• McCain has the same problem, btw.  Neither one has had this prime time "major address" moment that the press has responded to.

    Agree with posters here that Barack had to stop the bleeding... but in doing so, he made an historical speech, much better than any response to any other bleeding attack against any other pol that I can remember.

    And, for heaven's sake, it's not about a speech.

    It's about a leader being able to directly confront a difficult topic in a thoughtful way.

    I would like to see Hillary do the same thing.

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    And now we see how Clinton's narrative of inevitability and experience in unraveling as we speak.

    For all her advantages going into this, including all of the democratic big wigs in almost all of the big states behind her, she couldn't beat an upstart, unknown pol.

    Guess she wasn't so inevitable, huh?

    And her claims of experience are now being debunked left and right.  These were HER narratives--SCHIP, FMLA, NAFTA, Bosnia, etc.--all turning out to be greatly over exaggerated or downright lies.  

    Bottom line, Hillary is not all that experienced compared to Obama or McCain, and the one thing she can claim absolute leadership on failed miserably (universal healthcare).

    She's lead a terrible campaign and has been outsmarted almost every turn of the way.  She SHOULD HAVE sailed away with this nomination.  She has only herself to blame that she didn't.

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  • Nobody has the right to vote in a primary.  How many times to I have to explain this.

    If everyone had a right to vote in a primary, then states wouldn't be able to exclude non-party members from voting, which Alegre seems very happy to do.  So, it's okay to "disenfranchise" non-party members from voting in a primary or caucus, but not MI and FL voters, regardless of party membership.


    Individual parties make up the rules for the nomination of their candidates.  It has nothing to do with the right to vote in a general election.  For example, did the electorate vote to nominate Lieberman for the Lieberman for Conecticut party?  Has anyone voted to nominate Nader as the nominee for whatever party he's planning on running on?

    I could go on and on.

    Obama followed the rules.  (So did Edwards, btw.)  Now Alegre wants Obama to advocate breaking the rules to give his opponate a leg up.

    Pure nonesense.

    That said, certainly it's well within the rules for the SD's to overturn the pledged delegate count.  But to do so would come at great risk of dividing the party beyond immediate repair.

    When you're a complete underdog who played by the rules and BEAT the overwhelming favorite... to have that taken away by the SD's would definitely cause a party revolt.

    The same can't be said if the SD's choose Obama.  Hillary just CANNOT say that she won fair and square and the SD's are robbing her of the nomination despite her win.  Get real.

    And that's the dynamic that's going on right now.

    The election will proceed to June (unless it gets truly and ridiculously ugly, and it's starting to head that way).  After that, Hillary will graciously concede to Obama and rally behing his candidacy.

    No way is this going to the convention.

  • "Well, if Hillary Clinton was the type of woman to drop out of things just because some folks who don't have her best interests in mind (almost all men) told her to, she would never have made it to Wellesley, let alone the Senate or her position as the most serious female candidate for president in our history."


    Wellesley is a woman's college, always has been.  How hard was it for Ms. Upper Middle Class Hillary to get into that college.  Oy!

    She "made it to the Senate" because she was the President's spouse.  Hell, she (nor he) was even a resident of NY before she ran for Senate.  Which begs the question... why the hell did she choose New York, rather than her home sate of Illinois or their home state of Arkansas to run for Senate?  Hmmmm???  Yeah, it was totally political.  Grow up!

    Your point number three I think is covered aboved.

  • Seriously.

    They're probably the same ones who voted for Hillary in OH and TX based on Rush's blathering.

    Ok.  At this point I usually press delete instead of post, because I've just vented and contributed to the acrimony, all of which is fucking stupid anyway.

    But, what the hell.  It's the middle of the night and nobody reads mydd anyway.

    Here goes...

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    She'd need at least a 20 point blowout in ALL of the remaining states to make a difference.  She's only achieved such a blowout in one state so far:  Arkansas.

    I don't get how someone who doesn't believe in hope nevertheless believes in miracles.

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    She should have had this thing wrapped up on Feb 5th.  

    She ran an awful campaign that's just getting worse.  Doesn't bode well for the general at all.

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    So Texas shouldn't count, right?

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    I heard on MSNBC that the only Democratic presidents to win the White House without winniing Ohio were the two most popular:  JFK and FDR.

  • Gad!  This is every Republican's response when they lose a debate.

    Dems lost!  Dems lost!

    I'm so sick of that loser non-response that I actually posted my first comment here.  

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    Here's what my sister sent me:

    Here's what we had on hand- DR rates are daytime rotational, meaning spots can run anytime during the designated time period, (ie anytime between 9A-4P).  Let me know if you have questions regarding any of this.

    DR      10a-4p $1000

    Non-DR  9p-10p $17K
            10-11p $10K
            9a-3p  $3000

    Fox News
    DR      9a-12n $1350

    DR      9a-4p  $800

    Non-DR  7-11p  $1828
            9a-4p  $1500

    DR      9a-4p  $1200

    Non-DR  9a-4p  $2100
            11p-2a $2500

    I'll post this on the dailykos thread as well.



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