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    But it's not '04. It's not even primary '08. I think all the models are going to be provably worth squat because the early voting data is already blowing pollster mind, just on basic demographics.

    (Not that PA has early voting, (i think) but I think you know wehre I'm going...)

  • They are in extra chewey moron form there today.

    I wonder, are we ever so dead wrong on an issue, but can't see it? Surely they MUST know their fear of "taxation without representation" is founded on hooey, built in pure dung. Right? I want to think the best of even the moroniest of morons...

  • Kerry, Orange, A Fish and Doctor Who. All are words that I have typed.

    1) The Republican Noise Machine is not behind McCain, except that they are. Entirely. In fact, up until recently, McCain did better with the GOP than Obama did with Democrats. Remember that big convention talking point. Bueller? Bueller?

    2) McCain has the charisma of an open herpes sore. It's true. He's the worst candidate they could have picked, except for all the others.

    3) Palin reinvigorated their base and turned everyone else off.

    4) Everything else about this campaign has been Obama's doing. To not give him credit is to discredit your ability to take in stimulus with the rods and cones of your eyes, and process that stimulus into visual information.

    Obama has driven the campaign, from day one, his way. The issues were 90% driven by him. He never took the bait in the primaries (gas tax?), rose when challenged (Wright), stayed cool and steady with his strategy (economic crisis, Iraq), built a new map (huzzah!), built an epic, unmatched ground game (huzzah!!), defeated the "inevitable" primary winner (huzzah!!!) and defeated the entire GOP smear machine that was supposed to make minced meat out of him (remember that?)...

    Face it, it's a pretty amazing feat by anyone. Just defeating the DNC favorite in the primary would have been mind-blowing, but to defeat not just the combined efforts of the GOP to smear him, but to do so despite having a Skeery A-Rab name 7 years after 9/11 is just amazing. And to do so toeing a fairly progressive agenda is ultraamazingmindblowingtastic.

    Trying to pooh-pooh that -- priceless. Ly. Pathetic.

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    Yeah, but Hillary...

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    It might also behoove you to explain why you don't like him. (After the election would be best).

    Because on paper, (that is, the paper upon which my copy of "Crashing the Gates" is printed upon), he's like the perfect Armstrong Dem.

    And, maybe compare it to Kerry, who I can't recall you referring to as a "placeholder for Dem" despite being significantly more establishment and desperately less progressive than Obama.

    Because, absent any reason, your continued dismissal of Obama seems small and petty indeed.

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    I would say she's got a future in GOP politics, in sort of the K.Lo is to William F. Buckley as Sarah Palin is to... I dunno...

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    Well of course he is. Had a slam on Obama worth posting.

    Still, this ain't the National Review. Big tent and all...

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    It's really hard for you to give credit to Obama in this race... for anything, isn't it?

    Face it -- winning the nomination took skill, strategy and, yes, some luck.

    Winning the General will take skill, strategy and yes, some luck.

    But the luck in BOTH paled to the skill and strategy. Obama has done an AMAZING job -- organizing the base, building it. Understanding the issues that matter to Americans and building on it. Reading the tea leaves and adapting to it. Having a vision and being consistant with it.

    These are not trivial skills. In Clinton they were lauded as revelations. But they have been trivialized by your posts for more than a year here.

    Still blows my mind.

    I don't see how, at this point, you're still pooh-poohing Obama. If you were the "Crashing the Gates" Jerome writing, I'd be shocked. But I'm guessing that Jerome was stabbed in the night and stashed in some basement freezer -- because nothing cynical said by the current Jerome surprises me anymore.

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    well, it's down another 150 at the moment

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    Ha! I sure can't wait to cease using the word "Maverick" forever. One more month!

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    I would say that if America allows smears about Ayers and Wright to decide the election, this country deserves such a fall...

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    I hope America will do the same.

    We may see from Obama what I wished we'd seen from Bush after 9/11. This crisis might be what it takes to see a leader ask Americans to truly sacrifice for the greater good.

    I'm curious to how the country would respond.

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    I forgot about that... terrible.

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    I think it was more likely to happen before McCain went on the View... believe it or not. The fact he defended it harms the effect of this scenario. Prior to that he could have admitted to taking "bad advice" -- but he's been making it clear he doesn't see something wrong with all this...

    Still, reality has little to do with the effectiveness of the American love of redemption.

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    Sarah Palin has forseen that you will post comments. Do not anger the Palin...


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