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Surprise visit from The Dude: the real one, who inspired The Big Lebowski (Jeff Dowd) www.jeffdowd.com. He's a big fan of Left, Right & Center and dropped by to do KCRW's Guest DJ Project http://www.kcrw.com/music/kcrw-guest-dj- project. Meantime, on today's show we talk about Guns and SCOTUS; North Korea Nukes; Oil; Democratic Unity and Obamacons. Visit our new blog for links to articles mentioned http://leftrightandcenter.vox.com/; special guest right is Jim Antle, associate editor of the conservative mag, The American Spectator. Listen to today's show here: http://www.kcrw.com/media-player/mediaPl ayer2.html?type=audio&id=lr080627sco tus_on_gunsn_kore
Bob Scheer on Supreme Court and guns: About Obama's lack of flag lapel pin:"Now they'll have to have a gun strapped on to show their patriotism." Jim Antle on SCOTUS and guns: "Activism is in the eye of the beholder. Democrats stand up for states rights in the more liberal states but are reluctant to challenge ingrained gun culture in conservative parts of the country." Matt Miller on SCOTUS and spate of 5/4 decisions: "As a lapsed legal mind myself, whoever thinks legal decisions are distinct from political ideals, that's really a fraud." Bob Scheer on North Korean Nukes: "I don't know why everyone is down on Bush for acting reasonably. I don't know why people are slamming Obama for wanting to negotiate with people. Why not negotiate with Iran? North Korea is going the way of Vietnam and China. Game is over for totalitarianism of that nature. I suspect Iran will go that way." Jim Antle on North Korea: When you take Iraq out of the equation, foreign policy support for Bush collapses. Bolton, Cheney disagreed with Bush on this. Realists are not happy, liberal internationalists are not happy, neocons are not happy. No wonder he's at 23% approval rating." Arianna Huffington on Bush approval ratings: "Who makes up the 23 percent?????" Bob Scheer on Saudi Arabia: "Those SOBs couldn't open the spigot...that could help us out in a time of crisis."

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