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    I am not sure that is true. Arnold seems to have the Latinos with him at this point.

    If you have real data supporting your opinion, fine.

    I just do not see any evidence of that in the day to day media.

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    At this point I am hoping for a decent Green Party candidate, who I would be willing to support.

    It would be nice to see her face a real challange and understand that many of us, even registered democrats are fed up.

    She almost lost to an empty suit candidate who spent tens of millions of his own money a few terms ago, and in fact even Davis took her popularity down a few points with negative ads in one of her later contests

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    Reiner is backing off and said he thinks Arnold is still too popular for him to go up against him.
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    Feinstein may have an easy re-elect, but she will see some heated opposition from the left.

    Long time friend of Condelizard Rice, and Feinstein's husband has made millions off of the war industry.

    She is the sort of democrat we need to be rid of if there is going to be a real difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican party.

  • Bush's "mendacity and irresponsibility" has been across the board, they have lied to the American people on every single issue.

    And they continue to get away with it because the corporate mass media plays the debate on these issues as pure and equivalent party partisanship and NEVER reports the factual points supporting the Democratic side arguments with any more fidelity to the truth than do the GOP.

    The situation is far worse than people seem to realize when they think our problem comes down to just getting the issues framed right for the next election.

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    No, hillary's neagtives are insurmoutable.

    The GOP knows that and it would be their wet dream come true if the Democrats were foolish enough to put forward HC as a presidental candidate in 08.

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    "The progressive ideas & alternatives must come out of winning campaign strategies, not a minority party battling a governing conservative majority."

    No, it can not and does not work that way.

    Individual campaign success is just that unless the party defines itself thru the several mechanisms it has available to itself, one is the legislative field of battle, another consists of deliberate organized target specific media issue campaigns.

    But this democratic party is going nowhere when it votes 85% to support the opposition Bush GOP agenda, especially when those programs continue to GREATLY harm its increaingly former constituencies.

    Face it, people here are partisan pro-democrats, but get out among the average people in the US and I believe you will find the level of disgust and disagreement with individual Democrats and the party will likely surprise you.

    Every vote in congress is an opportunity for the Democrats to RE-idenify themselves and their vision on that issue, their programatic and policy objectives, their vision for the nations future.

    That day by day battle, not the every two year election campaign is the means by which this party has to forge a new identity.

    The harm that this party has done to itself by not steering an independent course, by not opposing the majority programatic objectives, by not having a vision that every person in the US knows and understands cannot be made up by bi-yearly national election campaigns.

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    Your right.

    And to take this same mechanism a step further.

    What do we see in the mass media?

    Every panel discussion of a current controversial issue will be done with three rabid dog supporting Republicans and one self loathing, ultra-self and party critical "democrat", and one transparently pro GOP moderator.

    This is what passes for a fair and balanced discussion on the cable news networkS.

    And so many democrats take these discussions seriously and take the talking points as gospel (valid conventional wisdom) within their own discussions on blogs, even pro-democrat partisan blogs.

    If we democrats really complained en-mass they would have to stop these techniques. And what are they getting in return? CNN has lost 67% of its audience since 2001, while FOX is the most watched channel.

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    I agree with your math, but the author wrote the article as I posted it.

    These are facts people should know, and while you might have noticed that I posted a speech by Dean, who I support, I have also posted this text which is critical of Dean.

    My hope  is that Dean will be influential within the Democratic Party and that he will show further signs of understanding the damage NAFTA and like agreements and the mass exporting of jobs have had on millions of Americans.

    And I am very angry frankly with the Democratic Party based on its support of agreements like NAFTA and its turning its back on labor and working class people in the US. No wonder these people are turing away from supporting the Democratic Party.

    If we want to rebuild the Democratic party we will have to change our stand on these trade agreements and the party will have to change its stand on what it is willing to do to preserve and generate jobs in the US. On this issue by itself, as the single determining factor, I would no longer support the Democratic Party.

    And to this last presidental election strategy: ABB - therefore vote for Kerry, this has led me to the decision I am no longer willing to vote for a Democratic party candidate on that basis either.

    I vote for democtrats, they vote for the Bush agenda; that is not at all acceptable to me, and I will not continue in that mode, even if it ensures a loss by the Democrat in a given election.

    I know I am not alone in this view. I am involved with several yahoo discussion groups and I see people turning away in disgust after the 2004 election, Kerry's immeidate capitulation after saying for months that he would insure that every vote would count and that every vote would be counted, it wasn't, despite the fact that he had about 50 million or so of our contributed dollars to address the issue.

    I am disguested by the voting record of congressional democrats who have been an essential supporting pillar of the Bush agenda - they have helped make it all possible, rather than taking stands on issues that their (increasingly former) constituencies favor; these former constituencies do not want to see the Bush agenda implimented.

    I am disgusted by Senator Feinsteins support of Rice for Secretary of State, a liar, a serial liar, a proven incompetant, and a total suck up to Bush.

    I am sickened by Joe Lieberman who has no right to honestly call himself anything but an opportunist.

    I have never enountered anyone in the political life of the United States who has the pomposity and egotism that Joe Biden displays.

    And I am in dispmay that dKOS and MYDD participants do not understand that to be successful an opposition party

    1. must have a consistent unifying vision
    2. must steer its own course, and
    3. must strictly enforce parlimentary discipline on ALL members, on ALL votes.    

    Clinton, YES CLINTON, and the DLC led the Democratic Party to its present sorry state, as did compromisers and inept congressional leadership like Daschel and Gephardt who thought they would actually get something out of compromising with Bush and the GOP agenda.

    As to the spelling and small impact math errors that may creep into my messages, I will reciprocate. Even though you highlighted the least significant issue in the message, I will give the benefit of the doubt that you have the intellectual capacity to understand the larger and more important points in the message. I will give you that on trust, this time.

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    K-D needed that feedback from me, and I will watch for more of his contributions to see that he gets more of the same.
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    (written by John A. Murphy: Spoiler)


    Wal-Mart is dedicated "Everyday Low Wages".

    Hi Everyone,
    Other than war, the most odious symbol of corporate greed in the United States is Wal-Mart.  It is the goal of Wal-Mart, in cooperation with the Democratic and Republican parties through NAFTA, GATT and the WTO, to reduce American workers to the new serfdom of corporate feudalism.

    Wal-Mart is now the largest single employer in the United States.  It even employs more people than the federal government.  The average salary for a full-time Wal-Mart employee is $14,000 a year with no health care benefits.

    As if that were not bad enough Wal-Mart uses its buying power to force its suppliers to reduce their prices.  If a supplier objects indicating that it may not be able to produce at such low prices, Wal-Mart simply compels them to cut their costs by outsourcing their production to countries paying very low wages.  This further erodes the American economy and destroys the quality of life of all Americans in the long run.

    Many countries have been able to put controls on Wal-Mart.  Employees of Wal-Mart in Germany, Brazil, Japan and even China are unionized.

    When butchers in a Texas Wal-Mart began to unionize, Wal-Mart decided to remove all butchers and to sell only pre-packaged meats.  

    Not satisfied in polluting the United States, Wal-Mart is now polluting Canada.  Workers began to collectively bargain for better working conditions with Wal-Mart six months ago.  When workers appealed to the Québec labor Ministry to start a process to establish a settlement, Wal-Mart decided to close the store rather than pay a living wage to its employees.

    The message of Wal-Mart, the world's wealthiest retailer, to working people everywhere is clear: Wal-Mart would rather close stores, eliminate workers' jobs and make an entire community suffer than reach an agreement with workers for fair wages and benefits.

    Please click the following link to sign the petition telling Wal-Mart's CEO: Do the right thing. Reverse plans to close the store. And negotiate in good faith with Wal-Mart workers.


    Wal-Mart's CEO Lee Scott makes a base salary of $23,000,000 a year or 1,643 times the average Wal-Mart employee.  Looked at another way; Mr. Scott makes $442,300 a week compared to $269 a week for the average employee or $63,013 per day versus $58 per day. It would take a Wal mart employee 4 and one half YEARS to earn what the CEO makes in ONE DAY!


    Wal-Mart is devilishly ingenious in thinking up ways to have taxpayers fill in its wage gap. Put them on partial welfare, says the very well-paid company bosses who make millions of dollars each per year. These workers are given advice on how to apply so that taxpayers subsidize Wal-Mart's profits.

    For example, in Georgia, over 10,261 children of Wal-Mart employees are enrolled in the state's Peachcare program for health insurance in families meeting federal poverty criteria.

    According to the report, "Everyday Low Wages", one 200-person Wal-Mart store could cost federal taxpayers over $420,000 per year. These costs include subsidized lunches, health insurance and housing assistance, federal tax credits and deductions for low-income families, among other examples of Wal-Mart's freeloading.

    Enough is never enough for this corporation. It often demands substantial local tax breaks from municipalities as a condition for locating there. This corporate welfare King manages to escape its fair share of taxes, while local homeowner and small businesses ante up for local public services and assume Wal-Mart's share. That is, small businesses that manage to remain in the hollowed out Main Streets that are the aftermath of a Wal-Mart opening.  Minimal thinking by consumers says Wal-Mart is a bargain; maximum thinking starts adding up the local, national and global costs of this Goliath depressor of purchasing power by workers.

    Before Howard Dean, one of the champions of job killing NAFTA, became governor of Vermont there were no Wal-Marts in that state nor were there any Home Depots.  Burlington's downtown was dominated by local stores not the national chains that now rule the roost; there were 36% more small farmers in existence; there were no 100,000-hen mega-farms; and sprawl wasn't a word on the tip of everyone's tongue.

    If you haven't done so already, please click the following link to sign the petition telling Wal-Mart's CEO: Do the right thing. Reverse plans to close the store. And negotiate in good faith with Wal-Mart workers.


    John A. Murphy: Spoiler

    It's tough being Green.

    Of the 10 wealthiest people in America Alice Walton, Helen Walton, John Walton, Jim Walton and S. Robson Walton are tied for sixth place.  Each one has a net worth of $20 billion.  None of them did anything to earn this wealth.  It was all inherited from the founder Sam Walton.

    Alice Walton    


    Helen Walton  


    John Walton  


    Jim Walton    


    S Robson Walton  


    Yeah!  The Walton family's net worth is ONE TRILLION DOLLARS

    If you haven't done so already, please click the following link to sign the petition telling Wal-Mart's CEO: Do the right thing. Reverse plans to close the store. And negotiate in good faith with Wal-Mart workers.  THEN PASS THIS ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES TO SIGN.


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    Governor Howard Dean's Speech at Sacramento, California
    The California State Democratic Convention, March 15, 2003

    (Edited Transcript)

    What I want to know is what in the world so many Democrats are doing supporting the President's unilateral intervention in Iraq?

    What I want to know is what in the world so many Democrats are doing supporting tax cuts, which have bankrupted this country and given us the largest deficit in the history of the United States?

    What I want to know is why the Congress is fighting over the Patient's Bill of Rights? The Patient's Bill of Rights is a good bill, but not one more person gets health insurance and it's not 5 cents cheaper.

    What I want to know is why the Democrats in Congress aren't standing up for us, joining every other industrialized country on the face of the Earth in providing health insurance for every man, woman and child in America.

    What I want to know is why so many folks in Congress are voting for the President's Education Bill-- "The No School Board Left Standing Bill"-- the largest unfunded mandate in the history of our educational system!

    As Paul Wellstone said-- as Sheila Kuehl said when she endorsed me? I am Howard Dean, and I'm here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

    I want a Democratic Party that will balance the budget. Bill Clinton balanced the budget and, starting in 1993, without a single Republican vote, kicked off the greatest 10 years of economic growth in this nation's history. No Republican president has balanced the budget in this country in 34 years. If you want to trust somebody with your taxpayer dollars, you'd better elect a Democrat because the Republicans can't manage money.

    I want an economy in this country where we create jobs that don't move offshore. I want an America that has health insurance for everybody. I want a government that stops passing un-funded mandates and starts funding the ones we've got, like special education. I want a government which will give us a foreign policy so when we walk down the streets of the capitals of our friends we don't have to worry about watching our backs wherever we go as Americans.

    We've had two fine people-- United States Senators Edwards and Kerry-- who've done a lot for our country, and they have served us honorably. And if either one of them wins the nomination I am going to support them and do every thing I can to help them win the White House. But I don't think we can win the White House if we vote for the President's unilateral attack on Iraq in Washington and then come to California and say we are against the war. And I don't think we can win the White House if we support the President's "No School Board Left Standing Bill" and then come to California and tell every body that we are going to do all kinds of things for education. And I don't think we can win the White House if we skip the most important abortion vote in the last year and then come to California and talk about pro-choice.

    I am not surprised that only 15% of people between the ages of 18 and 25 vote because we have not giving them a reason to vote, and we are going to give them a reason to vote now.

    I was Governor for so long that I got to serve through not one but two Bush recessions. And in Vermont, I was very proud to balance the budget. We balanced the budget; we set money aside in a "rainy-day fund"; we paid down almost a quarter of our debt. The reason that is important is because it is hard to fund social justice without a balanced budget, which is why this President doesn't have one.

    In our state, our budget is still balanced and we are not cutting higher education, we are not cutting K-12, and we are not cutting health care for kids. That's what we need in this country. I am a Governor, and I have done it.

    In our state, everybody under the age of 18 has health insurance. We have made Medicaid into a middle-class entitlement. If you make $52,000 a year or less in Vermont, everybody under 18 in your family is entitled to Medicaid. We charge if you are at the upper-end of that: We charge $50 a month that insures everybody in your family under the age of 18. Now, if we can do that in a small rural state which is 26th in income in the entire country, surely the most wealthy and powerful society on the face of the earth can grant all of its citizens health care. I am a Governor, and I am a doctor, and I have done it.

    In Vermont, we have conserved hundreds of thousands of acres that will never be developed. And I might add that they're never going to be drilled on either. If I get to be President, I will protect California as well as Florida.

    Let me tell you something else. One of Bill Clinton's greatest legacies to this country was the promise he kept to make his cabinet look like America. I thought one of the lowest moments of this President's presidency was about five weeks ago when he used the word "quota" five times on national television on the evening news. The University of Michigan does not now and never has had a quota system and the President knows it.

    We need affirmative action in this country, and we ought to stand up and say so and be proud of it as a society. California is a precursor for the rest of this country. You have five big minorities and lots of small minorities. In alphabetical order, you have African Americans, Anglos, Asian Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. Soon, all of America is going to look like California. And when it does, I want to make sure that every American is included in the very best institutions that we have in this country. As a nation we either admit that we are all together or we will be divided as the Republicans have divided us since 1968 under Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy.

    I don't want to be divided anymore by race; I don't want to be divided anymore by gender; and I don't want to be divided anymore by sexual orientation.

    Senator Kerry was reported to have said that he could win without the South. I don't want to win without the South. I want to go to the South, and I'm going to say to white guys that drive pick-up trucks with Confederate flag decals on the back of their car, "We want your vote too, because your kids don't have health insurance either."

    I want to end on a personal note. Three years ago next month I signed a bill into law called the Civil Unions bill, which gives gay and lesbian Vermonters the same rights I have: visitations for their significant other in the hospital, inheritance rights, and insurance rights. Vermont clearly is a place where every American is equal in the eyes of the law.

    I want the President of the United States to explain to all Americans why he doesn't believe that all Americans should be equal under the law. I signed that bill six months before an election when it was at 35% in the polls. I never had a conversation with myself about whether or not I would sign the bill because I knew that if I was willing to sell-out the hopes and dreams of a significant portion of our people, then I had wasted my life in public service.

    I have never lost an election, but my career has never been about winning elections. My career -- and this campaign -- is about changing the Democratic Party. It's about changing America. And this campaign is about taking back the White House so we can have health insurance, so we can have a balanced budget, and so we can have an inclusive society where everybody believes in each other and believes in America.

    I want the opportunity to work with extraordinary people in California. I will work with California instead of against you. I will work with Nancy Pelosi. I will work with Diane Feinstein. I will work with Gray Davis. I will work Herb Wesson. I will work with Jon Burton. And I'll sure work with another Democratic from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, Barbara Boxer.

    We are not going to beat George Bush by voting with the President 85 percent of the time. The only way that we're going to beat George Bush is to say what we mean, to stand up for who we are, to lift up a Democratic agenda against the Republican agenda because if you do that, the Democratic agenda wins every time.

    I want my country back! We want our country back! I am tired of being divided! I don't want to listen to the fundamentalist preachers anymore! I want America to look like America, where we are all included, hand in hand. We have dream. We can only reach the dream if we are all together - black and white, gay and straight, man and woman. America! The Democratic Party! We are going to win in 2004! Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Stand up for America, Stand up for America, Stand up for America!!
    --- End ---

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    useless troll great contribution
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    Biden, not Biden   oh yeah???
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    I also miss-spelled roadmap moore-on


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