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    Love Al.

    Glad to see a genuine strong progressive who isn't afraid to stand up to Republicans.

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    I thought Obama was a solid progressive, the evidence so far suggests otherwise.

    This centrist positioning by Obama doesn't seem to be working. Not a single Republican Senator came onboard, Democratic poll numbers are sinking and the right-wing is mad as hell (not to mention the left).  

    I've seen a few things in the media wondering where Obama's movement has gone. I think the question should be is where has the movement's Obama gone?

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    I was a Hillary supporter who, naturally, strongly supported Obama in the general. And I guess its just human nature to wonder what might have been, although it may not be particularly helpful at times.

    I am disappointed in Obama.  I know he has had some incredibly difficult things to deal with, but i don't feel much leadership from him. I don't think Obama is a bad President, but he's far from the great President I was hoping for.

    As things stand I wouldn't rule out supporting a primary challenge against Obama in '12.  I can't see Hillary standing against him, but if she did I would back her.

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    If only we were going down in a blaze of glory, passing healthcare, gay marriage, immigration reform....

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    I find it depressing beyond words that we're in a position where we can be talking about losing the senate and the house with the majorities we have and the republican party in the state its in.

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    Didn't see that one. But agree with you on the spoiled brat point. The only point in spoiling him is if we get something in return and we're not getting anything but grief.

    Be interested to see if he was kicked out whether he'd join the Republican caucus.

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    What does Lieberman have to do to get kicked out of the caucus?

    It seems like running against the Democratic candidate in CT, actively campaigning against the Democratic nominee for President and various other betrayals have not been enough.

    If he filibusters healthcare reform, then he should be kicked out. Simple.

    I want us to call the bluff of the Snowes and Liebermans of this world. Put the opt-out public option in the bill, then put it to the floor.

    Make Snowe and Lieberman filibuster vitally important healthcare reform.  

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    Go Rick! And please God let the Republican primary electorate be that dumb.

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    I hope Stevens does retire soon, the important thing is that he is replaced by a young liberal and that is more likely to happen with the current congress than the next congress.

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    This poisonous, deluded 'America is blessed by God' crap really does make me worry about the sanity of those who say it.  We've seen the effects of that kind of mind blowing hubris during the Bush Presidency, and yet still they want more. Huckabee is the scariest kind of maniac, he comes across as a nice, reasonable guy.

    How Gingrich has the chutzpah to lecture about religion after his multiple marriages amazes me. And what amazes me more are the morons who sit there and lap it up.

    I hope Republicans nominate Gingrich in '12. I find it difficult to think of a candidate more likely to lead them into the long, dark night of electoral oblivion.

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    PA did elect Santorum, is there a chance here that we end up with Toomey after a democratic primary battle that gets ugly?

    are there any polls on a sestak-specter race?

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    I just watched the Thomas Paine thing over on Kos.

    Although I'm very liberal/progressive, whatever you want to call it i do try and believe that conservatives honestly disagree with me. That they believe as sincerely as i do, and i'm sure that man do...

    but when i watch crap like that that uses 'they' to refer to Democrats in the same context as terrorists, i find it that much harder to think there is honest disagreement and start thinking these guys are just jackasses exploiting the ignorance, bitterness and fear of their audience to undermine a democratically elected leader...

    Are they sincerely stupid or dishonest? Or both maybe.

    FOX and the right wing fringe have always been crazy i guess, and part of the success of the progressive movement (and of course the total failure of Bush and the Republican party) is that we've reduced the republican party to the point where its mostly the crazies left.

    The longer the fringe are in control, the longer Limbaugh, Beck and the rest are there spouting their crap the better it is for us. So I guess I shouldn't get so pissed off about it.

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    Bennet, Burris and Kennedy. The chances of at least 3 Senate losses in 2010, never looked so scary.

  • It would of fed into the Obama snubs Richardson story and made it worse if he refused the post a month ago. Obama had to offer Richardson something, lots of people weren't happy that it was only commerce and for Richardson to turn it down then would of embarrased Obama.

    I don't know the inner workings of Richardson's mind, i just guess that he's not that upset about losing commerce.

  • Am I being a conspiracy theorist if i think this might have been an easy way for Richardson to get out of doing a job he didn't really want?


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