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    How about that: fuck you. Is that clean enough for you?

  • electoral campaigns, well you must know that you can't have two freshmen senators on the ticket. Hence, McCaskill is out.

    Obama needs who can bring him 2 or 3 notches to the center and bring a crucial state with him/her.

    I think Ted Strickland is that guy. He will carry bring Ohio and even West Virginia because his congressional district, OH 6th, borders the western border of WV. Moreover, those folks are his natural flock. His conservative credential are indisputable and he would sell in the rural counties in Missouri.

    Remember how the republicans are going to run against Obama: keep the margin of victory small in urban centers, and then sweep rural counties.  If they do that successfully in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri, well those states are theirs. This is why Obama needs someone who is almost country with dirt under his finger nails or someone who has already connected with those folks (i hate to say it) like Hillary who won every rural county in Missouri.

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    but these last two days i have been reading some seriously stupid posts and comments, and yesterday i just could not contain myself and burst.

    I worked in presidential campaigns before (1984 and 1988) and a large senatorial one. I spent the whole 1980s and part of the 1990s in electoral politics. I left that circus for a better pay in the private and because i have two daughters now. But once you are infected by the electoral politics virus, you are never cured. I still have friends who work in the DNC and survey institutes and we talk often and exchange data and analysis and the most common observation that we all have every time we look at the data is that Obama has high soft support. And let me say that this is not a good thing because i saw it before.

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    I have never met a politician who did not have a huge ambition and a tremendous ego.

    I am also a veteran of two presidential campaigns and one major senatorial campaign (i didn't do media, i did turn out models, statistics and so forth). Left that whole circus for the private sector.

    As for Ned Lamont, well my impression is that he is a liberal without a backbone and some serious guts. A liberal whose image is too soft; country-club liberal with soft hand and nothing in the gut. One that when you look at him you feel that he is not going to be able to protect you. That's why he lost. Say whatever you want about Lieberman, he looks tough and that was the pivoting  point of that whole race.

    That election was a post-9/11 one and we cannot afford to field wimpy democrats or liberal. Look at Bobby Kennedy; he was a tough SOB democrat. When you look at him, you feel that not only he would kick your ass in a fist fight, but he would also go play a 3 sets tennis match or watch an opera. I remember i was kid watching him campaigning somewhere in Detroit inner city after the race riots and he looked into the camera and said something that no politician nowadays would have the gut saying. Talking about inner cities and poverty  and poor kids, he said the government gives them checks and dole and what they need really are parents with better parenting skills.  

    That should be our model. We are not going to elect tenure-track professors to office if they do not look tough and are not tough. Moreover, Ned Lamont lost to Lieberman in CT. Those folks up there are Connecticut republicans, the softest kind republicans in the country; all they care about are taxes. What would he do in my state with Missouri republicans hopped up on Jesus, Gospel, and guns for crying out loud?  

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    why we need to stop making snide remarks and taking cheap shots at Hillary and her supporters.

    Our supporters need to fucking understand that the primary is fucking OVER.

    I swear to god that if i catch one of you guys making any derogatory remark about Hillary or her supporters i will fucking cussing the fucking light out of you.

    If our supporters are too fucking immature to understand that it is OVER, they need to get a fucking brain.

    What i have been reading here these last couple of days is just beyond stupid. Some of our supporters are just to fucking dumb to understand that if 5 or 10% of Hillary supporters decide to stay home or vote for McCain in Ohio or Pennsylvania, we would lose those 2 states and the elections.

    So, it is time to clean this site from fucking idiots and if you find one just cuss the shit out of him/her. Make them shut up.

    Yes, i am extremely angry, as you can tell because i know that although elections are won in September and October and not June and July, we can easily lose them in early summer. And this election is far from over or even fucking won, you just have to look at the retention rate and the state polls.

  • ILean, i am going to tell you what i told Dumbo above.

    The fucking primary is fucking OVER. Do you fucking understand that you dumb fuck. OVER.

    We are trying to unite the party here. Get people together and try to have everyone's vote to win in November. If 5% of Hillary supporters in PA or OH vote for McCain, we would lose those states. Do you fucking understand that you immature stupid fuck.

    If you can't say something normal or nice, SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Dumbo, you are an idiot stupid person. We are trying to fucking unite this party and here you come along with this utterly stupid comment and you turn off people who we need to have their votes to win in November.

    The fucking primary is OVER. Do you understand that you dumb fuck. It's over.

  • There is no immaturity in being magnanimous. It is sign of class. Now, some people have class and some people don't. Which one do you want to be part of?

  • This is your idiot brain talking back to you...

  • You have to understand them. They are hurt and they need to time to heal. Emotion are very raw and rubbing our victory in their faces will only make matters worse.

    And i repeat again what i said in the diary. There will not victory without the help and votes of Hillary supporters and the real prize is November 4th.

    So, please folks be magnanimous, which is the quality of a good classy winner.

  • I think we need to be magnanimous and show class. We need to step a bit aside, let her give her speech, get the attention from all the networks, the spotlight and applaud her for her run. We can have the later part of the night and then every other day from now to November 4th.

    Remember folks, we cannot win without her supporters and it won't be an easy task.

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    This is total crap and insulting to many Hillary supporters that we desperately need to win. Are you a republican? Are you trying to muddy this day with this crappy reasoning and insulting words?

    I tell you that i defend Hillary Clinton and her supporters as much as i defend my candidate. Get the  hell out your freaking troll.

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    Okay, i am having a really good day so far and you are about to pooh-pooh it with your English comprehension problems. Which part of "i didn't say not to celebrate. I said be magnanimous" don't you understand really?  

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    First, i am not your pal.

    Second, i didn't say not to celebrate. I said be magnanimous.

    Third, i said to relax vis-a-vis the conceding not conceding statements and news flashes that have been coming at a crazy rate.

    Fourth, i saber my 1988 Veuve Clicquot Champagne bottle on November 4th, not before because we have won nothing yet.

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    Didn't you read that i said that the race is not over? Do you have reading comprehension problems? I said to relax, not quit. Read the damn diary first and then make a comment that is related to the subject matter of the diary.


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