I Just Don't Get Why Some Hillary Supporters Don't Get It

The current recommended diary "I Just Don't Get It" makes the assertion that certain progressive supporters of Obama-namely Markos and Arianna Huffington-aren't really progressives at all.  They're DINO's or some such nonsense.

Nevermind that Democratic candidates and politicians post to those sites on a regular basis because they know they will reach the widest audience of progressives on the internet (how many democratic politicians post regularly at MYDD, I wonder?).  

Nevermind that DKOS and HUFFPO aren't the only progressives Hillary has lost.  She's lost Olbermann, every jock on Air America AND MoveOn.org, which was originally named "Censure and Move On" and was established to gather support for Bill Clinton in the ridiculous impeachment proceedings.

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Hillary needs a major address to the Country

This is important to her campaign at this point in time.  

Obama has come out with a major address to the country regarding race, which has been well-received by allies and foes alike.  It will go down in history as one the major speeches in modern day U.S. politics, if not one of the major speeches in U.S. politics since its inception.

Hillary had a chance to do the same type of address regarding gender when Geraldine Ferraro said some unfortunate things.

But, she didn't.

Obama showed his presidential bonefides by giving that speech.  He looked and was amazingly Presidnetial.

Your turn, Hillary.

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