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    has it never occured to anyone setting up the sorts for Google News categories that someone looking for "Sci/Tech" news might find a page 9/10ths full of stories about software companies and consumer electronics completely useless?

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    538 is meant to be a predictive model, not a survey of current polling. But yeah, it looks good right now.

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    I dunno about that. In 2000, when Nader did comparatively well, it wasn't entirely unexpected. I recall one of the reasons I voted for him was to help edge him towards a high percentage of the national vote - 5% being the goal - as to give him stronger leverage in getting into national debates and other 'two-party' luxuries he was denied. It seemed almost possible that he could get that 5%, in large part because Bush and Gore were both unimpressive candidates.

    It never seemed possible in 2004, and it wasn't - he got 0.38% compared to 2.7% in 2000. It is worth noting that in 2004 he was no longer running with the Green party - but even the Greens only got 0.10% of the vote.

    I think this election seems a lot more like 2004 than 2000. And Nader has turned himself into a joke. I'd be surprised if he eeks out 0.25%. Barr is a different story, he may get a portion of the Paul vote and the vote of those conservatives who simply can't stomach McCain.

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    No - in her mind I imagine she thinks she is doing great things for women. That's why I say I don't blame her for accepting the VP slot even though she is clearly inexperienced and a token choice. I do, indeed, blame her for having the wrong stance on virtually every issue important to women and men.

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    I don't blame her. She is trying to advance her career and advance the plight of women. Good for her. I blame McCain for engaging in the most blatant example of tokenism I have ever witnessed.

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    Not his best venue maybe? I've seen plenty of video of him and he usually owns his words. Especially in the debates. Great speech, nonetheless.

  • Gore/Lieberman, again! Or I write in Ronald Reagan in every election for the rest of my life!

  • Oh jesus christ no one cares who you vote for. Go vote for McCain - seriously - int he end you will be among a minuscule group who do so.

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    If we aren't safe, abortion and gay rights don't really matter, do they?

    You couldn't be more wrong. You would have us give up freedom in the pursuit of security? That is certainly not the basis upon which this nation was founded and has prospered. We need vision, intelligence and forward-looking leadership - not some guy who is "good" by default just because he has been making wrong decisions for a really, really long time.

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    Well, Hillary is smart, and a Democrat, and she endorses Obama. She basically said the fate of our nation hinges on us making the right decision and electing Barack Obama. In fact, she gave a barn burner of a speech saying that our future can only be bright if we elect Obama. I don't see any ambiguity here. Hillary says elect Obama or we will all suffer, and she couldn't be more right.

  • That's a pretty great shirt :)

  • I have never seen a more innocent post troll-rated. Unbelievable.

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    Yeah, Pelosi is never very good at public speaking. But she is my Rep and I reluctantly continue to vote for her!

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    The spokesman for the Kennedy legacy was not compelling? I beg to differ.
    Besides, this is just day one. The happy family day. Little kids grabbing the mic. That kind of crap. It can only get more aggressive from here.


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