• It does actually.  I remember when Jon Tester and Dave Wanzenried stormed the state of Montana for an entire summer, in a pickup truck.  It is what turned the Montana legislature blue after nearly two decades.

    Andy has done similar in Colorado.  He has been behind or significantly supported every single major progressive referendum in Colorado in the last decade, some successful, some not so.  He contributed significantly to the C&D referendum a couple year back that managed to repeal bits of of the Tax Payers Bill of Rights/TABOR (of course, a Repug anti-government spending bill passed under false pretense).  In 2008, he had a similar set, most of his initiatives failed, some passed, but he has never stopped trying.  Very passionate, very sincere.  Very well liked because of it, not just because he is a native son.

    Jon is a great guy and certainly an amazing Senator.  Way back, when I was representing students and he was Senate President (I think he was in leadership then, could be wrong) I was fortunate to witness his populist spirit and drive first hand.  Great guy indead.

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    Or at least as far as I can tell from the Dems and independants here on the ground. He was Speaker in Colorado for a bit, but has been out of it for a while.  He is a great guy and has pretty much always stuck to his progressive guns.

    He has a very strong, pro-Colorado record and everyone knows him here- this is why he leads in polling.  Think Colorado version of Tester before he got into office.  Tester is a Montana boy, Andy is a Colorado boy.

    You are right though, Bennett would have been complete toast in the Caucuses and the August Primary if he did got to bat for the PO with his letter.  This makes it a bit of an interesting match.  If Bennett does more than just a letter, i would actually consider supporting him.

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    I absolutely love this comment.
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    For any school that has choose to take or not take students based on any reason other than capacity and traditional admittance practices such as history of expulsion, etc... (and the later with severe limits on scope, for sure).

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    that completely alienates the less fortunate for the purposes of political grandstanding on an issue that doesn't have time to be gradually adjusted through some sort of reward scheme that is really just a policy meant to ensure that the least privileged remain so in our society- imho.

    Its so ridiculous, it makes me want to scream.  So, we punish the kids in a school that are unable to find a better one by cutting their budget and not rewarding the teachers willing to stick around and support them?  What the hell!

    Thanks for the diary.

  • There are 707ish documents total, of which:

    614 consist of regular audits and risk assessments.  Do you even know what a risk assessment is?  Well, it isn't an investigation into crimes committed by UN forces, in case you were wondering.  And an audit MIGHT relay some damaging information, but they are largely routine for almost any organization.  

    The remaining 93 documents are a mixture of investigations and reports of allegations/investigations.  A great many of which have to do with the exact same subject, not some widespread evidence of corruption and crime.

  • they are partly responsible, thus the investigation.  However, for you to call this a UN thing and assume UN guilt IS absolutely irresponsible and shows that you know absolutely nothing about the organization you are so intent  on trashing with sensationalism.

    So, pray tell, since you are so intent on assuming UN guilt here and propagating the sensational implication, then what EXACTLY is the UN guilty of?  How do you know that the UN is 'hiding' any of this?  Have you actually read any of the reports and memos to be able to somehow, vaguely justify your assumptions?

    Oh for the day that our own government even attempts transparency to the degree shown by UN oversight groups!

  • You are inciting the idea that somehow the UN is culpable of a great many crimes, while in reality, the documents posted on wikileaks haven't been reviewed- thus their email requesting support.  

    As to your No. 3, again, if you are truly interested in justice, then you would be just as interested in understanding the working of a UN mission- and they are all different with different rules.  For example, a UN flag might be flying over a mission, but a Turkish General and his troops could be actually the folks in charge.  It could be French General and his troops, it could a a AU force, etc...  

    The UN investigates even when the mission was in their name only, because it IS a transparent organization with a specific, generally altruistic general mission.  

    Anyone who takes even a cursory glance at the documents actually posted on Wikileaks would realize this.  There are no actual UN forces, there are no UN Generals and those Generals and their forces that operate and run UN missions certainly aren't going to answer to Kofi or Ki-moon.  

    These documents prove the UN's appreciation of transparency and justice, not the other way around.

  • its this diary doing the inciting, not wikipedia.  

  • Yes, the UN investigates all allegations of abuse, just like any other organization.  Why don't you recommend that we uncover the abuses perpetrated by this country, its forces and those in its employ before we go after the UN with torches and pitchforks.

    Sure, the UN is not some sort of perfect organization with a flawless track record, but at least it tries to investigate, as evidenced by these memos and reports.

    If you and 'wikileaks' (who ever the hell that is anyway) are so hell bent on uncovering the evils of the UN, you might want to start by taking a deep look at the organization of its missions and report back on just exactly how much authority the UN as an organization has over the forces and people operating under its flag.  To do otherwise, is largely irresponsible.  

  • that the general Persian population isn't prone to unsubstantiated protests that have nothing to do with anything- other than a PR game.  They are smart, smart people and are highly unlikely to just protest Obama and his image just because he happens to be the next American President.  Now, if only Iran would and/or could get rid of its own Bush(es).

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    btw.  I am probably not a programming expert, but certainly theme-ing and implementation.  Count me in ;)

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    but, from what I understand, soapblox isn't free either?  I know the fee is minimal, but so is hosting at siteground or similar, places that offer plenty hosting support and protection.

    Now, what soapblox has been doing is fantastic and truly commendable and recent events probably stress your point even further.  Maybe there can't be an expectation that places like soapblox can exist and continue to operate properly without proper financial support.  

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    lincfd(at)gmail(dot)com.  Alert away.  I am doing quite a bit of work with drupal and joomla right at the moment and would be more than willing to help you all out in any way.


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