else would these folks vote for, Nader? I am sorry, but if they want a Democrat to win in the fall, they will have no choice. Reagan Democrats, Latinos, seniors and even women have a choice- they do not need to vote Democratic in the fall- the exist polls are saying as much.

Demographics are king. Obama just doesn't have them to win in the fall, Hillary does. Her support is much more broad. There is no way that black voters turning out for Obama in 11-1 proportions will give victory to Democrats in the Fall. If he is the nominee, he is all but certain to lose Florida and Ohio. Its just the facts.

I can say for certainty that if Obama is the nominee, I will vote for him in the fall, but I was and never have been the issue. It will all come down to the middle and who can bring the middle to the Democratic Party in November.

So, for the good of the party, when will Obama concede? When will he put the party above himself and give us a chance in November?

Yes, unless I change my mind [Take Action]

That was Jimmy Carter when asked whether or not he would, as a Super Delegate, support the candidate he voted for in Georgia's primary. His comment speaks volumes about the current state of the race; whether genuine or not, Carter summed up what is currently happening in the Democratic Primary race. Call it buyers' remorse, call it disenchantment, call it whatever you please, but it is obvious that the media, the punditry, and the voters are swiftly changing their minds.

We are starting to see the effects of this shift taking place, just as a reminder:

Easley, governor of NC, a state Obama is all but certain to win, endorsed Hillary. Letting every single Super out there know that this is very much a race to the end

Childers in MS has gone to lengths to distance himself from Obama. Cracks, cracks.

The media is turning and questioning and predicting. The Obama media, which is most of it, is all bulging eyeballs and red in the face ranting- the posture of desperation.

Now I know that Obama's campaign is drip drip dripping their endorsements out to make it seem like there is some sort of momentum behind his campaign- but its just a strategy- it is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. If Obama had the Super Delegates at this point, this race would be over. Supers are waiting for something.

Generally, I prefer to delve into some sort of introspective dialog of Linc past and present, but I will spare you today.

Instead I will beseech:

Write to your Super Delegates, your congress critters, your party leaders. Politely implore them to support Senator Clinton. You know the key points and you know, taking direction from Hillary, how to be gracious. We need a sustained campaign of contact with every. Single. Super. Delegate.Yes, include those that currently support Senator Obama. The theme is electability- we need... no we MUST win in November and Obama just isn't going to do it for us. In simpler terms, it's the electability, stupid.

Here is a very handy list of who is supporting who- Including those supporting Obama

Write to them- convince them that we need a candidate who will win in November. Jimmy Carter said it best- its `unless I change my mind'. Well, let's help our Supers out.

I will be writing to the Colorado Supers that have endorsed Obama or haven't endorsed at all. I will keep everyone updated on the dialog.

And since I have finally figured out how to post video in diaries (thank you Nobama, I think...), here is Easley's new ad for Hillary in NC! Its good.


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