Hillary needs a major address to the Country

This is important to her campaign at this point in time.  

Obama has come out with a major address to the country regarding race, which has been well-received by allies and foes alike.  It will go down in history as one the major speeches in modern day U.S. politics, if not one of the major speeches in U.S. politics since its inception.

Hillary had a chance to do the same type of address regarding gender when Geraldine Ferraro said some unfortunate things.

But, she didn't.

Obama showed his presidential bonefides by giving that speech.  He looked and was amazingly Presidnetial.

Your turn, Hillary.

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Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

NO MORE SPEECHES. besides, if she gave a speech on gender issues some of the msm headlines would not be as friendly as they were with obama's speech

by californiarose 2008-03-29 10:45PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

Well, let's put it this way...it's a speech he probably thought he'd never have to make. But when faced with the most major challenge of his campaign, he rose to the challenge.

It's probably a very unusual step for a candidate to actually make a major speech to deal with a campaign controversy, so I'm not surprised Clinton didn't do it after Ferraro. If you remember, Obama initially gave a statement and wrote an essay at Huffington Post to rebuke Wright, but had to give the speech when the controversy didn't die down.

I assume it would take something similar for Clinton to make such a speech, and she'd probably be knocked as a copycat.

I actually think her best approach is the opposite: keep interacting with voters on a small, local level with town-hall meetings, small campaign events, etc. She's trying to fight the perception of being this robotic, manufactured, wonkish politician--it's why the tears in New Hampshire got so much attention. A big speech wouldn't help her much in that regard.

by Johnny Gentle Famous Crooner 2008-03-29 10:45PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

He was going to have to address race at some point.  I am just glad this all came up now rather than in October.  

I am trying to be fair here, but I am not sure what Clinton should do.  I am biased toward Obama, but I think she should stay positive (fight back if she is attacked obviously) and let PA and NC play out.  If she wins both of them she has every right to stay in.  If she loses one of them it is probably time to start considering the next step.  IF she stays positive this campaign may end up making her an even bigger player in the Democratic Party than she already is and a major force for progressive change in this country.

by Xris 2008-03-29 10:52PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

"...it's a speech he probably thought he'd never have to make."

It was a speech he probably knew he would have to make at some point in his campaign. He may not have known what it's particulars would be, just that he would have to address race.

by Liberal Avenger 2008-03-29 10:49PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

Are you on crack?

Obama is not MLK.  He doesn't have the speaking chops of MLK.

His speech was ok but will not last the test of time UNLESS Obama later in his career attains the status of MLK, JFK etc.

And IF Obama achieves that kind of legacy this speech will still not be remembered as one of his great speeches.

Obama is more handsome than MLK, JFK, Churchill etc.  But he is no where near the speaker of these people.

To not recognize the difference between the big speeches and Obama speeches shows a critical lack of judgement rampant in the pro Obama camp.

To repeat even if one day Obama is regarded as being to public speaking what Ghandi was to Peaceful political pressure this particular speech will still be remembered as one of his early unpolished speeches.

It was no better than the original checkers speech from Nixon and was pretty much a repeat and destined to be mentioned AFTER the checkers speech...

by DTaylor 2008-03-29 10:51PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

so i am going to guess you didn't like his speech?  But come on, you have to admit his tie choice was just awesome!

by Xris 2008-03-29 10:53PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country


by DTaylor 2008-03-29 10:55PM | 0 recs
Hillary isn't that great at giving speeches

That isn't where her talent lies.

by puma 2008-03-29 10:55PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

She has already given her speech on gender which still inspires women till today.

When she went to Beijing and gave her speech ,

" Women's rights are Human rights "

That is one of the most powerful speeches in American history especially for women.

She wasn't trying to salvage a political career and she wasn't trying to impress the dc pundits or change the subject , she went into hostile territory in China to deliver the speech.

She gave the speech because she really had a heart in it .

Ever since then she has had her tireless work on behalf of women's issues do the talking for her.

So that speech was enough , we are into solutions now not speeches.

To watch the speech :

http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches /hillaryclintonbeijingspeech.htm

It is ranked no . 35 in the history of the top american speeches.

http://www.americanrhetoric.com/top100sp eechesall.html

by lori 2008-03-29 11:07PM | 0 recs
Not many know and/or remember that speech

McCain has the same problem, btw.  Neither one has had this prime time "major address" moment that the press has responded to.

Agree with posters here that Barack had to stop the bleeding... but in doing so, he made an historical speech, much better than any response to any other bleeding attack against any other pol that I can remember.

And, for heaven's sake, it's not about a speech.

It's about a leader being able to directly confront a difficult topic in a thoughtful way.

I would like to see Hillary do the same thing.

by LawStudent 2008-03-29 11:57PM | 0 recs
Re: Not many know and/or remember that speech

It's about a leader being able to directly confront a difficult topic in a thoughtful way.

- So i assume you want her to just get up one day , call the press and make a speech about gender inequality.

What exactly would prompt that and what would that achieve.

I'll rather see her working to make fundamental changes like she has been doing in government .

At least thats how i judge progress on gender inequality not through speeches.

Offering herself up to run for president , to go through all she is going through is one of the greatest thing any woman could have done to highlight issues of gender inequality.  

by lori 2008-03-30 12:08AM | 0 recs
I could say the same thing about Obama

Offering himself up up to run for president, to go through all he is going through, is the greatest thing any black person could have done to highlight issues of racial inequality.


Plus, he didn't have the advantage of be married to a former POTUS.  He also has the disadvantage of being named Barack Hussein Obama.  

So, yeah, he's had to confront his race AND his religion (because of his name, his background, and his pastor) head on.  And he did it in a major address to the country.

How has Ms. Clinton confronted her perceived problems of gender and riding on her husband's coattails to the nomination?

She can't ignore this crap any more than Obama could ignore his crap.  Crying "racism" on the one hand or "mysogny" on the other won't do.

by LawStudent 2008-03-30 12:43AM | 0 recs
Re: Not many know and/or remember that speech

I guess the question is ,

What exactly did Obama's speech achieve in terms of improving racial equality ?

- Nothing.

Aside from helping him to somewhat slow the bleeding of his political career and the fawning of the political pundits , it has no impact on everyday life.

He has basically moved on with campaigning for president lol.

However Hillary clinton has pushed several legislation including equality for women in the workplace , against discrimination based on gender , these are things that actually have an impact on women in their everyday life.

Contrary to what you said about the speech , i didn't think it was a great speech . it was good enough to slow the bleeding but lets not get carried away and start crowning it with accolades it doesn't merit..

by lori 2008-03-30 12:21AM | 0 recs
Don't kid yourself

That address is already being taught and analyzed in schools and universities throughout the U.S. and the world.

No, it will not go down in history as his best speech ever, as he's just getting started.

So, now you want to WOW me with some legislation Clinton has pushed through congress (without specifics), without acknowledging that Obama has also pushed some legislation through congress?

Look, neither Clinton or Obama have high marks with regards to getting any meaningful legisltion passed into law, as NEITHER has spent that much time in office (you want legislative experience, you should be advocating for Richardson, Biden or Dodd).

But as far as LEADERSHIP goes?  Well, if Clinton wins the presidency, she's going to have to do something called a STATE OF THE UNION address.  It's an important speech, you'll agree.

I'd like to know Hillary can handle such an address to the country.  I haven't seen that yet.

by LawStudent 2008-03-30 01:04AM | 0 recs
Re: Don't kid yourself

"No, it will not go down in history as his best speech ever"

It wasn't even his best speech this campaign.

As far as Clinton state of the union speech it may go like this

Hi um as you know um America's economy um has vastly improved since I um took office and um you know the dollar is up and um universal health care was you know um a big hit um ah and now that we are um you know um having 6% GDP growth I um want to thank um my party um without who um it would not have been possible um and I am proud to report um that we are um the most popular um we have ever been.....

And she would still go down in history as a GREAT president.

by DTaylor 2008-03-30 01:22AM | 0 recs
Lol! Ok, that was funny,

Yes, I know you're mocking Obama.  And he will continue to be mocked for his stuttering.

Better than someone's TALL TALES caught on tape (oh, my!)

by LawStudent 2008-03-30 01:39AM | 0 recs
Re: Don't kid yourself

name ONE f'ing school where that speech is bein TAUGHT?!   you are flippin whacked.

by swissffun 2008-03-30 06:09AM | 0 recs
Is swissffun what you call a low information voter

Just in case she/he/it is, here's a youtube link to a Bronx school which began teaching the speech a few weeks ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9IldaegA B0&eurl

Most the major newspapers agreed it was bold and 'teachable'. I know for a fact that a friend of mine, a senior professor at NYU, thought it was even better than Kennedy's speech on being a Catholic, and will use it to discuss identity politics in the US.

So I've named two from just memory. And I'm no academic.

Poor you. You can't spot a great speaker when you see them. Better luck next time

by brit 2008-03-30 02:26PM | 0 recs
Re: Not many know and/or remember that speech

Speeches are one thing, but the really "hard" work (something Barack is apparently adverse to) comes in having to go inside of himself and look to see where he has been racist or bigoted etc...and then go in and clean his own house as well as apologize where necesesary.
  And I think his first apology needs to go to Bill and Hillary, then to the Democratic Party and then to the rest of the country.

But even after all of that-he still will not have my vote.

by artsykr 2008-03-30 01:29AM | 0 recs
Re: Not many know and/or remember that speech

good riddance to you then.  We do not need people who want to hand the country over to the Republicans .  We have two candidates who are identical on policy and you just want to throw a temper tantrum because your preferred candidate is not winning.  

by Xris 2008-03-30 07:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

I agree that HRC needs to address gender in a big-think, long-view speech. She's being crippled right now by the broad misperception of her motivations. She got into politics because of her passion for women's equality, civil rights, and children. She needs to let the Democratic Party inside her heart.

by blueflorida 2008-03-29 11:15PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

She already did. In a diner in NH.

It didn't take long, because it wasn't a complicated message. She's already accomlished a lot of good for women and children, so she doesn't need to make a long speech about what she's going to do, or what she thinks the women and children should do, or what a typical male person should do.

by 1950democrat 2008-03-30 12:49AM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

"She needs to let the Democratic Party inside her heart."

Marie Antoinette didn't let France into her heart until it was too late as well.

by Kobi 2008-03-29 11:26PM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

um she's getting more DEM votes than BO (he's getting the DEM for a Day voters). she's been working for the DEM party for over 35 years. He's been doing what all that time?????  

by swissffun 2008-03-30 06:10AM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

What Obama has been doing has been posted all over this thread. I suggest you read it.

by Kobi 2008-03-30 10:13AM | 0 recs
Re: Hillary needs a major address to the Country

She's made several major addresses lately, none of them covered by the media. Foreign policy, economy ... dull stuff like that.

Maybe she'll get to something juicier, in her inaugration speech.

by 1950democrat 2008-03-30 12:53AM | 0 recs
So has Obama and McCain

None of which got much attention from the MSM.

Those weren't MAJOR addresses to the country.  Those were TYPICAL addresses.

That's my point!

Oh brother, nevermind.  I give up.

by LawStudent 2008-03-30 01:28AM | 0 recs
Re: So has Obama and McCain

well maybe if she had to stem the bleeding from her skin tight association with a vitriolic, racist, antiamerican preacher man, the MSM would also pay attention.

your standards are low. if you base what's major on what the MSM covers you must think Britney and Lohan are just MAJOR MAJOR news.

by swissffun 2008-03-30 06:13AM | 0 recs
Low standard?

Here comes the pot to tell the kettles what colour they are!

Seriously, your accusations of racism against Wright are just a republican meme. Anti-american? He was a marine and has done more for your country that you ever will. Isn't it part of a democracy to be able to castigate your government? And what else. Oh...


Slime sticks to the hand that slings it. Check out the recent polls

by brit 2008-03-30 02:31PM | 0 recs


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