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    Jerome also observed "reading through the comments, it's pretty amazing to consider what the Obama supporters are saying about Clinton":

    Now, when Barack Obama made his claim about the "typical white person", it didn't mean anything, he was just talking generalities; and the same thing with Clinton here, but even less so. Clinton clarifies that she's talking about working Americans that Obama is not doing well with, which are typically white, and she's "ugly and divisive"?  This is a lame stretch.

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    If one has several racist supporters (and I think all sides can claim this), then don't project to say the candidate is racist. Nor say the candidate is using the racist supporters.

    I believe that is being done (and I showed you the example above from the diarist where on this diary he accused Hillary and Bill of cynically using racism to win an election).

    I said mildly, STOP.  It is not only my right to challenge this, but my duty.  It is a grave injustice to two people who care deeply about America, and have spent a lifetime in service to the American people.

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    and yes, I believe the diarist is calling Hilary and Bill racist, he says he's not, but then he says they are cynically using racism to win an election (which by any definition, if you are using racism to achieve a goal, you are racist, and at any rate, my mild comment for Obama supporters to stop projecting racism onto Hillary and Bill was not worthy of a 0):

    And the insidious thing about this campaign against Obama is that it has been so subtle. Nobody's gone running around calling him an uppity--I won't write the rest of it but you know what it is. It's been so much sneakier. Harder to pick up on. Stuff that can be read more than one way. When a campaign lets something suspect like that slip out once, well, it might well be innocent. When it happens over and overe again, that's something else altogether, and I can't believe that Bill & Hillary Clinton don't know exactly what they're doing. I can't prove it, but I know it all the same.
    So I don't think they're racists, but I do think one of their most dominant traits is ambtion, and in their ambition, I think they're cynically using race to help them. And I think it's loathesome in a country with a racial history like this one.

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    Also you twisted what I said out of context.

    My original statement was directed at the Obama supporters saying Hillary is racist (and Bill as well).  There are many both direct and indirect examples of this, and I challenge them all.  There is no objective proof to support this claim of racism.  And much evidence to disprove it.  

    The thesis of the diary is, Hillary supporters are behaving in a racist manner (the title of the diary is "Racism on this site") the claim of racism is directed at Hillary supporters.  The projection that occurs on this site is, that her supporters are racist (false generalization), therefore Hillary is racist, or is in some way encouraging this sort of behavior (again false).

    I challenge all of this.

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    When are you going to uprate the 0 you gave me?

    http://www.mydd.com/comments/2008/4/29/9 3512/9865

    It was entirely inappropriate.

    I am also a Clinton supporter - every entry on MyDD from me has been for the sole purpose of supporting Hillary Clinton.

    You rated me a 0 for agreeing with another Clinton supporter - I essentially restated her points one by one, and 100% agreed with every one.

    0's and 1's should not be given out in this manner - even if you disagree with someone.  And if you made an honest mistake, and did not mean to do it, then why don't you correct it?

    Also know that I stopped coming to the site after you did that.  So if you are for Clinton, you drove off one of her best supporters.

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    Another possibility in his defense is that he meant to give me a 2 and slipped on the ratings indicator.  An honest mistake, but he never corrected it.  But I actually left the site the day he did it, and never came back.

    People were calling Bill and Hillary racist.  But Bill and Hillary have done so much to, throughout their careers, to end all kinds of discrimination - it's a great injustice.  I spoke out in their defense and am proud that I did.

    Either way you look at it, the 0 was not warranted and should have been corrected.

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    I hardly think a Hillary supporter would give another Hillary supporter a 0 because she told someone to stop calling Bill and Hillary racists (which they are not).

    No, McCheese made a mistake.  He is a Hillary supporter and so am I.  He was abusing the 0 ratings, he thought I was an Obama supporter who disagreed with a Hillary supporter, and gave me a 0.  He should not have done this.  

    As a Hillary supporter I strongly disagree with anyone giving Obama supporters 0 just because they disagree with them (or 1's for that matter).  That's abuse of troll ratings.

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    There is some truth in what you say.  I guess if you have all these different sources mixing it up, perhaps what settles to the bottom will be the truth.

    I know this primary has open my eyes and changed things for me.  I look at it less as Us vs. Them - I now see it as everyone is in it for themselves, and are often willing to lead others astray for their own gain.

    I find myself admiring people who can be honest about the opposing side.  That is someone I want to listen to.

  • Hillary's plan is by far the best.

  • Bravo to Elizabeth Edwards!

  • As a native Marylander, I never consider us as part of the south.  Mid-Atlantic is OK, though. :-)

  • Agree, close is impressive.

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    I mean above (it is in a thread above).  You rated me 0 for agreeing to a comment you rated a 2.  Explain yourself.

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    Mayor McCheese, respond what you did to me below.

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    Mayor McCheese, can you please explain why you rated me 0?  I agreed with daria g, who you rated a 2.  I essentially said exactly the same thing she said (albeit less eloquently.)  

    She said she found the author's statement offensive.  I said I did, too.  She said he needs to look to his own attitudes.  I said he did too.

    And I asked that people stop calling Bill and Hillary racist, because, well, that is self-explanatory, they are quite obviously not.

    I ask that you explain yourself.  My comment was not worthy of 0.


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